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    Today it was easy to predict what he would do. He went to China and told the world that TPP was a great thing for the people and for business and international cooperation. There can be no doubt that Obama works for the oligarchs. Article on common dreams with title: Despite Outcry of Opposition, Obama [...]

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    someone else made what I consider an important point president BO faces so many problems that he might just be holding on until he gets out of office and can go on the lecture circuit or even get $2 million a month consulting fees, twice as much as Keith Alexander the law is so quaint [...]

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    Few people understand power because they don’t have an opportunity to get close enough to see how it works. At the recent NN14 conference (Netroots Nation 14) one of the most radical panels was teachers fighting the full scale occupation and oppression of their neighborhoods. Close the neighborhood school and other public buildings and start [...]