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    Just out of curiosity – and alarm, since I have my mortgage with W(T)F – who is assigned as beneficiary when they enroll you in a million dollar life insurance policy without your knowledge? If you just toss the letter, or whatever, and continue being insured by default, who does the payout go to? I [...]

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    That youtube is from 2008. Not saying the troops are not here somewhere.

  • Anything that starts with the premise that people can be all lumped into one age group and then assigned blame for everything anyone in that age group does is not worth reading. In fact, that author starts out by admitting that Boomers did a lot of great stuff, then goes on to ignore it, focusing on elected officials – he isn’t even logical, really.

    If you are going to create arbitrary groups, don’t use “boomers” and “young’uns”, use the corporate rich, the military, and the middle/lower classes.
    Elections have been pointless for a while, they are preordained, and the modern equivalent of gladiator games.

    Those people lazily shaking fists at the boomers are in for a surprise. The rich who run this country are sometimes a lot older than that; people get born every day, and toddle off to circumstances that they cannot control. I guess blaming boomers is the new “Look! There’s a kitten!”.

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    I have a very bad feeling that investigation is being launched in order to delay the pipeline approval until after 2012. That way, neither Obama nor the repub candidate really have to address it in much detail. They both can say they are waiting for the results.
    Then of course it will be approved.

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    Obama will not actually be frontin’ me until the dust settles and we see what he DOES, not what he SAYS.
    This is the guy who said a mandate to buy private insurance was wrong.
    Anyone who believes a word he says is a fool.

  • As a matter of fact, Obama lost me at “Rick Warren”.

  • I want to see Obama primaried – and beaten. I sincerely doubt he would do anything differently even if challenged in the primary by progressives, because when the dust settles, and if he wins – he would be in his second term, nothing to lose, then.
    Why would he listen to progressives then? If anything, there would be reprisals.

    I would certainly hope any challenger would take advantage of the skillsets here and have a video of all of Obama’s lying rhetoric. Would make “read my lips” seem a pale ghost of a campaign tool.

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    That health plan is a Republican health plan. They love it, Wall Street loves it, stocks shot up when it was passed. Republicans felt safe in voting no, because they already knew they could run against it, but still get contributions and such. If they do anything, they will leave the mandate, but cut the provisions about pre-existing conditions – things that the insurance companies do not want.