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    The strange thing is that Missoula is the most liberal and granola part of Montana, though Helena, where I live, being the state capitol is very blue as well. I have no idea how these morons got elected, but this is in the wake of the scandal at the University of Montana where football players for the Grizzlies (i.e. “‘gods”) were being exonerated for multiple counts of rape. Maybe that whole football thing (see Steubenville) has infected the whole community. Whatever, it’s really sad and these people should all be removed from office. Unfortunately our newest AG Tim Fox was elected by the Koch Bros (literally, with $700K + in TV ads the weeks before the election) and even though there are calls for him to take action no one here is holding their breath.

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    And my daughter just found a brass whistle engraved with 1914 in her in-laws house in England – one of the whistles blown to direct the troops to “go over the top” – a timely find.

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    Spot on David – I’m presently reading 1916: The Eve of War by Paul Ham, and the concept of a bunch of rich twits making idiotic plans is exactly how it all started. an excellent read.

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    ET our 10 acres is actually because we have four draft horses. Our food self sufficiency could be done on 2 acres. We purposely chose a small city in Montana, took a huge drop in income and live simply. With wonderful neighbors and friends – complete change from our previous life in large coastal cities. [...]

  • We have been quietly preparing for when it all falls apart. I am sorry that my daughter is hoping to get pregnant because I fear in less than 40 years the world will be a cross between Blade Runner and Mad Max. We purchased 10 acres, grow and raise all our own food, and since [...]

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    It would really kill Shell to have the work done in the United States? After all they were trying to avoid taxes in AK when the Killuk went aground. I guess unless you’re a shareholder of Shell (and at this point they must be wondering why they are invested in such an incompentent company) paying [...]

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    We are in the middle of the valley and quite squishy so not threatened by fire – its the smoke that’s the killer. Last summer it was all from out of control wildfires in Idaho – thankfully we didn’t get any lightning fires west of us on the Continental Divide but its only a matter of time and the Forest Service is so woefully underfunded they can’t clear thousands of acres of beetle kill, let alone pay for the cost of fighting fires. I’m sure Mr. Cantor will demand cuts in Medicaid or something to offset the expenses of fire fighting.

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    Well here we are in Montana on December 1st. Its 48F outside, 70F in my greenhouse, no snow left on the ground from our one snowfall three weeks ago, the grass is sprouting in my paddock and the horses are browsing fresh shoots in the pasture. Worrying in the extreme. As it is our hills are covered with beetle killed pine and if we have a repeat of the smoke of last summer it will be awful.

    But – FISCAL CLIFF!!!!! Oh noes what will become of us.

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    Here in Montana we are blessed with 10 acres of sub-irrigated pasture, an awesome well, a huge garden, the ability to raise pretty much all our food (pork, beef, chickens, layer chickens for eggs, veggies, with a big root cellar and a couple of big freezers. Solar panels and windmill coming next year.

    Having grown up in England after the war when everything was in short supply and some still rationed, my psyche is tuned to the tenuous nature of the world we live in and I fear it is going to get much worse very soon. Already in our small and friendly valley people are stealing hay, we padlocked the gate to our hay barn and put in motion sensor lights so have dodged that bullet, but I have friends who have lost half a dozen round bales (at $280 each) in one night.

    The price of chicken feed is up 40% from last spring. Folks who live in cities and are dependent on the industrial food complex are going to be in a world of hurt.

    And when we run out of gas – we have 4 draft horses and a wagon lol

  • Heck – back in the 70′s there was already a high speed rail link between Toronto and Montreal, from TO’s downtown Union Station into the Central Station in downtown Mtl. It was even in those days about the same time as getting to the airport, going through checkin, flying, getting baggage and bus into the city. And hugely more convenient and pleasant. Even before Air Canada fell apart.

    This is not rocket science. The fossil fuel industry can’t stand it and since they own the Congress they’ll do anything to stop it – the airlines are enormous consumers of oil.

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    Cordray is starting with a good issue – Montanans limited the rate of interest pay day loan companies could charge in the last election and they have all closed up shop and left the state. YAY

  • AAARGh watching Mr. Hale, Proprietor of The Best and Only Bar in Basin MT (pop. 13 1/2) explain that of course his business is going to collapse if said pop. can’t get blotto and drive home, was the best entertainment we had in our office since we can watch in real time on the tubes – of course watching anything in our current Legislature beats cable teevee any day. Beats working. And he isn’t the craziest. Still, Montana is now firmly established as the stupidest state no more people will want to move here. FWIW approval of the GOP contingent is about 14% among Montanans so hopefully they will crawl back into whatever stinky hole from whence they came.

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    Of course the fact that he had access to a weapon like this is a huge part of the problem, but as long as our “elected” representatives are bought and paid for by the NRA, (not to mention of course Wall Street), law enforcement is rendered pretty much helpless, and left picking up the pieces [...]

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    Is there anyone out there who doesn’t believe that Sarah Palin should be charged with murder and terrorism? She posted a map on her SarahPAC page with crosshairs on several congressional districts, one of which was Representative Giffords’ district. Can anyone seriously think that she is not responsible for anyone, mentally unbalanced or not, shooting [...]

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    Best pahrsnip EVAH! I’ll have to check the last of them in the garden to see if I can find a littler pecker piece…..