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    Unfortunately, trans-people are still prevented from serving in the military. Unlike Canada and the Europeans where they are allowed to serve their county bravely.

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    I plan Solitaire, Hearts, Tetris, Blackjack, Poker and Backgammon when I get bored. I don’t like the on-line version, because a lot of times I will save the save and come back later to finish it.

    I use to play Adventure all the time on my Apple II+, I wish someone would make a browser version using Java or just plan Javescript

  • Connecticut already has a anti-discrimination law for sexual orientation, it has been on the books since 1991

    Also if you read what Jennifer wrote, “The Connecticut law defines “gender identity or expression” as a person’s gender-related identity, appearance, or behavior, whether or not that identity, appearance, or behavior differs from that traditionally associated with the person’s physiology or assigned sex at birth.” Nowhere does it say anything about only applying only to transgender people. It applies to all people, transgender, bisexual, lesbian, gay or straight. Just like it does in 14 other states.