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  • Yeah, Bill, as if a mere email or followup phone call would have been enough to get NYT interested. Everyone forget — FOR-GET — the quagmire of crap Ellsberg had to trudge through to get NYT interested in publishing the Pentagon Papers.

    But then, I keep forgetting, “history is bunk.”

    No, Keller wants to believe he’s all about speaking trupppth to power, and for that, he needs all of us to believe it first. Who am I do deny poor ol’ Bill his favorite senile delusion?

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    Considering how little basis you had for judging my position, I congratulate you on your Omniscience. Was that given unto you by God, Himself, or was it among the Normal Superpowerz restored to you by the Infinite Benevolence of the clinical psych professions?

    Please read my response to EvilDrPuma — and in the future, please consider the potential benefits of actually having some basis in fact before presuming to represent another person’s position.

    Thank you.

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    Decades ago, homosexuality was officially recognized as a mental illness. If it was a real illness then, why isn’t it an illness today? Likewise, Gender Identity Disorder has finally been removed from the upcoming DSM-5. Now, this will create significant funding problems for a large number of very vulnerable people, but at the same time, it will help to reduce the stigma that society has long heaped upon transgendered persons. But the question remains: Is GID a Real Mental Illness, or isn’t it? And this is hardly an uncommon question to ask about DSM-defined conditions. Virtually anyone who has studied the process of how DSM diagnoses are derived can tell you that such conundrums abound in connection with virtually every DSM label.

    But this is peripheral to my point. I’ll put it another way. Is it ethical to condone and participate in a popular cultural behavior that entails using people who have been labeled with “mental illnesses” — be they real, imagined, or falsely assigned — by equating them with any or all of the biggest a$$holes in our vaunted “normal” society? Is this not an ill-considered and casually dismissive way of exacerbating the stigma already heaped upon those who suffer from mental illnesses?

    Not clear enough? Okay. How about when several million of society’s least criminal, most law-abiding, and most uniquely vulnerable citizens suddenly find they are being categorically equated with mass-murderers by tens of millions of others, and, in addition to their pre-existing disadvantages, are now being routinely targeted with a terrifying escalation of slander/libel, discrimination, harassment, assault, and worse?

    Or is the casual promotion of stigma and the sustaining of popular biases against any & all labelled “mentally ill” not really a Real™ problem? Perhaps you’ve gotten all comfy with the notion that it’s not your problem. I would hope that the gratuitously predatory media-driven fallout from the Sandy Hook incident might have shown you otherwise by now. “First they came for the communists…”

    While you’re busy not standing out, one group is standing up. But after they’ve rounded up all the autistics, who will be left to stand up for you?

    Do I have to show you my scars now?

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    I’m guessing you’ve never been labelled with a ‘mental illness.’ I think it’s about time we lay that particular genre of all-purpose retorts to rest — one instance at a time, one person at a time, day by day, from now on. I’m ready to start doing my part. How ’bout you?

  • My first thought: Wow. There may be hope for CNN yet!

    Well, a fragment of a crumb of hope, yeah. But … HEY, LOOK: HOPE!

    Still, I think it’s important for us all to make sure @BryanJFischer is given the credit he deserves, thus to go down in history as “The Inventor of the Gay Gestapo.”

    Who’s with me?

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    Wow, again. Did I fart, or something?

    Well, never let it be said that I don’t know how to clear a room.

    Except for the crickets, of course.

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    The GOP Wishes to Thank Obama for Criminalizing Poverty

    PREDICTION: After attempting to qualify for exemption from mandate, conspicuously large numbers of applicants will find themselves facing IRS audits. Indeed, the IRS — with all it’s putative charms — will very likely become the de facto “enforcement” arm for the individual mandate. Or do the “reformers” expect to set up a whole new agency for that? I seriously doubt it.

    Okay, that probably demonstrated considerable ignorance on my part. And there’s more where that came from. So, here goes:

    From what little I truly understand (cough), my impression is that this “reform” offers me a real choice: I can either commit suicide, or I can wait patiently to be thrown in jail for “evading” my financial responsibilities. I hope I’m wrong, but it really does appear that I will be effectively criminalized by “Obamacare.”

    Why? Because:

    1) I CAN’T obtain traditional employment, nor could I sustain such for more than a few months at a time (presently, I can only tolerate NON-social volunteer work requiring only very limited skills — work for which the government gives absolutely NO acknowledgment whatsoever)

    2) I CAN’T prove disability in accordance with (pathetically crude) government standards (my diagnosis, while accurate, has never been acknowledged by gov’t on its own merits, and is currently being stripped from the relevant diagnostic manual by a professional body that’s hell-bent on pandering to special interest groups)

    3) I CAN’T afford even the vaguest shadow of a discount “health insurance” policy (my monthly income is LESS that what food stamps provide — and, no, I can’t qualify for food stamps. Do the math.)

    4) I CAN’T make a career out of maintaining the constant pretense of absolute helplessness — a patently ludicrous pretense that’s presently required for even the most blatantly legitimate of disability claims. I don’t possess a fraction of the Machiavellian “social skills” required to effectively maintain such a pretense for so much as five minutes, much less a day, a month, a year, or a lifetime.

    So. We’ve been all over this, my family and I, exploring every “option” and trying to find some way — ANY lawful way — of fixing any of the above, only to finally give up in the face of unmitigated frustration.

    But now I stroll into Nirvana on the shoulders of the Great & Benevolent Health Care Reform™, which in its infinite generosity, offers me a “Real Choice” (see above). Yeah. Wow. I can have my hemlock with, OR without, a side order of interminable gang-rape. My choice. Just, Wow.

    At this point, it seems my only other “option” would be to commit outright fraud.

    I Refuse To Commit Fraud.

    Therefore, I’m a criminal.

    Someone please tell me I’m wrong about this — and mean it.


    [Oh. Sorry for the book-length comment. I'm caffeinated. Sue me.]

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    I’m just peachy, thanks. But I can’t let you get me off track here.

    [takes another slug of Jack and resumes singing]

    “working from seven,
    to eleven every night…”

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    Call me uncultured, call me pedestrian, or call me a cab. But it’s just not really The Blues unless you can hear John Bonham’s bass pedal squeak on the upbeat.

    I’m sure there’s a great political analogy in that, somewhere, but I’m not nearly clever enough to tease it out. Maybe something about my lost, musically-deprived youth, countless hours tragically wasted, reading Ayn Rand while too stoned to realize what I was seeing…