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  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post NYC Mayor Bloomberg Gives Goldman Sachs a Hug Over Hurt Fee Fees by Scarecrow.

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    When I worked for a competing investment bank on Wall Street, I had the pleasure of hearing a recording of a Goldman salesman crowing to a third party intermediary that he had lied to us and dumped bonds without telling us what they really were. Ultimately, after a few discussions, and since I had a [...]

  • Once again, it’s all about Him!

    Anyone see Feingold on Maher insisting that Obama would be a great President in his second term! And listing a few things we would never see if he wasn’t re-elected, like climate change legislation. Is that a joke? Russ, don’t embarrass yourself! If you want people to vote for him, just say he’s slightly better than a Republican. But we’ve been lied to once, and this time, we aren’t buying whatever it is your selling.

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post Why, as a Progressive, I am supporting Democrats and Obama’s re-election by oldionus.

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    Just today, there is a post on HuffPo by Christine Pelosi, arguing that women in Idaho (and presumably the rest of America) should support Obama because he is more pro-women’s rights than the Republicans. Amazing how the same old, tired arguments about why we “must” support Obama are being trotted out for the base. But [...]

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post The Daily Show: Concern Trolling Jesters for the 1% by UndisciplinedPhD.

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    The Samantha Bee piece was actually funny. Accusing Ms. Bee of “falling back” on physical mannerisms, like “exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures” tells us that the writer has never seen a Samantha Bee piece before. It’s her stock in trade! More importantly, the fact that Bee’s piece makes OWS supporters uncomfortable tells us more [...]

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post The Whole World Is Watching, UC/Davis Edition by Teddy Partridge.

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    If Katehi was not closely monitoring what was happening at this confrontation (which she probably was), then she is guilty of gross negligence. There is no way that she can stay in that job. She’s proven herself incompetent at best. More likely, however, I think she gave the cops a LOT of leeway, up to [...]

  • Inflammatory translation? Because it reveals that Obama “has to talk to [Bibi] every day?”

    So NOW we know what Barry is doing in the Oval Office! Because he’s certainly not paying any attention to what is happening to the American middle- and lower-class.

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post Barbara Ehrenreich, Homeless in America by Tom Engelhardt.

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    Someone I know works on Wall Street, and told me that, in addition to the protestors, there are many “homeless.” It would never occur to him that the homeless are protesting!

    Meanwhile, Nickel and Dimed is one book that changed my outlook forever! A must read.

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    Thanks for responding! Out all morning.

  • dhfsfc commented on the blog post We present you with this slap across your wrist

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    Apparently, the Taylor Law prohibits law suits to be filed personally against police and firemen in New York.

    New York City taxpayers will pay for his stupidity. Not that Bloomberg, or Raymond Kelly, care.

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post 99 Percent. The Math Is So Easy, I Can Do It. by cmaukonen.

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    Absolutely fantastic!

    This is the perfect answer to the question I’m so tired of hearing: “What do they want?”

  • Obama is going to co-opt this movement? Obama is the REASON this movement exists. People have finally realized that “voting” for one of two parties, no matter which one, is a scam.

    And I’m with them. Never again!

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post The Democrats bring the smoke-filled backrooms of corrupt politics to FaceBook by Alan Maki.

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    Sounds like DKos all over again!

  • dhfsfc commented on the blog post The State-Sanctioned Killing of Troy Davis

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    1. I knew Obama wouldn’t open his cowardly mouth on this atrocity. Wouldn’t want to lose any voters!

    2. My son heard about this after the execution, when my husband and I were watching MSNBC. He was absolutely shocked, and it takes a LOT to shock a 16-year-old these days. He was upset enough that he didn’t argue with me when I went into my “I hate this country” rant.

    3. Rubbing alcohol administered by the “doctor” to prevent an infection?

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post We Are All Troy by Edger.

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    I hate to imagine how Clarence Thomas voted. But I think I can.

  • dhfsfc commented on the blog post Obama Jobs Bill Faces Hurdles with Public, Fellow Democrats

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    Obama is dead in the water. Now we will find out whether there is any Democratic Party, with actual Democratic principles, left in America. If there is, the Party principals will realize what they have to do for the people who have supported them in the past, and who believed that the Democrats would defend the social reforms that so many of them relied on to achieve a better life in this country. If there is no Democratic Party left, and they have sold out to corporate America, as many former Dems believe, then they will let Obama run again. Because what is the worst that can happen? A Republican wins? They’ll be the same, or better off, either way.

  • dhfsfc commented on the blog post A Wipeout of Democrats in Two Congressional Special Elections

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    And in other news, Elizabeth Warren announced she’s running for the Senate in Massachusetts against Scott Brown. I did not realize that she is 62 years old. Just sent her an e-mail, telling her she needs to run for President. She’ll be too old by 2016, and after last night, it’s clear Obama doesn’t have a chance.

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    Question here. When the White House says that Obama is “pivoting” to jobs, what is he pivoting FROM? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post Obama passes the buck to his “Deficit” Commission to destroy Social Security by Liz Berry.

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    A little off topic, but did anyone read that Time is reporting that, based on insiders’ observations, the President is “depressed?” At times during the last three years, I’ve suspected that there is something extremely wrong with this man. He is passive, to a fault, indeed sometimes it literally feels as if there is no [...]

  • O.K. For all you Tea Partiers, let’s cut social security. Not in the future, but now, and for you and your parents. And Medicare.

    Now let’s hear the screaming.

  • dhfsfc commented on the diary post If Obama caves to the left now, progressives will still lose by jest.

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    You’re right. Ron Paul may be the answer, just to end the wars!

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