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    news report: Hillary Clinton travels to China amid row over Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng. In background, the U.S. has taken an active “NGO” hand in China in this matter, behavior that resulted in big problems recently in Egypt.

    Of the $100 million taxpayer’s money that the National Endowment for Democracy grants to various organization, China Aid receives $75,000. “To promote religious freedom in China. China Aid will provide legal aid in select cases, and publish the Chinese Law & Religion Monitor, a semi-annual journal containing analysis and documentation of religious issues and human rights abuses, particularly concerning religion.”

    Bob Fu is founder and president of the China Aid Association. “Chen is my hero and friend.”

    Initiatives for China gets $85,000 from NED.
    “To promote inter-ethnic understanding, mutual trust, and cooperation among pro-democracy activists from different ethnic groups in China. Initiatives for China will organize an inter-ethnic conference with conflict resolution workshops and panel discussions on democracy, human rights, and religious freedom.”

    Yang Jianli is founder and president of Initiatives for China. “Chen’s escape was heroically assisted by our fellow activists He “Pearl” Peirong and Guo Yushan.”