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    Yeah, nevermind the war in Libya, or claiming the power to assassinate citizens or merely moving Guantanamo onto the continent or asserting state’s secrets or going after whistleblowers.

  • Actually I do know. Obama was offered a “clean” debt ceiling increase without cuts to SS/Medicare by McConnell. He refused and pushed for the cuts–PUBLICLY. The “tinkering” you speak of consists of: in a time of record unemployment focusing on the deficit and appointing a bipartisan debt commission chaired by conservative, anti-SS/Medicare hacks, pretending he really believes in these programs while undermining them with a payroll tax cut, and exploiting the so-called fake “crisis” to get those cuts. Remember less than a year ago when the Democratic Congress and Obama didn’t push for a debt ceiling increase when the controlled the relevant branches of government? Furthermore, you ignorantly restated Obama’s mistaken assumption that SS is in trouble or had anything to do with the debt., especially when SS is the largest fucking creditor to the general fund.

  • It’s primary season, he has to pander to the crazy to win. But really I don’t give a shit. Anyone trying to scare people (OH NOES! The SCOTUS!!!) to vote for Obama is dubious at best.

    It’s arguable whether anything said is to the right of Obama’s ACTIONS, which are the measure I use. Obama wants the safety net cuts, he wants free trade agreements, he wants supply side solutions which will put off any type of recovery.

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    Obama did do a lot–for the very wealthy and the national security state. Please don’t buy into the weak, compromise-seeking meme. They fail to account for what Obama is–a conservative with neo-liberal, Heritage Foundation economic policies. He did a lot of conservative damage to the economy and expanded the handout to the rich. He institutionalized Bush’s lawbreaking. He accomplished what Bush couldn’t–the undermining of the social safety net and he will succeed in cutting Social Security and Medicare. So he’s accomplished a lot and he basically said he would do this. He lied about some things to get the progressive vote but he was ostensibly a DLC-style neo-liberal.

  • Hi: I’m one of those formerly enthusiastic (well maybe somewhat enthusiastic 2.5 years ago) and I don’t care what happens I am not voting for Obama. During the primaries I saw that Obama and Clinton were virtually the same except that Obama was lying about how much more rightwing he actually was. If Mitt Romney wins, I’ll vote for him. If some batshit crazy person wins, I’ll vote for Eugene Debs. I stood in line for 2 hours to vote for Obama but I’ll never vote for that conservative (neo-liberal–funny how they’re the same) asshole again.

  • Rhetorically, the de facto leader of the Democratic party is beginning with his goalpost already in conservative territory.

    That might just be because he’s…conservative!

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    Ah, name calling? Nice.

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    Can you give it a rest for once? No need for noise.

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    I agree. I read this article and the truthout article very skeptically because I thought it’d be a case of atheist pearl-clutching but it is not. This is terrible. Given the military’s history and the orientation of some of it’s executive management, I don’t trust them for one second determining a soldier’s “spiritual fitness”–that phrase [...]

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    Thinking out loud: Let’s drop that whole weak meme. Obama’s not weak, he’s a Republican. He played chess, but it was against most working class Americans. I am going to copy and paste from one of my comments elsewhere on Obama’s triangulating ways: Obama’s not weak, he’s just a Republican–I’ve seen this from his rightward [...]

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    “bleeding heart liberals…keep the fruits of his labor…hard earned money…We need to go to a flat tax…!!!!!!!!”

    Well, somebody got a job from the plutocrats.

  • Haha, ” [Your name], can you donate just $3 to help me keep fighting for the moneyed interests but talk like I am doing the opposite?”

  • You’re right. I’d rather try to engage if indeed he was real. I know some of these people and they really need to be engaged at some point if we want to retake this political system, which I am very close to giving up on because it is so illegitimate at this point. But Keith was at least positing an argument that could be deconstructed and we should do that where we have time rather than dismissing.

    I totally agree with you that most of this is trivial in the grander scheme of things: generally, the irreversible fall of Western civilization and the accompanying environmental and economic collapse that WILL happen if we stay this course.

  • I am sure dkeithgriffiths means well in his own misguided way. He is admittedly not wealthy, yet advocates for the wealthy. It’s not even a mantra for the rich. I call that neo-royalism.

  • Also, what I struggle with is the moral question. Should the poor be allowed to starve? Should we allow that if we’re as wealthy as we say?

    It’s a very cunning smear to say they’re all good-for-nothings. I am sure the aristocracies of the past voiced their thought that the peasants were rotten, worthless and lazy as well.

  • Real capital a la mortgage backed securities and other associated junk debt?

  • I didn’t say anything about government jobs or bridges.

  • This is a “free marketeer” lie. You criticize “stating opinion as fact” but prove to me that reinvestment has been happening, that lower taxes have created jobs rather than shipping them overseas. Basic economics says that utility in goods and services creates demand which allows employers to hire people to make things. Yes, reinvestment does help, but that’s not happening. Wealthy are reinvesting in the securities markets and the financial sector, stashing their cash overseas, or sitting on it here–there’s been no uptick in wages or hiring with lower taxes of the past 30-40 years.

    This also doesn’t take into account the total divorce of profit and utility–that management has a legal requirement to maximize profit for public companies at the expense of domestic labor.

  • Fine. Point taken.

    “Widespread toleration of crimes that pay suggest people want to get paid.”

    Or it could just be that professed mores are just for show coupled with the patriarchal structure of the society–that a woman’s sexual agency really is her father’s until she’s handed off to somebody else who owns her.

  • Agreed on the electronics and appliances.

    Let me clarify. I can afford a tailor…just IN SK, not here. (I lived there.) Also, I’m thinking in the US, tailors used to be a more prolific and valued trade. Not so much anymore.

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