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  • Gomez is running the most vile “Markey is a liar! He cut $500 billion from Medicare!” ads I’ve seen.

    One can only hope and work to ensure he receives a thorough beatdown.

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    Yep, that teacher pension balance was the phoniest thing in the whole pile.

    Also, of course, there’s no tax & no 10% penalty if she rolls it into an IRA. And wouldn’t be, even if it was real.

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    There are way more than 3 possibilities.

    T’eo may have a reality problem.

    He may have been told to fake this by his agent, church or school.

    It may have been a joke that got out of hand.

    It could be a complex version of 2 of these & something else.

    Maybe he just got bored & thought it would be funny.

    There’s so much fakery involved in big time athletics – involving basic stuff like whether he’s an employee or a student – and religion that a simple fake girlfriend is nothing.

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    We all needed a quick $50 BILLION expense to avoid a new recession.

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    Even though the last B52 was built in 1962, they’re still our go-to bomber, and will be until 2040.

    Yeee-Haw! Ride ‘em Slim!

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    Lest we forget, Saul held off on slaughtering all the livestock until he could put together a proper sacrifce. To which GOD said – You ain’t king no more.

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    I guess it’s hard to recall but September, 2008 was the middle of the biggest economic disaster since 1929.

    I mean, seriiously, this is more an “Are you a moran?” test than a real opinion one.

    And we flunked.

  • Anybody else remember Kleiner vs FNB Atlanta?

    LIBOR became important 30 years ago, when it became obvious that the “Prime Rate” that US banks were pegging loans to was whatever the banks said it was.

    Just in case anybody was under the delusion that US banks have ever been honest.

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    When I was a wee tad, WMMS* – Home of the Buzzard! was a great hard rock station.

    Their website now is truly dismal.

    Damn you kids! Get off my lawn.

    *WWMS is a country station in Mississippi

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    The insurance industry was dying without PPACA. Nobody can afford it individually, employers are dropping it everywhere.

    So I can totally see Roberts upholding. Not because of the GODawful mess we’d be in, of course.

  • In 1976 tuition at a good private school was $3000. Now it’s $40,000. Back then, you could work your way through college without debt.

    The basic problem is just that college costs too much, mostly due to administrative bloat & the proliferation of Ass. Deans.

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    Electric right this minute?

    Ninety miles an hour down a deadend street.

    A comprehensive policy built on conservation, redevelopment & alternative energy is not my notion of nothing. I just don’t think clapping will really bring Tinkerbell back to life.

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    Electric cars are still cars. 2 tons of metal on 4 balloon tires is not susainable transport. And US stocks are fine right now. There isn’t room in commercial storage to take a large amount of additional oil.

    WTI is already $15 – $18 below the world price. It doesn’t make much sense to go crazy trying to widen it another couple bucks.

    We need to go more to rail, general efficiency, & less sprawl. Oil is not going to get cheap again, other than for brief periods of global economic collapse.

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    Sure, its all about speculation. It has nothing to do with increased consumption in China, India & the Mid-East while global oil production has been flat since 2005.

    Because dealing with the real problem is much too difficult.

  • The main reason college costs are out of control is that Senior Administrators are multiplying like bunnies & in many places, e.g. Cal, outnumber faculty.

    Good luck on ever seeing that story in the WaPo – although, come to think of it, maybe it could be sold to them as a pro-Kaplan slant.

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    After 40 years of on and off oil crises, are the American people ready for a comprehensive energy policy that addresses the certainty of declining oil produced in a growing world?

    Hell, no.

    Tell us lies, tell us sweet little lies.

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    I have at least 3 problems with these articles.

    64% of the futures market may be speculation. That doesn’t mean it sets the price for the spot market, or other contracts under which real oil is sold.

    The average cost of a Canadian barrel is meaningless unless there is some way for them to increase production at that cost. There may be, but it takes years to ramp up more production and the people of Alberta aren’t exactly thrilled about it.

    Third, there’s the assumption that because US stocks are fairly well filled, there is no shortage. It’s simply not true. There are some longstanding shipping problems that have led to WTI being $18 cheaper than pretty much every comparable grade in the world. If US speculation is holding prices up, why are US prices the lowest?

    Even Barbie gets this.

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    Meanwhile, back at the Atlantic, Derek Thompson talks about failing upward.

    The example he picks is M______ MC_____. (Not Megan)

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    This is one of those polls where 90% of the answers are to the question “Recently, mumblefuxggg la la la OBAMA glrrgd fuzz. Do you approve?”.

    So I figure the approval among those who understood the question was about 93%.

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    Didn’t he notice that all his offers to work for her campaign, went nowhere because she had no campaign. Which kind of reduces the chances of nomination to about John’s chances of scoring with the Queen of England.

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