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  • If we chose to eat a mostly plant-based diet your chances of getting sick from animal sources would virtually disappear. The industry not only makes us sick but is terribly cruel in its factory farming of chickens, pigs and cows. Likewise, the water pollution and intensive use of fossil fuels to produce, warehouse, slaughter and [...]

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    Our “modern” diet of starch, sugar and meat, while cheap to produce is resulting in 1/3 of our population becoming obese (and 2/3 rds over weight) with all the health problems inherent in that kind of a lifestyle. Our children will be the first generation to be less healthy than their parents. This, in part, [...]

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    “Host Gloria Borger asked, why would he expect Democrats to accept a deal with no revenues? ” Because the Repubs are closing in and will demand that the Dems pass the bill or default and if they don’t pass it then the Repubs will blame the Dems for the economy crashing again. It was planned [...]

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    I remember listening to Bill Moyer’s interview this guy, Shelby Steele about BHO and thought he was a conservative crack pot. Looking back I think Shelby Steele hit the nail on the head.

    My gut feeling is that he’s (BHO) going to have a difficulty– a difficult time doing that. The reason I think that we don’t yet know him. We don’t yet quite know. What his deep abiding convictions are. And he seems to have, you know, almost in a sense kept them concealed. And a part of the I think infatuation with Obama is because he’s something of an invisible man. He’s a kind of a projection screen. And you sort of see more your — the better side of yourself when you look at Obama than you see actually Barack Obama.

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    “We will FIGHT you!” I’m not holding my breath.

    “Shared sacrifice” is just a euphemism for “we WILL screw you.”

    Good post.

  • This gets so complicated the average joe (me) gets lost. I’m sure that is the way they want it. I need someone to dumb this down for me!