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    It’s fucking New Jersey, where you go with Democrats you have, not the ones you wish you had.

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    Tastes like ass!

  • Let me translate Mr. Hawkins’ complaint:

    “fucking stuck up bitches”

  • All “meaningful” art is bourgeois decadence designed to beguile the masses into thinking they are participating in political of cultural change by merely experiencing the creations of self congratulating narcissists.

    Also drones.

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    It’s not about your bourgeois concepts of winning and losing, it’s about refusing to play the game the Man wants you to play, dig?

  • As if there weren’t enough reasons to think Luke Russert hasn’t a clue. “All Ryan had to do was hold his own”!
    Christ on a biscuit- all I’ve heard from the right for the last two months is that they couldn’t wait for debate when Ryan was going to clean Biden’s clock, and joking that the moderate might have to stop the fight when Joe gets too badly bloodied.

    Switched over to Fox, and they were as interested in reliving last week’s debate as talking about this one. That tells you what you need to know about who won.

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    No external force is as capable of paralyzing activism on the left as the desire for “consensus” .

    As destructively juvenile and counter-productive as the actions of the “black block” anarchists are, they at least understand the futility of seeking collective agreement on every action.

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    At least the Greens didn’t go with Cynthia McKinney this time, they may be able to regain some credibility with Stien, but I’m not sure constantly running presidential candidates who barely register is a net plus for a movement that tends to have more resonance on a local level. Especially if it aggravates potential allies.

    At minimum 1.5% of the vote goes to third party candidates every presidential election. These people are largely impervious to any argument concerning how the issues they actually care about will be effected by the differences between the Democratic and Republican candidates. They may even realize that their vote is a ‘wasted” vote, but that’s pretty much true of everyone who doesn’t live in the 9 or 10 battleground states.

    Perennial third party champions are at least engaged in the process, and are far less a problem than the millions who know that who is president can make a difference in their lives, but still can’t be bothered to vote, or those who leave the voting booth right after voting for president, because they don’t think it matters who their Congressman or Senator is.

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    Listened to wingnut radio today – the same people that daily remind their audiences that Obama is an incompetent socialist who will destroy America, are all butthurt that he’s being partisan. They are completely freaked out that Obama is going on the offensive and pointing out that Republicans are radical and out of the mainstream. Democrats are supposed to be on the defensive about their own radical out-of-touch policies, not attacking Republicans. Combine that with the party nominating a candidate that everyone hates, including their own base, and they know they are going to be fucked in November.

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    The right wing is upset because the Sanford Police Department actions surrounding the Trayvon Martin case stepped all over their Derrick Bell is a dangerous radical who thinks the law is racist narrative. It took them a few days, but then they reverted to their Obama is a racist for acknowledging he’s black, and black people are out to get whitey arguments.

    While this may resonate with the base, it is a continuation of the attitudes that alienate the rest of America. The debate between the right and left in this country is less about whose ideas are better than it is about whose are more radical ( dangerous). As conservatives push hard to implement radical policies, they seek to move the needle by constantly portraying what normally would be considered middle of the road policies and innocuous comments and actions as evidence of a hateful anti-American agenda. While they have had some success with this tactic in the past ( the 2:1 ratio of self-identified conservatives over liberals ), the disconnect from the mainstream has become too great to sustain the narrative.

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    The tend’cy of h’billies to c’lapse the first two sy’bles of three sy’ble words pro’ly has something to do with it. I’ts likely the fam’ly name was p’nounced Pe’pool long before the spelling was changed.

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