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    Obama should give the Ferguson police department body cameras for each officer,along with a computer system to store all images. He could afford that by not handing out so much military equipment to police departments. Officers should be required to have them turned on and functioning while they are on duty. This should be done [...]

  • True, and several of their hosts are 100% Fox-like

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    That is excessive (Michigan vs Mississippi). ALEC is busy in many
    mid west states – Wisconsin and Ohio have been greatly impacted
    by their control of the state. And their governors (particularly
    in WI) are more extreme than Michigan’s. Look around- your state
    may be next.

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    The original ad should have a “a data sheet” backing up their claims,
    before that ad was ever broadcast.

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    I agree-and I am also a Michigan voter. But-also-this ad has been running
    for weeks in the State with no attention from national media. It should have
    been rebutted immediately and every time the ad came on. And not just
    by Peters.

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    Michigan is about to pass a law that allows phone companies (AT&T etc) to
    not provide phone land line service as of 2017. Many parts of MI are rural,
    and residents do not have access to cell phones or computers (either because
    they can’t afford it, or they are stymied by the new technology,or because
    it is much less reliable than land line phones). Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
    have notified the MI legislature than in several emergencies the only
    access they had to ANY one in some districts was by land line. They were
    ignored as usual (only business “counts” in MI) (Other services
    were cut off by the emergency). Secondly, cell phone #s ,e-mail accounts
    etc are not easily available- unlike land phone lines where a printed book
    is distributed for the local region on a yearly basis. Without such numbers
    you can’t report an electric outage (which disables your computer) to the
    electric company. Calling 911 would flood that service.

  • Henry K is still walking around.

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    Betcha President Cheney knew.

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    @8 Cantor soon would have the same problem. Either get nothing done like right now,
    or do something. If the latter, someone will be after his Speaker ship. Maybe
    Here are some questions:
    1) Why talk about the 80 hard-noses not losing their seats? What about
    the (about) 130 Republicans whose districts are not entirely safe.
    a) A carrot would be = we (big business,billionaires who want the
    economy to work) will fund you through the primary
    b) the stick- we (Democrats) will go after your seat in 2014.
    2) Why push for a 6 week CR. Why not push for a CR to the end of
    the fiscal year?

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    @2 Watch that “offset with other revenue” disappear!!

  • You probably mean Joe Kernan (sp?). He should move over to FOX.

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    Don’t agree. They are representing the moneyed interests who funded their
    primary campaign, which drives out all the moderates on the R side. Thank
    our Supreme Court for that-where $$ has the same voting rights as humans.

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    Why on earth would you want to be in the Euro-zone? You lose control
    of your currency-like Greece,Italy,Portugal,Spain,etc. So
    you impoverish the middle class and poor to pay off the Banksters,etc.

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    These articles focus on NIH which funds medical research This grabs the attention of the general public because of disease implications (cancer,etc). Other funding agencies,such as the National Science Foundation which supports non-military general research has cut 20-25% of the money that went to renewals and new proposals this year,choosing instead to maintain the funding [...]

  • Here is a start. Take 500,000 individuals (outside contractors & govt employees)
    costing $200K each . That’s $111 billion /year. It excludes cost of physical
    assets (buildings,computers,etc)

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    Detroit Red Wings are a major league hockey team. One of the best.
    That arena is going to be expensive. And citizens of MI are going to be on
    the hook That includes me and I live 600 miles from Detroit. Our governor
    has already taken $1 billion from the middle class and given it to business.
    Read Dave Zirin’s books on Sports arenas,etc. Bad Sports and Game Over.
    Another point- every one who pays for ESPN pays for these teams/arenas
    through their cable bills.

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    @14 @29
    Precisely! Dave Zirin’s 2 books- Bad Sports, Game Over will
    explain just who really funds all these new arenas.

    Having the city or state pay means the taxpayers pay. A problem is
    the team could move; or it could do poorly reducing its revenues,etc.
    Also, only well off fans can afford to attend the games.

  • My wife was looking at a Lincoln-around $40K. A friend’s retail hip
    replacement price was $60K

  • @8 To reinforce that- When you are in the hospital,you are a patient,
    not a customer! In other words,you are sick. And you may get a lot
    sicker with all those bugs floating around. To grasp these retail
    prices an equivalency such as : an expensive car costs 2/3 of a hip
    replacment, may be helpful.

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    With each small fix, more cuts are imposed on the poor and ultimately the
    middle class in order ta maintain the total. Since these groups don’t
    have rich patrons they won’t get fixes.

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