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    Either way so LITTLE power (In California directly) coming from those two plants. Actually there a HUGE plant in Arizona we get power from in Southern California. Diablo Cyn was built in the late 70′s, so its new by our standards. However this plant near Phx was built in the late 80′s. Anyway we can [...]

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    I will vote for Jill Stein and I will not say she will not win either. We don’t know that….

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    Agreed. I always thought taking over the Democrats was a bad idea anyway.

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    Horwitz was on Asgane’s show on RT, highly recommended btw. He said he Conservative because the Left is dangerous and he’s right. When they want to get elected they bait the Hard Left to get into office. Once there, they turn right of center to appear on the people’s side but pass very Republican looking [...]

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    Private Companies produce jobs but not for many, only a certain few.

    Look at Black employment in this country, now and histrionically.

    When coming out of the agriculture dominated economy just after the end of slavery, Blacks mainly worked on farms, in slaughter houses or servants.

    By the 1960′s most works for large industries like General Motors & Ford. They worked in all the companies interconnected to the automobile industry. Outside of that, they worked mostly for the State. Why? Because most private companies, many of them mid-sized and small WERE NOT HIRING BLACK PEOPLE.

    So when you cut State jobs, who’s affected the most? When layoff workers and close factories, who’s standing in the unemployment lines?

    As many of said, Unemployment for Black America has been a 60 year problem. Solve that and you’ve solved America’s unemployment problem.

    Unemployment in Austria is 3%

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    This “Jobs bill was all wet from the start. Two tenths of One Percent is about right, they lie about “real” unemployment anyway.

    Fire Pups should be blogging and tweeting from #Occupy (insert location).

  • I knew FDL would get on the bandwagon. I also knew it would take some other group to get it all together. I will be going to Occupy LA sometime this week.

    As for the charge that this movement is rudderless is BS. However I do agree with Max Keiser and others that one CLEAR message should be adopted by the moment.

  • I’ve been saying that. The Congress will do basically whatever it wants and its up to the President to either veto it or sign it into law and take whatever backlash or praise comes by it.

    Being President is like being the Star QB of an NFL/College Team. Too much credit when they win and too much credit when they loose. FDR gets all the credit for the New Deal, however it was a mostly Democratic Congress that forged ahead with the actual passage of legislation.

    I agree that the hangover and leftovers from the Clinton Presidency is mostly the problem here. Clinton was the benefactor of the boom and given too much credit for the increase in prosperity during his last term.

    Just as GWB is given too much blame for the BUST and recession that happen behind it. He didn’t help by adding two wars to the federal budget either and expanding Government with Homeland Security.

    Honestly the thing is so broken that basically our economy MUST FAIL for it to rebuilt from its ashes. Then and only then Progressive will need to scream as loud as they can for creating a social safety net that exceeds Western Europe and tax the Rich accordingly.

    There are Rich tax dodgers in Europe, the DIFFERENCE is EU tax dodgers live in Monaco or Switzerland. We can’t seem to get rid of our tax dodgers, they live in some our riches neighborhoods. If certain Americans don’t wanna pay taxes to fund a 21st Century social safety net, then they need to leave.

    How does Europe still force the rich to pay a higher tax rate yet those that feel so punished by it, move to another country? We can do that here!

  • 1) Ron Paul will not make it out of the GOP Primary Race. If he drops out to become an Independent or some other groups candidate. He might gain some traction there, but it will mostly be with young people that identify with something he’s saying not his entire platform.

    This might be the perfect time for a 3rd party candidate to come forward, but who that is and what impact they will have is a question that hasn’t been answered yet.

    Liberals often want to blame Nader for Gore’s lost. Why didn’t Liberals just push Nader into office? What really happen is most of you didn’t believe he would win a general election. Most of you didn’t think Obama could win a primary challenge when the GOP was rubbing its hands together for Hilary to win the nomination.

    That’s why voting for Green Party candidates makes sense on many levels but the most important one, actually winning!

    Voting for Nader now is likely a bad idea, he’s too old since we’re a youth obsessed culture.

    Also running somebody to the left of Obama without any chance of winning in the primaries is a mistake. If you’re going to bother with that, find somebody that can actually BEAT Obama and beat who ever wins the GOP Primary.

    I have NO IDEA how that is, likely a media figure as there’s nobody in the current pipeline of Democrats or Green Party candidates. It also has to be somebody who can collect enough money and votes in early primaries to get on TV.

  • Independent Voters is a lie.

    Its a D.C/Media creation to highlight the moderate middle, while the Progressives/Liberals are consider hard left of issues and the RNC is consider hard right of the issues, creating a so-called middle of independents.

    If that middle existed, how come when asked over 70% of the country wanted Single Payer Health Care? How come a majority of the population identifies with Germany or Sweden when compared to how our society works?

    The point is that Washington DC is behind the curve as usual and we can be a more progressive country if there weren’t so many interest to keep the Status Que.

  • Are you saying Poor People should hire strategist next time they want to riot? Is the timing poor because you want to eliminate Fox News in America? Sounds awful selfish to me and loosing sight of the problems that have been percolating for some time if you bother to pay any attention.


    Though its much more of a class issue in a country that celebrates Royal for CS. That hides the REAL problem which is RACE. Black Men are far more likely to be pulled over (DRIVING WHILE BLACK) and questioned. In fact the brother that got shot and killed is a direct result of this type of police action.

    But in Western Culture??? Which we share with the UK, OF COURSE we have the same problem and the same unwillingness to solve them = Racism

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    So you like many it seems, want it worst than it is? You actually believe Congress is not capable of passing legislation that will make your head explode?

    I won’t vote for Obama, good = Less Turnout works in the favor of Republicans when you add in the fact they cheat.

