• So are you suggesting that Joe Lieberman responded with great passion to patriots chained to the White House fence?….I’m not minimizing the role of activism…The article (to no one’s surprise) does not give any credit to those who translated the activism into legislation. Sorry folks, this doesn’t get done without Obama…The author is being small-minded for not acknowledging that fact….

  • Of course the DADT repeal was “owed to grassroots activism”….It’s obvious that “activism” drove this agenda through to closure…Nevermind the fact that the administration built in the survey (which was initiated before those chained-to-fence demos)….Nevermind that this congress orchestrated the slight-of-hand detachment of the bill from defense appropriations to get it home….Nevermind that one of FDL’s favorite whipping boys (Lieberman)actually DROVE this bill to it’s conclusion…We certainly can’t give any credit to any of those clowns…Right?…..Let’s face it rebels, the repeal of DADT happened because of the well-planned and well-executed efforts of the President of the United States of America. There’s no way around that fact….not even on this website.

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    Good luck with the GOP in 2012. Wake we when we have another Democratic candidate that can win more than 50% of the vote. If history is any guide, that will be somewhere around 2052 (equal to the time between LBJ election in 1968 and BHO in 2008)…..Come to think of it, I hope that [...]