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  • There is traction in Mr. Dionne’s hypotheses. What has been thrust into the public dialogue in 2011 began the day President Obama took office. His ascendancy generated a such whirlwind of animosity and political toxicity that a counter-revolution immediately appeared in our beloved country alongside the throngs and waves of ecstatic, idealistic followers of the Obama call for genuine, tangible change. The immediate stated intention of such fanatical Republicans as South Carolina’s Senator Jim DeMint was to derail any achievement that President Obama attempted and to displace any success with vitriolic misrepresentation.
    These voices were un-American, selfish thrusts of swords into the guts of the American people. By undermining any policy with widespread ramifications for the welfare of the general population, these traitors used political expediency to derail efforts to move the American people into the 21st century. Because Senators and Representatives went to their respective wells to misinform, distort, and confuse the issues involved in the health reform debate, the financial secrets they were protecting went undisclosed. The Republican minority could not stop what the Democrats were able to package together.
    Then, what did the Republican majority in the House and Senate immediately proclaim following last year’s Tea Party flavored election? They fully intended to repeal what had taken two years for the Democratic Administration and Congress to achieve. This is treason. What was good for millions of Americans and a step toward justice in the field of health care delivery was in the cross-hairs of Republican sharpshooters to maintain the lucrative, grossly profitable, and unjust status quo for insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Profit was more important that people for Republicans. This is hell on earth. These conservative politicians who stomp on the rights of average people will all reap the whirlwind after sowing the wind of political deceit.

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