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  • The “tax cap” has been lifted nearly every year for the last 40 years.

    Can’t the tax cap be dropped entirely?

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    Superb, Dennis. Very thought-provoking and revealing of the embarrassing defense of Obama by his devoted Obamabots. It’s like reading some DK comments stripped naked of their false fronts. At least one major issue lurking under the Supreme Court question seems to be women’s reproductive choice (other issues too but choice one of the hottest), and [...]

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    As one who went out in one of the first public teachers union strikes in US history in 1968 in Dade County (Miami) Florida, I am very proud to see Dr Stein step up fast to join the teachers in Chicago while Obama and Rahm stand back with arms folded. The contrast is stunning. He [...]

  • Posted a fat comment on Greenman’s post today describing my thoughts in support of Jill Stein. Most important is her Green New Deal (read this thing, it’s not pie-in-the-sky). This is doable. And her campaign is not hopeless as some imply. Precisely because of the paralysis of sameness between the two major candidates Obama and Romney and [...]

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    Yes, Dr. Jill Stein has my vote , no doubt about it. I was given pause today looking at Romney’s choice of hideously self-righteous Ayn Randian right-winger Paul Ryan but I got over it when I saw that even if I go back to Obama to counteract Romney’s co-option, Obama could lose anyway, whereas Jill Stein needs [...]

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    >>What is about these obama supporters that they are willing to throw away friends because you don’t agree with them how wonderful he is. I have never seen anything like this.<<

    karenb, bravo! You've hit upon something extremely irrational that has been observed in my world too about Obama and people's reactions to any hint of criticism of him including my own family full of die-hard liberals who refuse to see my view of O as a corporatist. A broader-brushwork of this defense of Obama at all cost (even old friendships) is found in a PNHP piece last Feb about CA single payer bill going down, in part, because Dems might have wanted to protect Obama by letting single payer die so that passing single payer in the largest state in the union would not embarrass their beloved Obama’s ACA just before election, keeping in mind too that when ACA was originally passed, major pressure was brought to bear on Dems to pass ACA to save the Obama presidency (or not destroy it). Bottom line: Not policy or principle at work with Obama but saving his skin — why?

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    Exactly! That’s why I wrote this diary, long-winded as it is. The more I looked at it the more I realized this was indeed a can of worms. Another concern is whether the confusion of public and private mandates by the newsmedia (in addition to right wing) is willful. Talk about lack of transparency, we [...]

  • JanePrettyman wrote a new diary post: What I hate about the mandate debate

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    Let’s not throw out the public mandate — a key to single payer — with the bathwater of the private commercial mandate. On Nov 16, 2011 the New York Times (11-16-11) ran a ” news analysis ” by Sheryl Gay Stolberg regarding the so-called “mandate debate” which focused on the mandate’s role in the Obama health care [...]

  • In the age demographics I’m 67 and surprised not more in my age group are represented in OWS support numbers given so many injustices and longings for restoration voiced in OWS come from long before this era, back to before Reagan, before Nixon, hell’s bells back to JFK whose murder, come to think of it, [...]

  • >>I think Obama is bound to lose, and that’s good. We’d be better off with a real Republican in office. Obama is just a useful cover that the Democratic leadership has used as they’ve gone along with violating almost everything the Democratic Party stands for.<< I agree by half — the problem is there is [...]

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    What we were given is the RomneyCare plan which was the Chamber of Commerce’s counter plan to Clinton’s single-payer national healthcare.

    If memory serves, Clinton’s plan was not non-corporate single payer but the old profit-based private system set up in some sort of complicated network system to try to control costs.

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    Maine said it all for me. Dems (incl Obama) are corportized suckers and don’t deserve to be re-elected. Why in the world is the Super Committee cutting so much more than required? Huh?

    When we come full face with our disastrous situation and get seriously upset, progressives (and even more important the non-labeled but in fact progressive voters) in this country who care about the public interest as part of the 99% will go into the streets and create a new independent party.

    Oh! Excuse me! We are already doing this. Keep an eye on two sites: NYC General Assembly Working Groups and Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street which is replicated all over the country (and the world) wants to stay formless and goal-less for a while, letting actions, demands and goals emerge from local Occupations, from the bottom up as it were, while two working groups on NYC General Assembly site want to express demands and goals from a broader position, from the top although agreed to by consensus. One working group has crafted “The 99% Declaration” with 20 rough-draft goals. They use Facebook for discussion and plan to convene delegates in Philadelphia in July 2012 to formalize a Petition for Redress of Grievances to be presented to 3 branches of govt for action and if not acted upon, they want to reconvene to form an independent party to run candidates for office in the 2014 midterms — for starters. Another working group in NYC GA (“Demands”) is formulating several goals/demands and moving more slowly, debating each set of demands, intending to bring them to the NYC GA for consensus, while the 99% Declaration working group appears to be moving ahead without consensus until they get to the National General Assembly in Philly which they will form. By now new working groups might have formed. It’s all moving fast. There is tension, as there must have been when our Declaration of Independence was first argued out. In any case, there is serious energy forming itself into action.

    Take a look at these sites and get involved. Find an Occupation near you.

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    ThumbnailCitizen photo-report from OWS 10-17-11 “The heart of the world’s financial system beats in a 1903 neoclassical building with an imposing facade featuring a frieze  entitled ‘Integrity Protecting the Works of Man.’ ”

    This ironic artwork in the pediment of the New York Stock Exchange echoes one of the aims of the movement to Occupy Wall Street – [...]
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    Image doesn’t show up, so what the sign says (picked up from a Vancouver Occupier) is: MONEY TALKS TOO MUCH.

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    Hair-raising to read the description of your experience with health insurance companies. One reason I love FDL (in addition to Jane Hamsher’s commentary on just about anything) is Jon Walker’s critique of the corporate-based Obama healthcare “reform” bill which nails us to that cross in perpetuity (unless overturned by SC or Repubs/TPs in coming years). [...]

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    Thanks for this great piece on OCCUPY THE EPA and Wes Wilson, an inspiration. Keep up the good work. We’re in solidarity with you all from OCCUPY WALL ST and OCCUPY DRBC (item posted above).

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    OCCUPY THE DRBC (Delaware River Basin Commission) Oct 21, 8 am Trenton NJ. http://www.facebook.com/OccupyDRBC We expect DRBC Commissioners (representatives Governors Christie (NJ), Cuomo (NY), Corbett (PA) and Gov of Delaware plus Pres Obama) to vote to approve regulations, thus dropping the flag on shale gas drilling in this Protected Waters basin of the Delaware River, [...]

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    If you leave out the $1.1 trillion from the troop drawdowns and the $430 trillion in reduced interest payments that make the plan look bigger, [emphasis mine]

    Assume you meant $430 billion but can you verify?

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    He won’t have to be more than a one-term prez. At the rate he’s giving away the store, he’ll get it all done in one term!

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    Buttons, bumperstickers and T’s here.

    Maybe Elizabeth Warren is not quite the one (although I greatly admire her) but she’s in the right direction to get the ball rolling. Just saying “Obama Out!” alone leaves the field to the right-wingnuts. Who’s a realistic alternative? Even one who will be an attractive candidate who will lose this time but speak up strongly for liberal principles, then we spend the next 4 years regrouping and finding the real prez.

    Frankly I wouldn’t mind seeing Jane Hamsher but she’s probably more effective where she is, doing what she’s doing. One thing I wish Jane would add to her plate is a really fabulous candidate school for articulate FDL liberals running for all levels of office.

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