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    Jane, I’d just like to pitch in here and echo what everyone else has said – i.e. best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope to see you back here soon. In the meantime, you’ll be missed.

  • Washington Democrats appear to be bred for the capacity to knuckle under.

    As pointed out previously, the Democrats only exist to perform the same function as the Washington Generals – i.e. as a would-be “opponent” so the “contest” can continue to entertain the audience. Unfortunately for the “owners”, the audience seems to be losing interest in the act.

  • It is a brazen example of the imperial presidency and represented a total disregard for the separation of powers designated in the U. S. Constitution that are supposed to create some kind of checks and balances — ideally.

    Well yes, but the reality is there’s only one check that Congress has on a POTUS who refuses to follow the law of the land – impeachment. And until a Congress exercises that option against a Presidential abuse of authority in this area, the “unitary executive” theory that it’s legal if the POTUS does it will continue.

  • It is difficult to see how one can hold this position and still continue to practice journalism.

    First – Kinsley quit practicing journalism decades ago IMHO. About the time he took over at The New Republic – i.e. 30+ years go. Which is, not coincidentally, about the last time the magazine was worth reading. YMMV.

    Second – Kinsley is typical of many “journalists” who have spent a long time closely associating with the Village. He has come to adopt their group-think. Worse, with the corporate takeover of the MSM, most so-called “journalists” aren’t worthy of the name. They see their job as regurgitating the propaganda/talking points handed to them by the politicos rather than as an adversarial role. Which BTW is the same way the politicians view the media’s job. Which is why Sharron Angle could unashamedly state [when running against Harry Reid] -

    “We wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer, so that they report the news the way we want it reported.”

    Kinsley is working for The Ministry of Truth. And has learned to love Big Brother. He wants you to as well.

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    Net Neutrality was championed by President Barack Obama as a policy worth fighting for.

    Yeah he “championed” net neutrality the same way he “championed” the public option. Meh.

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    with an increasing wealth gap only a small group of Americans matter in that system. The plutonomy has overtaken the republic.

    True, but that didn’t happen in the last 10 years – it’s been the case for over 100 years or since at least Golden Age of plutocracy during the late 19th century. Since then it’s been a more or less continuous struggle for control of the government between the people and the plutocrats. And most of that time the plutocrats have been winning.

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    This is truly a triumph of bipartisanship.

    If that is you define “bipartisanship” in the classic Liebermanian fashion, i.e., two parties getting together to screw the public.

    That’s exactly how the Villagers define it.

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    Perhaps the left is uninterested in revolution (or even developing a viable third party electoral challenge to the status quo) because that would mean that they would actually have to take responsibility for something and come up with solutions to our many problems.

    A “viable” 3rd party …? The fact is the Green Party has been [...]

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    Belabor away, DS.


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    Anyone who hopes it to fail is relegating millions of people to medical horror stories.

    I’m sorry but that’s going to happen in any case. For one thing millions of people still won’t – by design- have insurance or access to affordable care even if the ACA “succeeds”. For another, since the business model of the for-profit insurance companies – to whose tender mercies the ACA is consigning additional millions – depends for profit on the denial of health care, not the provision of it, horror stories – which pre-existed Obamacare – will continue. The largest number of medical bankruptcies in the US btw are filed by people who had insurance.

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    If ACA fails that is no reason to have to wait 50 years for single-payer.

    The reason we’re waiting – and will likely continue to wait – is the same as it has been. The plutocrats that own the political system don’t need it and don’t want to pay the taxes to support it. I expect they’ll continue to spend as much as it takes to ensure the political outcome they want.

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    I vote for failure.

    I tend to sympathize with your position. The problems with the rollout are the least of the ACA’s problems. The Affordable Care Act fails on both affordability and care. Rather than providing care, it attempts to get people buy insurance policies from for-profit insurers. The standard “silver” plans have premiums and deductibles running in the thousands of dollars. Which is an unaffordable amount for much of the intended audience of uninsured. Meanwhile, because many states refused the Medicaid expansion [thanks to SCOTUS] millions more low-income people will continue to find insurance unaffordable. Unfortunately, they passed it and we’re stuck with it for the forseeable future. If “failure” meant that it got tweaked to the point that we got something far closer to what we should have had in the first place – i.e. single-payer – that would be great. Since Obama, Durbin, and other DEMs have already jumped on the GOP’s bandwagon for cutting our existing single-payer plan – Medicare – that seems unlikely. At least in what remains of my lifetime. Eventually we might get there because TINA. But that seems a long way off.

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    Hard to believe how old that music is, isn’t it?

    Old? Yes and so are you if you can remember it. I first heard Cream when I was 19 and I turned 65 in June. @dakine01-

    I continue to be dumbfounded at the words and actions of people who think nothing of cutting funds for the elderly [...]

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    Obama has already signaled that he won’t use the 14th amendment, platinum coin or other mechanism to to take the debt limit gun out of the GOP’s hand. Absent that, regardless of what happens in the short run, there doesn’t seem to be any way out of the endless budgetary loop we’ve been running since Obama first capitulated to Republican demands in 2011. The only way this stops other than Obama reversing course and ignoring the debt limit is to let the Republicans take the country over the cliff – resulting in such a catastrophe that the GOP declines to repeat the experience – or the Dems take back the House in 2014 and repeal the debt limit. Which seems extremely far-fetched at this point. Of course it’s unclear that Obama even desires to take the debt limit gun out of the GOP’s hand as retaining it allows him to give them everything HE wants – i.e. his “Grand Bargin” – you know, “for the good of the country”. The next few weeks will tell us what kind of country we’re going to be living in for the forseeable future. We live in interesting times.

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    It’s not like we don’t have a GOP blueprint for this kind of behavior.

    Yeah – what we lack is a blueprint for Obama and the Dems standing up to it. It remains to be seen whether we’ll get one.

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    Anyone here expecting the Tea-publicans to suffer from this – or a US default it it comes to that – are engaging in wishful thinking IMHO. Thanks to the 2010 gerrymandering it’s essentially impossible for the GOP to lose by going too far to the right. There is no “too far”. There are basically 2 Americas – and they don’t live in ours.

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    Our lizard overlords are going to keep distracting us from the real problems until they kill us all.

    If we’re too stupid to survive then we won’t.

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    This game will continue until middle income voters demand action and vote strictly on the wide range of economic interests they have in common.

    Not only is there no sign that “middle income voters” are about to make any such demand, it’s difficult to see how they would do so – other than take to the streets en masse – if they were so inclined. Clearly, continuing to vote for the candidates proffered by our two major parties isn’t going to make a difference. Change – if it is going to come – is going to have to be organic IMHO – i.e. the result of of a changing of the American mind – particularly the conservative mind – about the role of government in the economy and the efficacy of “capitalism” as a vehicle for providing what Mill called “the greatest good for the greatest number”. Maybe even before that, we need a change in the Americans’ fetishistic worship of the individual so that we can get back to a concept of common purpose for the common good – as opposed to what my father used to refer to as “every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost” as “the hindmost” is rapidly becoming everyone not part of the 1%.

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