• Another interesting thing is that historically, the government has lied to the courts about the true nature of classified material and the reasons for classifying it (to cover up mistakes, abuse or malfeasance rather than legitimate national security concerns). There was a recent article on this with an examination of declassified documents and it would seem that lying to courts is the rule rather than the exception. Given this state of affairs, it may be that the courts realize this but find it more expedient to give deference to the government’s arguments.

  • *Yawn* Not sure if it was better or worse than anything Madonna did 30 years ago. It was amusing that Jezebel had to get in with some clickbait asserting cultural misappropriation. I think it was about finding a way (any way) to express disapproval that wouldn’t be offensive to modern feminism. Bonus of attempting to rehabilitate Jez’s racial justice cred after the last couple weeks marked by awkward silence and non-introspection about the Hugo Schwyzer meltdown and twitter response. While the entertainment industry’s long and storied history of exploiting people of color and Black culture is worthy of discussion, pinning it on Miley Cyrus misses the mark.

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    It’s a funny name.

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    The Mustache of Wisdom speaketh. I wonder if any cab drivers were consulted as part of his incisive analysis.

  • The other thing I found curious is the idea of insurance companies dictating women’s healthcare. With regard to contraception and abortion, government has historically been much more intrusive than private insurance. Insurance companies view these things as cost-neutral or cost reducing when compared to the medical costs or pregnancy and possible complications. Now with regard to certain preventative care, it is possible that there is an incentive for private insurance to cheap out, but that’s not what they said.

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    Max Cleland and Tammy Duckworth were part of a brilliant Republican theory–the more limbs one loses fighting in America’s wars, the more that person loves the terrorists. Politics is so much easier when you are unencumbered by shame. Really, how often are people going to notice, and who will point it out?

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    “Stay classy, San Diego.”

  • Was this a Bivens action?

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    The gun looks like a Taurus judge, a revolver that will shoot .410″ shotgun shells.

  • For a partnership between unions and cooperatives to work, the relationship needs to be arms-length. The purpose of the union should be (as it is in traditional enterprises) to guarantee certain minimum standards for worker-owners and ensure worker-owners are fairly treated. The other purpose of a union is to create and assist a worker based [...]

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    I accept that Webb died by suicide. I lived in the Bay Area at the time and remember how big a deal this was. I remember thinking at the time that he was being thrown under the bus. Despite the fact that his editors pushed him for a bigger story and the fact his reporting was substantially accurate, they sandbagged him once the onslaught from the Village hacks came. Another thing that gets ignored is that the rush to discredit Webb was not just a result of the ego of competing news outlets (that was surely a part of it), but also the fact that CIA sources to MSM outlets were upset by the story and urged their stenographers in the press to torpedo Webb. Of course, rather than question or verify their sources, they simply did as the government wanted.

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    The above should read “make the “knowledge” *illegal* “.

    I would also point out that this could allow people to make weapons that comply with new regulations when the firearms the currently own would run afoul of them–particularly in states like California where a rifles with certain features are deemed assault weapons if they have readily removable magazines. They are not banned if they require a tool to remove the (the infamous bullet button). This would make printing a compliant receiver easy without modifying the existing parts of the firearm.

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    The firearms industry will still make plenty of money, because this technology still doesn’t permit the creation of a functioning firearm, only the plastic parts. This is why trying to regulate it and make the “knowledge” required to build the parts is both futile and silly. You can buy a receiver (the only part considered a “firearm” by law) or now print your own, you still have to buy an “upper” (barrel and chamber, made of steel and not printable), trigger group, stock/grips (these may be printable), Magazines (parts of which may be printable)and so on. What many people don’t understand about weapons like the AR-15 is that they are a modular platform. This is part of the reason for their popularity. A receiver from one manufacturer will work with an upper from another and a trigger group from a third and stock and grips from yet another.

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    I generally agree that gun safety should be taught early and often if firearms are a part of your family life. This includes range safety, learning how to safely store and handle firearms at an appropriate age. Until that age, if you see a gun, don’t touch it and tell an adult. After you have [...]

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    As to the marketing, it seemed more aimed at parents, with a cheesy “buy your kid’s love and happiness” sort of undertone that you see a lot. One could argue that the 4-10 age range cited is a defective warning, but the issue here was lack of supervision and lack of care in storing the [...]

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    It’s as much “lawyer speak” as “cop speak.” Using the passive voice to make things sound less bad is covered in most legal writing classes. Legally, it’s an “accident” because the only other causes of death a coroner can find are “natural,” “suicide,” and “homicide” or “at the hands of another.” Generally a death is [...]

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    It’s difficult to understand something when your salary depends on you not understanding it.

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    I would expect that like many “soft power” organizations over the years funded by the likes of USAID, they do some quasi-legitimate development and aid work while using their position to conduct State Department and intelligence activities. You would think they could afford to pay for a less amateurish, phony NGO looking website without staged [...]

  • As I understand it, a paid collection account does not raise your score. A collection account is still a collection account on your report whether it’s unpaid, paid in full, settled, or charged off. The only thing that will make an appreciable difference on your score is to delete the collection activity or have enough [...]

  • ThumbnailMuch of the progressive intelligensia has been yawning over Occupy’s newest initiative to buy up and forgive distressed debt. The effort is seen as futile or useful only as a means of attracting attention to the issue of staggering personal, educational, and medical debt as a result of decades of declining household income. There is more [...]

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