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    A lot of wishful thinking going on here. I devoutly hope this conventional wisdom is correct and that the awful Newt will crash and bun but I won’t be all that surprised if we are faced with a President Gingrich, to all our sorrow.

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    I’m a crabby cynical old straight man of 74, and I’m sitting here finding it hard to see what I’m typing because of the tears in my eyes. The joy, the sheer happiness of this young man in love makes the strongest emotional case yet for equality in love and marriage. I wish I knew [...]

  • This statement is absolute nonsense and demonstrates an ignorance of our American laws and system. To claim that any American citizen, Bishop or not, does something “illegal” by redressing his government, is simply untrue.

    All of the howls for tax-exempt status change because the leaders of a religion state a grievance to their government is a very dangerous threat to the First Amendment. Consider the alternative: if a religion has to toe the political line of government or be punished, we no longer have a First Amendment.

    Dolan is an ass. And the American bishops, thanks to the reign of John Paul II, have become an increasingly conservative bunch, politically speaking. And, the notion that treating gay citizens equally to others somehow threaten marriage and the family is nonsense, and thougtless.

    But American bishops are not agents of a foreign nation; that too is nonsense. They are Americans like anyone else, and no doubt love their country as other citizens do. They don’t take their political positions because the Vatican tells them to; they take them because they themselves are political conservatives. Their viiews reflect those of millions of Americans, unfortunately. But they have every right to address their government, plead their case, and yes, threaten to withold their political support. Surely no one here would care to be told they have no right to send a message to their government to plead THEIR case, and to threaten to withold their support? I do believe I’ve noticed such sentiments right here, for other causes, haven’t I?

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    It’s unlikely to me that there will be a Perry-Bachmann ticket; even the Republicans get the notion of a balanced ticket. To have two UN-balanced people on together means all those hypothetical moderate Republicans would have no one to vote for. I would predict, rather, something like a Romney-Bachmann or a Perry-Huntsman pairing up. God, those sound bizarre, when I see them in print!

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    I’m on Medicare, and use Part D for meds. Additionally, I have BC/BS as a supplement. Six years ago the Mayo Clinic ran lots of tests, then implanted a defibrillator in my chest–total bills over 50K. I paid…not one cent. I have not paid any medical bills whatever since the day I turned 65, in spite of a myriad of health difficulties. And BC/BS has raised my rates only once a year, and only for the identical raise they asked of everyone else.

    As to medications, I take 11 pills a day, some generic and some not. Part D works very well, even when a few years ago I reached the “donut hole”; my prescritions are easily filled and cost me very little.

    I am just very thankful I’m not my 54 year old brother, who fears the Ryan plan, the Republican intentions, and the President’s weak spine.