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  • Do not send money to David House. Do not send emotional support to David House. David House is manipulating, lying, and deceiving you. Nothing said here will impact anyone reading this, but I figure I’ll do it to vent anyway.

    David is going to betray you eventually. If he’s scared, he will. And you who believe he is sincere, I fear for you.

    He changes his identity to fit the right appearance at the right time. He’s a chameleon with a dirty past. Bradley Manning’s own father said that David was using Manning for his fifteen minutes of fame.

    I personally feel bad for Manning — probably a depressed kid, maybe traumatized by the war, felt like he was doing the right thing, now’s going to jail for life perhaps. But. David. Doesn’t. Care. About. Manning.

    David only met Manning once before visiting him in jail. Calling him a “close friend of Manning’s” is also a lie, thanks to the media.

    I am not saying these things to smear him — I am saying them because I know what his true nature is. Many people do. Does he have any real friends? No, the media are his friends now. He’s never had real friends because he has betrayed them all.

    As for Hamsher’s hyperbolic insinuation that Lamo is “playing a role” — extremely narrowminded, that phrase is used as a way to describe how one fits into the whole scheme of things, not as an actor, and I believe that is what Lamo intended to mean. Hamsher’s interpretation of that reeks of emotional ignorance. I’m sorry, lady, but you fuckin crazy.

    As for the House fans, one day, you’ll see him turn his back on you. He is riding the wave of Manning popularity, he wants to be in the news as long as possible. Just two weeks before he was detained at the border, he was kicked out of a coffeeshop for stalking his ex-girlfriend. There is evidence and witnesses of this. House himself is capable of inflicting trauma. It’s no wonder Bradley Manning wanted him out of there. House is hurting Manning’s case, not helping. I personally stand by the spirit of WikiLeaks and feel sorrow for the boy’s conditions, however, I think House is using him. I am not anti-Manning, I am anti-House.

    He’s a creep, shifty, sketchy, and you should NOT trust him. Ask any one of the girls he’s been with… see how many of them have been to rape crisis centers!

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