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  • Pepe’s analyses are so often right on target. I find his view of this very convincing. US (w/NATO) is doing its darndest to make this a hot, long-lasting war like Afghanistan. But its economy is so close to total collapse, while China (especially) is in a comparatively strong position, that this will prove to be its Achilles Heel.

    Frankly, this is what I hope for most, horrible as the financial collapse might be. The alternative is to chance nuclear war. Then, no matter how much money anyone has, there will be nothing left to spend it on.

  • Folks, Chris Hedges has it right. All we have left is peaceful & non-violent, persistent resistance, and civil disobedience to illegal and/or unconstitutional government policy & practices.

    Gone are the days of “tell your Senator to vote…” and “tell Obama to do the right thing…” There no longer is right & wrong according to Obama’s way – like Bush, it’s his way or the highway. He backs it up with indefinite imprisonment (even for life) and assassination.

    All we and the environment have left is to follow the dictates of our conscience. There is one difference; the environment makes no promises about being non-violent. When Obama flips his “baseball cards” someone somewhere dies. When the environment makes a slight shrug, the mid-Atlantic coast is attacked in a barrage of furious winds, rains and floods. Finally, Obama’s baseball cards will be found floating down a hugely enlarged Potomac River.

  • I distinctly recall the feeling that always used to give me some measure of comfort, no matter how awful might be the political state of affairs in the U.S. It was brought about with the knowledge that I lived in a place where the Checks & Balances worked into the system would find a way to help right any situation, be it the Viet Nam War, Iran-Contra, or what have you.

    I no longer feel that slight comfort that checks & balances used to provide. This tells me in my gut that no matter how good or bad things may seem to anyone, depending on their point of view, that the ability to change the system from within the system is now folly. This a feeling distinct to a
    tyrannical system, not a system that is open and free. It is characterized by feelings of repression and hopelessness.

    Certainly I continue to fight. The only entities that provided me with any real hope through this campaign were the campaigns run by Jill Stein (the main one), Peta Lindsay (unquenchable spirit), and Rocky Anderson (my modern day “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”) ;-). So I will continue, largely through the Green Party, to focus my efforts, and allow a modicum of hope to sustain me.

    But I realize now that Obama’s first call for “Hope” in 2008 was really just an incomplete statement. He really promised “Hope…lessness.” The “Change” part was in fact complete. It just never really promised in what way that Change might lead.

    Lucky for me, I’m an eternal optimist, though not of the “Pollyanna” type. So I carry with me in my spirit a core of Hope that will only leave after I’m dead. That hope, joined with those people to whom I referred above and others close to me, will be my fuel in the near future. Our growing “Corporate Tyrannical State of America” provides absolutely nothing for any of the people, or for that matter any form of life at all on our planet.

    First action step: Communicate & Educate.
    Said from the other side of the equation: Be Aware & Open to Learn.

  • We must put all our efforts to spread this type of excellent interview as widely as possible! Just as in Egypt, we need to call the 99% to take hold of the electoral process – which is how it’s supposed to work anyway – and first get Jill Stein into the Presidential Debates (and they’ll only be actual debates if a dissenting voice is included), then get her into office. I truly believe this can happen, against all the odds that say no.

    If we don’t do this now, when? Another four years could easily see us living within a total police state, with no chance at all.

    Thank you Kevin for this vital service to the country!