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  • dopeyo commented on the blog post Late Night FDL: Floozies for Good

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    “where your heart is, there is your treasure (some jesus guy).” this MOTU doesn’t have the time of day for a woman, what makes us think he would value a wife any more?

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    identify the following group of people:
    bizzy buffy missy muffy lizzie lezzie & marge.

    no, not the TP mavens.

  • except for ss, medicare, sales tax, vehicle tax, property tax, you want the whole list?

    didn’t think so. not everyone comes here to learn.

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    i can state unequivocably that donuts were not an issue for the jury. I am familiar with the courthouse, donuts are sold in a snack shop in the basement, and they do not deliver, probably due to the fact that the snack shop is staffed by a woman who is confined to a wheelchair.

    in all likelihood, the jurors may have found their way to the snackshop, purchased donuts, and interacted with the disabled cashier. someone ate all the donuts, because there were none left when i went to the donut case. (i can prove to the court that a quart of strawberries is missing. also.)

    the jurors no doubt recognized gladney’s use of a wheelchair as a cynical attempt to cash in on our natural sympathies.

    so i think the matter was probably settled in their minds long before the final arguments. the time in the jury room was wasted in a futile attempt to google nearby donut shops on their iphones. there are none.

    what’s the frequency, kenneth? also.

  • dopeyo commented on the diary post In Court, ACLU Defends US Citizen Detained & Threatened by FBI with Torture by Kevin Gosztola.

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    apparently there are new rules: if you are an american citizen with all rights enumerated by the constitution, do not:

    1. leave the united states
    2. protest an american war
    3. criticize a republican president

  • dopeyo commented on the blog post Bin Laden Found By Trolling The Weeds, Not By Torture

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    torture worked to produce false confessions to scare the american people…

    we have a winner in aisle 9!

  • dopeyo commented on the blog post Construction Contracts Point to Permanent Bases in Afghanistan

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    ever since that disappearing $6.6 b in iraq, we shifted to using smaller denominations. takes a long time to haul off all that loot, don’cha know?

    no one – including the afghans – has ever been able to control afghanistan, the centerpiece in the Great Game. i think Mr. O has decided that once we have secure bases from which to keep and eye on china, pakistan and iran, we don’t care who’s running / ruining afghanistan for the foreseeable future.

  • dopeyo commented on the blog post Investigating Juan Cole Rather than Ahmed Chalabi

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    In a strange way, we are all Egyptians now, eh.

    We’re all working for the Pharoah.

  • dopeyo commented on the diary post DoD Whistleblower: Documents Show Intel Withheld from 9/11 Congressional Investigators by Jeff Kaye.

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    having witnessed the implosion of buildings, i can tell you that a good, clean implosion requires weeks of preparation stringing and tensioning cables, then placing and wiring explosives and calculating the timed sequence.

    are you telling me that someone spent two weeks rigging the WTC towers prior to Sept. 11?

  • dopeyo commented on the diary post DoD Whistleblower: Documents Show Intel Withheld from 9/11 Congressional Investigators by Jeff Kaye.

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    you might want to seek professional help to assist with your delusions regarding structural failures. steel only needs to be heated – not melted – in order to be weakened enough to fail, catastrophically. i’m sure any structural engineer picked at random from the nyc phonebook could explain that to you. if you can’t find [...]

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    IIRC, AlJazeera is primarily funded by the Emir of Qatar.

    Most americans can’t watch Al Jazeera, unless they have a device such as a “ROKU”, which will stream Al Jazeera English in real time from the internets to your tv box. It was invaluable for watching the Cairo demonstrations.

    it can also be watched on your internet-connected computer.

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    OT, but the funniest thing i ever heard was a lovely redheaded belle from alabama, imitating how midwesterners speak. must be all the corn.

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    independents = voters too lazy to ask themselves which side their bread is buttered on.

  • dopeyo commented on the blog post GOP’s Political Warfare: Long-Term and Virtually Unopposed

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    i have never seen an actual count of how many fraudulent votes were cast in any recent election. there probably isn’t any accounting. consider that each phony voter gets a small amount of money, and faces a significant amount of time behind bars if caught. it’s not worth the risk.

    however, when republicans get this worked up over any topic, it’s always a good idea to dig a little deeper, and find out what nefarious acts are under way. caging? tampering with electronic voting machines? money laundering?

  • dopeyo commented on the blog post Mike Huckabee Admits Most Conservatives are Birthers

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    in the birther imagination, england is the original white nation. so if obama insults the lily-white english, it proves that he is a racist mau-mau islamo-commie-fascist.

    saw a comment on the great orange satan this a.m. about who else hated the english: john adams, among other founding fathers.

  • dopeyo commented on the blog post Defense Sec. Gates Wants Generals to Watch The Princess Bride

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    can anyone tell us what ‘victory’ has looked like in Afghanistan over the last 1,000 ears or so? IFAIK, the only army that has ever ‘won’ in Afghanistan would be Reagan’s mujahadeen, whose victory brought chaos and a return to the 14th century.

    it may be that Afghanistan is ungovernable, and therefore unwinnable by anyone but the most savage armies. in the future, will our historians say “we had to destroy Afghanistan in order to save it”? i thought we learned THAT lesson 40 years ago in another corner of asia.

  • i think he is trying to type “Daniel Ellsberg” who leaked the Pentagon Papers. ‘you keep saying that word. i do not think it means what you think it means.’

  • waitaminnit! how do we know that the chat logs are a true product of interactions between lamo and manning? AFAIR, manning first sent lamo several encrypted emails, which lamo claimed he could not open, due to an obsolete public key encryption thingy.

    perhaps williamofoccam – or another uber-geek – can explain why encrypted emails are more difficult to spoof than clear-text chat logs. but i for one do not buy the notion that lamo’s chat logs contain the actual words of bradley manning. it is entirely possible that lamo fabricated manning’s side of the ‘conversation’.

    we know that lamo is a self-important egomaniac. why do we trust his reporting? perhaps if bradley manning were free to speak…. naw.

  • what i want to know is who ordered averhart to act as he did,

    specifically, did the u.s. dept of justice collude with the u.s. dod to torture an american soldier

    MERELY to get a false confession from him re charging assange?

    do you have information that leads you to think they wouldn’t? after 24 months of this administration, why do they deserve any benefit of a doubt?

  • so what’s khan’s ‘likely answer’?

    if khan gave up a list, wouldn’t cheney et al have been beating the war drums within weeks?

    if khan’s answer was ‘no one else’, cheney would have squelched that info, because it would tie his hands IRT iran and other potential targets of the neocon bloodlust.

    since we haven’t attacked any likely nuclear-wannabes, can we assume khan’s answer was ‘no one else’?

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