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  • what happened to the First Amendment Rights, you know, freedom of speech. Even more bizarre,the opponents of Fracking paid the papers to run their spiel. Bet if the Koch brothers were involved the papers surely would have given them news print… maybe indirectly their was a Koch funded effort…… Good ole Citizens United, for them not us 99%ers.

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    Apparently, you did not watch Rachel Maddow the other evening. She had a video showing the devastation in Mayflower with this oil line break and she also gave some very important background about the oil line. The pipe is over 60 years old and has never been replaced with new piping along that route. Then [...]

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    Yeah, all you Neo-cons want to send Obama to prison for his drone warfare which is just another Bush policy. We Libs don’t really care for the program because of the civilian deaths. So, when you say Rachel doesn’t spend time criticizing Obama on his warfare techniques you probably don’t watch Rachel with regularity because [...]

  • That’s why the cap should just go away and then tax ALL INCOME… NO CAPS, No problems with funding..Same could be done for Medicare…

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    These corporate assholes are just as much to blame as the banksters!! Now ,they want a grand bargain in their favor. All these recession years they have sat on the sideline with TRILLIONS in their coffers!! Not once did they offer to jumpstart the economy by pushing in some of their own money. Always claiming we can’t put money in this economy not knowing what’s going to happen with Obamacare,taxes and the confidence in consumers.. These guys are nothing more than leeches on us taxpayers just like the Wall Street PRICKS!! I wish Obama nad Holder would get some balls and put a few of these bastards in jail!!

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    My wife and I watch Thom every day. He along with Rachel are our favorites. Thom takes all calls and if you disagree with him he says that on the air so, there is not doubt of the caller’s stance on issues. That joker from Illinois was really a plant. We live in Illinois also. It’s not the best state going but, at least Quinn is trying to do things here. Thom is perhaps the best at shooting down Right-wing BS.. He calls it as he sees it and when he has a Right-wing guest he debates them honestly and fair. Something the Righties aren’t used to. They try to dominate the discussions but, Thom throws the truth in the conversation and these fools are left speechless!I guess they expect to have a pleasant time like when they all are on the Rush-bo show, which by the way, you hardly ever hear a progressive on his air space!! Keep it up Thom we all support you and look forward to each and every day of your broadcasts for us Lovers of Democracy, TRUTH and Justice And the American WAY!!!

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    I have watched Chris Hayes show from the beginning. He and Rachael Maddow
    are two of the best when it comes to commentary. I saw how this made him feel uncomfortable to say what he said. People on the Today show have no clue except for Matt Lauer who genuinely is a good guy and an understanding one. I’m surprised no one on MSNBC in the Morning Joe show stuck up for Chris. But, then again we’re talking about Mika and the super republican Joe Scarbutt.. I know Rachael will have a commentary and it will be a good one. If Chris feels like he was bretrayed by his bosses at
    MSNBC, he could always jump over to Current TV or even Free Speech TV. Would be a wonderful thing if he could have a show before Thomm Hartmann. That would be impressive to say the least!!

  • I have quit watching MTP with Gregory. He’s so clueless to facts and figures when it comes to things like the economy. He’s another Joe Scarbutt..simply an idiot and what else needs to be said about him and the program?? Dick Durbin is my Senator. He’s always disappointing when it comes to responses to the Repugs. I’ve seen him time and time again not bring up any ideas for trying to include raising revenue to help get the country back on it’s feet once again, always supporting Bowels-Simpson. We
    need some new PROGRESSIVE faces in the Congress and hopefully, November will be a break out year for REAL DEMOCRATS!!

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    We could use a few more stars like Gaga getting involved. Thanks Lady Gaga..

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    My wife and I were talking yesterday about how much money corporations have made on this the worst day in the history of our country. Republicans, like Cantor don’t care if people suffer and if he can make some political gain, he’ll do whatever it takes. We know he won’t feel ashamed but the corporations [...]

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    Boy, we all sound like a bunch of “Tree Huggers”. I hope O stands behind his statements when he was campaigning and does the right thing and NIXES this pipeline. It’s just not worth the possibility of this thing leaking into our water supply. Let’s all keep on O to do the right thing. I [...]

  • You are SOOOOO RIGHT!!!! I just hope no BS takes place in this re-call election. Everyone is saying it’s a safe bet on Dems winning, let’s all remember how that Supreme Court vote went…

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    Is this a Moveon.org sponsored event?? My wife and I went to a “jobs not cuts” event in Collinsville Illinois last week in hopes of seeing Congressman Shimkus (or like I call him –SHITKUS)I’ll be going to this just in hopes they both show..Shitkus didn’t show..How depressing that was!!

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    I think Comcast had much to do about Keith leaving or forced out, whatever. He will be missed by me and other MSNBC viewers who rely
    on the truth. I watch Thom Hartmann on Free speech tv. I’m telling you that Thom and Keith could carry the airwaves!!!