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    Thanks for continually trying to frame this duplicity in ways that make sense in terms of it not finding salience outside the DFH blogs. Obama seems like he must buy into the calumny against the European economic-social model of society, or at least to benignly ignore it’s implications, in favor of the MOTO pressure — [...]

  • There is no corrective adequate to fix the level of systemic corruption, perhaps simply because the ones running the system are the one’s defining corruption. If “appearance of conflict of interest” is a meaningless phrase anymore, except when used to pretend it is still operative, not much is left to imagination; jump on the corporate bandwagon while ye may. Helps to be connected.

  • Israel continues to go it’s own merry way. And the US continues to fund it, back it, guarantee it (without treaty), while Israel threatens at every turn to set off the tinder box.

    Same old, same old, and getting worse.

  • “Counterproductive”. How about illegal under UN mandate, and international law. This used to be US position.

    Mr. Subtle, say nothing, mean less. O-man. It’ all “no daylight” with Israel, bottom line. Palestinians: disposable little brown people.

    And re Iran. We’re not quite sure how to jump.

  • In the early days of Fed Mass Trans Program (late 60′s, early 70′s, I wrote environment implementing regs for NEPA. Later, I reviewed EIS on projects, some from outside DOT, and many of FHWA statements on proposed projects, most of which were boilerplate and use loopholes to find no impact, or remediable.

    I was not an expert either, but what I did always included both the null hypothesis, and the need to look at the alternative to highway hypothesis. In other words, I critiqued basic assumptions, including the straight line extrapolation for highway demand based on historical assumptions only which used currently technology, regulation, pricing, etc.

    Question the assumptions!!! A big part of the review process worth anything must question the assumptions.

  • Do ‘they’ have the best brains working for them, or does money still trump everything else? One wonders, in a different era, with a different distribution of information over time, whether outcomes would be the same? How have we been advantaged by the world of technology in this instance? Bunch of bodies gotten arrested. President talking out of both sides of his mouth, i.e., without firm commitment = done deal per admin.; State Dept sending up signals on admin position all the time. Public profile pretty low for putative importance. But if it all feeds into a corrupt system anyway …

    Could be the backbreaking step for any hope of a real energy policy based on other than fossil fuels. Industry doesn’t want to shift technologies, without being pushed. As with prior examples, pathetic though they were (e.g., auto mpg, cigarette labeling, etc) the pushing is very hard. Same old pol’s nice words — taken back the next breath — but nothing of the commitment required.

    Negative view? Have faith in the incrementalist way?

  • Like some industry association talking head said recently on News Hours, defending similar corrupt — unquestionably “appearance” of corruption” — role in analyzing finance data, she didn’t see it as a conflict because, you know, it was a professional role that was clearly identified, not in any way political. So what’s the problem? At least there, I think, the name and connection wasn’t hidden so deeply.

    But denial, lying, deception by any other name. What’s the use in even bothering. Obviously the PTB are just fine with corruption, so long as it’s their corruption. Sort of like the Randy Newman song re “The Kingfish”: “he’s a fool. but he’s our fool.”

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    “The same sword of justice hangs above their heads. It may be long in coming; we may not live to see it; but this is their legacy and they cannot escape it.” (Juliania) Well, Wilkerson is doing every thing he can to write his own version, and predominantly to let the hagiographic legend of Powell [...]

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    It’s interesting, those on the blogs, say 12 years ago, screaming that our nation was being subverted by a fascist cabal, were considered somewhat hyperbolic and embarrassingly a bit daft in a way that would scare off just the supporters we needed to fight this massive assault on such of our democracy as remained at [...]

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    I don’t find flame wars at all interesting. Enquiring minds want to know what form of insult you intend to my declarative statement or the inference you draw. Really, are we supposed to divine you meaning from that pithy throwaway?

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    er, it’s about that ad hominem thing.

    Civility is one thing. Calling a spade a spade another,

    Who ever asked you to shut up? That’s part of the case you’re building? Well, have at it; you’re good at it.

    I’m pretty much done. Feel free to report me ‘authorities’

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    You’re right, you were around here first. But you see, I don’t care. I’ve got noting to lose by speaking the truth as I see it. And being “around here” is not the be all and end all by which I measure integrity. You’ll have to take care of your own, which you are plenty able to do I see. Your words were ignorant, IMHO, regardless of how many of your groupies you have to back you up, and maybe it was to those ‘understanding’ folks you intended to speak.

    I’ve had more than my share of internet squabbles and decamped many sites. Call it ad hominem, and let me apologize for that rhetoric if it makes you feel better, but you words don’t line up with convinced progressive thinking, or even logic, imo.

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    and Margaret’s words mean exactly nothing then? Is she just a dim bulb?

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    Talk about sabre rattling, it’s not just N. Korea. Some very myopic sabre rattlers right here.

    Let’s extrapolate : which is the more hypocritical position:

    1) to preempt N. Korea’s bluff because, you know, we’re the big bad world enforcer and preemptive strikes is what we do,or

    2)To preemptively attack Iran along with N. Korea because a) we’re the world’s ( or at least Israel’s) enforcer b) you cant attack N. Korea without attacking Iran because, we’ve been told Iran is the largest threat to the world whereas N. Korea is a regional threat. Wouldn’t be logical.

    All sabre rattler’s whose name begins with M should consider getting a life. Apparently hasn’t learned anything about the economics and politics of war.

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    Perhaps Harry will have her into his chambers for a little talk; and maybe Barry will have her over for a beer night, just to get acquainted, er, and teach her the finer points of blustering without really doing anything.

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    “The Cardinal is discovering — painfully — exactly what Jesus meant by this.”

    I doubt it.

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    Good and fitting analysis Peterr. Now that we are getting to the head of the snake, maybe a few more apples will be shaken from that tree of vanity and corruption, to mix metaphors.

    Now, perhaps when some more of the background garbage leading up to the too-weary-to-serve Benedict may emerge, despite the criminal enterprise’s best efforts to contain it, you will provide as lucid and theologically correct an analysis. I’m sure the Vatican is just buzzing with all those sub alterns cranking out possible mea culpas

  • Kevin, yes you’re right. When I wrote my screed I thought ‘with the possible exception of the living wage’. But I ain’t holding my breath.

  • By the way, more speech critique. That was the least enthusiastic SOTU reception I can ever recall. My take is he is overall still reaching for bipartisanship, in his codependent way — to be friends with the thugs. They’re not going to give him a twirl. And, concomitantly, he gave the dems nothing to roar about. A most uninspiring figure with a reasonably good delivery.

    He doesn’t know how to be appropriately political. He’s a postpartisan kind of guy. He doesn’t do conflict.

  • “That the Speaker would sit behind the POTUS with that kind of disgusted, condescneding look is shameless.”


    I sat through the whole speech that way. Course I’m not speaker of the House, except my house ;-)

    Look, Boenher is playing his role, and it can’t be easy playing it to that degree (may it’s comes natural, who knows). But Obummer is living inside his bubble of deceit and lies, whether he is convinced of his honesty or just faking it, and he wants us to join his delusion that is reinforced in him every day. Now THAT’S priceless.

    Let me ask one more naive question: why is this second term president, but for ‘legacy’, such a political drone. We see the results of his being open to ‘good ideas’: he hasn’t proposed a good idea in the progressive canon without torturing it to mere cant.

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