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  • devonshire commented on the diary post Prepping for Obama’s jobs speech by ubetchaiam.

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    I will be listening to Obama’s speech. I love his use of mixed metaphors, his attempt at dazzling you with brilliance while baffling you all the while with baloney…which BTW is about the most Americans can afford nowadays. I can not wait for him to use FDR’s acronym “they hate me and I welcome that [...]

  • devonshire wrote a new diary post: Our Kids will be educated to choose their Citizenship!

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    Here in the Great state of Maine we have adopted a new national curriculum called “Common Core Standards”. By receiving Federal funds these standards must be implemented to compete internationally and must be based Internationally, but it goes beyond that it gives kids a “Choice” which government they want to be citizens of. Here is [...]

  • devonshire wrote a new diary post: Chinese Pirates or Competitors?

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    In speaking with a High school teacher (after receiving a bill for a broken laptop), I asked the teacher why kids should have laptops if we are going to be charged for their carelessness. He replied that kids need laptops to compete with China. Irritated, I responded “How is it that our kids need to [...]

  • devonshire commented on the diary post Standard & Poor to Prez: “How ya like us now, chump?” by Rex.

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    Rex U R 2 funny!

    The Chinese will have twelve carriers once they REPO ours.

  • devonshire commented on the diary post The Death of Keynesian Economics and the Resurrection of Supply Side Idiocracy by masaccio.

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    I guess it all amounts to putting your money where your mouth is. If taxes were increased on the wealthy then an investment tax credit should be employed that gives them an option of investing money into businesses that create jobs. It creates incentive to invest rather than tax and let the government study shrimp [...]

  • Unless everyone did it…then maybe the boys in blue should be put in a padded cell.

  • devonshire commented on the diary post #fuckyouwashington – Fact “#1 Only 58 percent of Americans have a job right now” by john in sacramento.

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    Well after we get done venting here it will be time to run every single one of these moron’s out on a rail. Remember the old “tar and feather” routine. I’ll second the FU, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th it.

  • devonshire commented on the diary post DRAFT AL GORE MOVEMENT by freesociety.

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    We need new blood, the real deal not an Al Gore retread.

  • Last night after Obama’s speech to the Nation, he turned around and walked away from the podium.
    He reminded me of Tom Hanks in the movie “BIG” where he was shrinking as he walked away back to a little kid. He lied his way to Big and now he is shrinking from his job.

  • devonshire commented on the diary post OUR Benefits–OUR COUNTRY by gratitude21.

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    Recommended. Did anyone hear Obama say that the payroll tax holiday will continue? Guess what it is not the payroll tax. They cut the Social Security Tax by 2% and it will create a $112Billion shortfall. Don’t be fooled by this because it will harm our “self financed trust fund” and it will give the [...]

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    My version of “true patriot” is any average American who will do right by the country. I don’t understand “code phrase” unless you don’t believe in life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

  • devonshire wrote a new diary post: Mr. President and Congress…anyone home?

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    Thumbnail The American people kind of expect that their representatives in Congress report to them and represent their interests. They kind of expect openness and transparency  from their government.  The backroom deals and game of chicken over the raising the debt ceiling is proof yet again that government no longer represents the people. On Thursday, Mr. [...]

  • devonshire commented on the diary post Questioning Growth: “I Want You To Imagine A World” by Edger.

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    “Questioning growth!” I view the data as projected into the future with solutions of “sustainable development” being patterned on a global basis. I view economic forces as being the driving force of change. High oil prices will force consumers to seek alternate sources of energy. Economic forces will drive carbon reduction. A global blueprint will [...]

  • devonshire commented on the diary post Why Is Larry O’Donnell Implying Obama Lied to the Country and the Tea-GOP? by Scarecrow.

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    The Obama option is not an option, the McConnell option is unconstitutional on it’s face, the GOP option is not an option. There is no way to come up with a sound fiscal plan in a few meetings when Trillions of dollars are at stake. This should be analyzed by Congress over months in committee [...]

  • devonshire commented on the diary post Another Bright Republican Idea: House to Vote to Ban Rules on New Light Bulbs by amghru.

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    Why target incandescent light bulbs. Maybe all resistance element devices should be banned including toasters, coffee pots, electric stoves, electric heat, heating system electrodes, microwave thyristors, electric hot water heaters. Think of the alternatives…camp fire coffee, solar hot water, sun fried eggs, pig roasts, wool blankets and more. Think of the savings…think of the inconvenience.

  • devonshire commented on the diary post Another Bright Republican Idea: House to Vote to Ban Rules on New Light Bulbs by amghru.

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    It takes one to hold the bulb and 1000 to turn the ladder!

  • devonshire commented on the diary post Obama’s rope-a-dope brilliance by wigwam.

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    This is less than brilliant this is a freaking morass. Obama threatens seniors and veterans benefit checks. McConnell wants to give Obama the authority to raise the debt limit. Cut this and tax that. This has become a high stakes game of chicken that will end in no good for the American people. As one [...]

  • devonshire commented on the diary post Earth to Obama: Tea-GOPs Are Okay If Govt Stops and Economy Fails on Your Watch by Scarecrow.

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    I look at the situation a little differently than the author. I believe we need to cut spending but not social programs, raise taxes on the wealthy. But When it comes to the debt ceiling raise it only to cover paying the bills we have not to create more bills. If you or I went [...]

  • devonshire commented on the diary post Obama Says Budget Fix A Prerequisite For Jobs Programs by masaccio.

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    Ask yourself this question… who pays the taxes to provide government revenue which runs the government? The private sector small businesses and private sector employees. It has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican. It has to do with reality. The U.S. Government is not the answer to everything and if you think it is [...]

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    Must be a tech issue or I am suffering severe heat stroke! LOL

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