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  • Why aren’t the all of the Olympic beach volleyball male athletes in teensy Speedos?

    Yes, why aren’t they?

    You already know the reason. It would upset the group that has the majority of the money and an even greater preponderance of the power in this society – straight men.

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    In the message above, instead of LBGT I meant to write LGBT.

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    As a cisgendered bisexual man, I hear you, Autumn. Self-identified gay and lesbian “LGBT activists” are always perfectly capable of talking about our issues as well, almost always by giving us the slightest amount of lip service (often by only saying “LBGT” or “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender”). How often do people who primarily identify as bisexual ever get to represent the entire LGBT community, especially those of us whose current significant other is of the oppose sex? Almost never as far as I know.

    It seems to me the game is that there are a lot of self-identified lesbians and gay men, cisgendered of course, who feel they can just wrap bisexuals up with monosexual lesbians and gay men, because ALL the marginalization of bisexual people comes from the homophobia of straight people [/sarcasm], while they ignore transgender/transsexual people’s issues because you are relatively few in number.

    I think we and you have much the same problem. (Which isn’t to excuse transphobic or trans-dismissive bisexual people, because they certainly do exist.)

  • Wait, so there is a statistically significant number of “anti-heterosexual” hate crimes? This is the first time I’ve ever heard that.

    I wonder what those tend to look like? Where they tend to happen, what kind of people beyond “heterosexual” tend to be the victims and what kind of people beyond “non-heterosexual” tend to be the perpetrators?

    And I wonder what portion of those “anti-heterosexual” hate crimes are classified as such due to the anti-LGB prejudices of law enforcement people?

    And I wonder how under-reported genuine anti-heterosexual hate crimes are?

  • I’m wasn’t disputing that. I was just incredulous about how bad this whole thing is turning out to be.

  • Seriously? A possible murder as part of the coverup of this coach’s serial molestations???

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    We don`t even know if those complaining passengers exist.

    Discriminatory organizations like to invent complaints to justify their actions.

    I don`t trust Texas-based Southwest Airlines to be honest about this.