    Look I’m all for giving people what they want. Meaning, if they want terrible outcomes to all sorts of policy and likely gridlock because Governance is much different than stumping on the campaign trail, as Obama knows all too well and some of you seem to forget.

    All the President can do is drive debate and float ideals. Its Congress that writes and makes LAW, so until you fix that fatal flaw, even with President Perry, you won’t have the elimination of Abortion, they will just find ways to de-fund it.

    Starving the beast is how they see the world.

    The Mission if you choose to accept it is to turn Purple States Blue.

    Forget Red States all together and if they want to play the States Right’s game, great then we can cut off your funding and you can figure out how to get by.

    We need to stop asking “What’s The Matter With Kansas” and just agree that they are not apart of the solution under any circumstances. Those that have progressive leanings and live in these states will just have to find refuge in other Blue states. We already have a Checks and Balance on power of larger states vs smaller states, other than that we don’t need their support for anything.

    As I’ve often told these idiots, if it wasn’t for FDR and the Tenn Valley Authority, you wouldn’t have any lights, still use oil burning lamps and outhouses.

    Hold on Bearman, what do you mean the GOP/Neo Cons didn’t hurt us? You forgotten the Gulf War? You forgotten Reagan lowering the marginal tax rates on the Rich despite raising taxes on those same people a few times over his two terms? Have you gotten GWB already?

    As I said certain things are politically unpopular and won’t be rolled back. But that doesn’t mean they can’t cause more damage already.

    I also think many on the left also forget were fighting the specter of racism. As Tim Wise has said this is racism 2.0, its much more difficult to deal with because its not blatant and ridiculous like the Klan for instance.

    Even the Klan has soften its rhetoric which is dangerous. The reason Obama hasn’t been more fiery that most of you complain about is because he doesn’t want to be depicted as the “Angry Black Man”.

    And honestly I’m really bothered by this because Obama had to play the middle to make most White voters comfortable with him enough that he wouldn’t take revenge for 200 years of Slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow.

    This is a country that still hasn’t fixed the problem of racism in this country anyway. Until the day comes we deal with that in a real way and not pussy foot around it, then many problems that look like Class issues on the surfaces are really race issues underneath.

  • France makes us look completely stupid that’s why Conservatives always want to make them villains and remember World War II, painting them as ungrateful.

    Remember Freedom Fries?

    Germany has a problem, during the last retooling of their health care system they allowed the Rich to opt out. That is costing them. Doctors complain about wages and they have other problems. Eventually they will have to ask the rich to pay their fair share.

    Japan has issues too.

    The model we should be looking at is Singapore.

  • Conservatives don’t like Single Payer because undeserving Black People will get FREE HEALTH CARE, that’s it. VERY SIMPLE.

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    Overthrow? How so with the military we have? I guess if you want to be the Viet-Cong or something. That would mean the death of alot of people though.

    I ain’t the one, I’ll opt for relocation before they won’t allow you to leave.

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    Just now posting DR???? His rants are classic and RIGHT. He hears the sucking sound that I do, all the money going into off-shore accounts. Not one PENNY of it taxed and Conservative think tanks or should I say toilet bowls always say “Oh the right pay much of the tax and the poor pay nothing” that is the biggest lie of all time.

    These morons are paying on income, NOT capital gains and not on wealth gained from family connections.

    We are in a new Feudal Era and some of you don’t see it I don’t think. Police State + Feudal ideology = Riots

    The Left won’t even primary Obama, CHICKEN SH*TS!

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    Not they White Blood Suckers. They are the most dishonest people on the face of the earth. The Heritage Foundation has come out with a ridiculous report about America’s poor and dome numb nuts moose twit from the UK, who claims she came from a lower middle class background say the riots in London are uncalled for and that everybody should take whatever low paying job is offered to them.

    If its a dead end job, go to school too. So that’s 8 hours of work for min or near min wage, then go to school at night for 2-4 hours. Not to mention study for those subjects and then MAYBE, MAYBE you’ll make it where he’s Blonde Blue Eyed ass made it too, a Conservative Think Tank that’s known for lying through their teeth and use People of Color as scrape goats for whatever ill effects the country.

    I’ve had it this wingnuts getting air time on all sorts of channels.

    There is only two ways to deal with this vermin -

    Let them take control, complete control and watch them crash the economy. They will do it, they don’t know how to stop themselves. They’ll make some stupid law that says you’ll have to work whatever job is available or you’ll be put in jail. They will ensure an underclass that is at least 2/3 of Americans will fall into.

    At that point there will be massive blow back.

    The other way is more preferable and less violent. That is like in Major League “When The Whole Fuckin Thing”.

    That means starting with the POOR and getting them out to the polls like we did in 2008. We’ll need 60-70% turnout to overcome any games by the Right Wing, but we need to boot out all the Blue Dog Dems, every last one of them.

    Start with the poor, and then force the Government to fix their problems and everybody else’s problems will get solved automatically.

    Discredit all the conservative think tanks who say nothing about racism because to them it doesn’t exist.

  • I’ve heard much of the same thing. Just seems like plain old jealousy.

    If your mad your private sector job sucks because of low pay and no benefits, then you should try and start a Union. But then even the Unions give you excuses. They feel some companies are too large and difficult.

    So as long as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and other service sector jobs are non-Union you’re going to have this problem.

    I witnessed something a few years ago when the UFCW went on strike against the largest food stores in Southern California. There were WILLING Scabs!

    That means what they are saying about Bush having no net job creation during both of his terms is correct. If you see people on strike, why would you want a job with that company???? It’s true that the narrative on Unions is generally negative and that’s why many people don’t have a problem jumping strike lines to apply for jobs = No Solidarity

    Sorry kiddies but as long as their is No Solidarity in America, it will FAIL.

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