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    Rehabilitate Elliot Spitzer.He’ a whole lot closer to what I think than Obama. I only suggest him because I don’t think Jon Edwards can be rehabbed. Also, he refutes Republican talking points without getting angry or irritated. If not Spitzer, lets think of other names. I like Oprah, but doubt she could be drafted (but perhaps…)

    Jane H. is Brilliant.

    Jane is tired, needs a nap. I greatly admire and respect her, but

    Jane is wrong.

    The point of primarying Obama is not in hopes of beating him, but to move the discourse within the party, as well as the country, to the left again. If we wait till we can win, we’ll wait forever.

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    I grew up in Green Bay during the Lombardi era – a grand time for football.
    The stories are wonderful, my barber in high school also cut the hair of most of the Packer board (whose power Lombardi had broken in taking over the Packers). What happened when the player rep, the only all pro on the team when Lombardi arrived, and on and on.

    Tomorrow, I think that The Pack can win if the Steelers don’t follow the example of the Bears. In the Bear game, Rogers was eating the bears alive, then he was hit. I’m a Neuropsychologist and for my money, Rogers had a concussion. Of course he played on, but he was throwing passes into the ground with regularity. He has lost part of his sense of timing – the Bears weren’t doing any better. Fortunately, Rogers had done so much damage already and the Pack won.

    I don’t know that the Bears hit on Rogers was really intentional. If it happens again, especially early in the Steeler game, it will not have been an accident. How much would you bet if Rogers starts out as he did against the Bears, that such a hit like that won’t occur? I don’t believe that the Steeler coaches would encourage this, but there are a lot of defensive players who are aware, Given the stakes…

    Go Packers (and protect Rogers)

  • Jackass,

    He also has a right to not experience cruel and unusual punishment. His treatment easily rises to systematic torture. The armed forces not have some privilege to torture.

    As to your assertion that Manning is a traitor, not yet he isn’t. There are many questions to be answered before he is charged.

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    The American People’s priorities are completely irrelevant. Obama is not – NOT – running this country for the people, he is as much a corporatist as Bush43, and may think of himself as the second coming of Reagan. e is running it for the Banks and Corporations. If that isn’t obvious by now…

    To EW: While I cannot praise your intelligence and scholarship enough, I do disagree with your diagnosis re: Obama. I agree with Glenn Greenwald today (Fri. Jan 7) who suggests that Daley and Rahm are reflections of Obama, not the cause of Obama’s behavior. Obama is no pragmatist, not even a decent centrist. He is a Republican through and through, and ran as a Democrat as he had no chance of being nominated as a Republican. Call him the “Republican Manchurian Candidate.”

    I am taking the pledge. I will no longer vote for the apparent “lesser evil” and that means not voting Democrat in the next election. I would rather vote for someone who expresses views that are reality based – unfortunately, Noam Chomsky will never run.

  • The point that I was trying to make and clearly didn’t state all that well is that in spite of an earlier disbelief in all of the major conspiracies for the reasons mentioned (e.g. 1&2), I have concluded that 1) secrets can be, and are, kept. Given that, I am now a conspiracy buff. (See the URL I included – I know believe that 9/11 was something much larger than 19 Arabs flying a couple of jets into the WTC and the pentagon.) Similarly, there are way too many problems with the stories told re: the Kennedys, and I’ve never been able to buy that James Earl Ray would have shot King on his own hook. The problem with the scalp is just one of the questions – looking at the supposed single bullet, it is difficult to believe that it did all the damage credited to it.

    Yeah, I am a believer in conspiracies. It really bugs me that I will probably never know who or how these things were done, but it also becomes another nail in coffin of my belief in my government (I’ve been reading Howard Zinn and Ian Walsh too – a very different point of view).

  • “ghost – I find conspiracy theories – whether it’s the fake moon, UFO
    abductions or the Kennedy Assassination – ridiculous on two grounds:

    1. The difficulty of hiding the evidence/keeping everyone quiet
    2. The notion that arm-chair investigators can uncover the Truth”

    I’ve long thought this way too, but with regard to 1 – keeping secrets, Mark Twain notwithstanding, there are groups that do keep secrets – Columbian drug gangs will kill anyone who lets a secret out, along with their family. They keep secrets. I suspect that when you get to a sufficiently high position in the US government, much the same is true and we never see any of it (things like Plame and Libby are pure kubuki).

    As to your second point, I still do agree, although one can ask “who has the motivation and the wherewithal, and who benefits?” But you’re right, we’ll not get the full story. (if you still have questions about 9/11 – see:

    Of course, no one can say who really did it. My guess is that the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about has grown in power to where they have more power than the nominal US government. I think it was Allen Dulles (first CIA Chief) who said that had the USSR -the Red Threat – not existed we would have had to invent them. the 9/11 and the Muslim threat feels much like such an invention.