• Generally, to Insipid,

    I have to say that out of the gate with insults is never going to win anyone to your viewpoint. If you’re not trying to persuade anyone to think about anything you’re saying, then you’re merely being antagonistic and this is going to do little to help folks join you in supporting Obama.

    I personally actually have been hurt by his policy in credit card reform. He left about a year before credit card companies had to comply and in the meantime every single one of them jacked up their APR rates – before this I was actually able to save and pay down my debts but now I’m struggling to do so and live in fear that one false move is going to send me into bankruptcy. It’s things like this that feel like a betrayal.

    His treatment of unions hasn’t been stellar either. You cannot negate the flippant way Rahm Emanual spoke about them and he certainly didn’t put on his comfy shoes like he promised to to get in lockstep with folks in Wisconsin or Ohio. Folks had to do that despite him. And the rights to join and participate in unions have never been in such jeopardy – we NEED his support!

    And where is the condemnation of police brutality nationwide in response to people peacefully protesting? Utter silence from the administration and I find that to be completely appalling.

    Honestly I also feel it a betrayal when he adopts the talking points of the right which he has done a lot in this past year. The reason we nearly defaulted was due to his shift in focus from jobs to a shift in focus on the deficit. We voted him into office not to take up talking points and right wing agendas.

    Yes, the right has been one huge block after another. Yes, they were the party of “No” from the outset. Everyone with a brain knows this. But damn it why must Obama constantly extend the olive branch to them then? Why did I vote for someone that is clearly more worried about pleasing people that won’t even admit he’s an American Citizen or even a human being? It’s frustrating beyond belief! He’s offered them at the outset of negotiations huge giveaways such as freezing pay to federal employees or by putting Medicare and Social Security on the table for his Grand Bargain, before these things are even asked for! That’s when I personally get frustrated.

    I’m female, early 40′s, half Puerto Rican. I read Huff Po, Daily Kos, FDL, NYTimes, watch Cenk, listen to Steph Miller, Nicole Sandler, Mike Malloy and Thom Hartman and follow everyone from Mia Farrow to C&L to Eric Boehlert on Twitter. Do I fall in your broadly brushed demographic?

    I will vote for Obama, simply because the next four years will see from 1-3 Supreme Court Justice nominations but I’m honestly afraid of what else he may compromise away. But all bets are off if he goes against what he’s saying now and signs into legislation the right to disappear American Citizens without due process or if SOPA or the Protect IP act make it to his desk and he signs those into legislation as these very things go against what our Constitutional freedoms entitle us to and honestly, what will we be as a country after that? But like I said, if those things do not happen, I will vote for him.

    I’m not asking for perfection in a President because I know that is simply impossible with the 24 hour news cycle and a complete all out assault on this President not only from the right but from the main stream news media as well. I fail to see another President that has been so attacked as this President has been.

    And I notice that you are ignoring folks mention the 16 year old American that was killed by the drone attack. He was not collateral damage as that was a separate attack. That is what is most disturbing. It’s this kind of thing that should give any American pause.

    I don’t think anyone is expecting perfection. It’s just what people hold dear and value – if a betrayal happens and it afflicts something you feel is at the very heart of this democracy, then you have to vote your conscience.