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    Have not posted here in a couple of years (not from lack of interest…just life). Am not sure what drew me here tonight, but am so glad I came.

    Thanks Teddy for sharing your story. There is a real history of this affliction in my family. Thankfully, the CPAP apparatus has dramatically improved over the past few years.

    People, if you have any idea/symptom of this problem, please get tested folks. There will be an immediate improvement in your life once you are diagnosed/treated. If you have the condition and are not diagnosed, it can be life threatening.

    Again, kudos to you, Teddy.

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    Have been away from the Lake for quite awhile. However, was compelled to log in when I heard about Katie. Am so profoundly saddened by this.

    You both will be in my heart and prayers. I am confident that, in the coming days, the bond of your love for each other will sustain you.