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  • Dinah commented on the blog post All Over But The Shouting

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    TBogg, you are smart and funny. The people who comment on your column are smart and funny. Your dogs are darling. But Firedoglake is run by and read by people who are (a) crazy and (b) clueless about governing. Happy birthday, good luck, and adios.

  • Dinah commented on the blog post Worst President Ever, Revisited

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    I hope you are having fun. You are going to stay home, or vote for Romney, and get a couple of Supreme Court Justices who will finish ruining the country.

  • Dinah commented on the blog post Early Morning Swim

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    Who reads Frank Rich? He and MoDo TRASHED Al Gore in 2000. Never heard him apologize, either.

  • Dinah commented on the blog post Back Off

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    Doggie door that opens automatically when it reads the RFID chip on the dog’s collar. Closes behind him. No raccoons, possums or neighborhood cats.