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    I see he’s keeping Fred Hiatt, so there will be war-cheering and granny starving.

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    Without knowing much about about tweets, I thought while reading this, “What if ‘CC’ is just the common appreviation for ‘copy to others’? Does AP have a Tweeter-er named “Ibid” or “Op cit”?

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    Are those kids rolling doobies in that conversation pit? Looks like it to me. Pretty soon one of them will pick up that Spanish guitar and sing “Puff, the Magic Dragon.”

    Those were the days.

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    Golf. I have Scottish forebears, who might have, when they weren’t starving might have knocked a ball around the moors. The grandfather fought on the battleship Arizona in the first war and tried to reenlist for the second. Golf for him was on public courses in C’scago. If he had any thoughts about Mickelson, it would’ve been, “Here’s a nickle I’ve pulled out of my grandson’s ear, FUCK YOU you worthless piece of shit.”

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    Investment income of $35,000 requires an investment of $350,000 if one earns a 10% return, which is unheard of these days, unless you’re “investing” in narcotics transactions. A more realistic 4% return requires $875,000. I guess the single mom’s late husband carried a lot of life insurance.

    That doesn’t explain the single woman, whose $25,000 investment income, at 4%, means she’s socked away $625,000. That might be realistic for a single woman in her late 50′s.

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    Well, she’s already scared off Jim DeMint, so that’s a good start.

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    Don’t be so modest. You also side-lined St. Tebow with that elbow to the ribs.

  • Here in our little corner of Ryandia, we have a news reader who hails from Florida and loves her Tebow. So funny to watch her face as the sports and weather guys wax on about Aaron Rodgers. BTW Rodgers and Braun did a fund raiser fir the latest NRA/Scalia perversion of the 2nd amendment in Brookfield, WI, where they own a restaurant. Good guys, without the Jebus-kneeling (but maybe ‘roids?)

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    She’s going to humanize Mitt? Sorry, but Chris Christy already gave away the game: everyone is going to have to suffer a little. Those who have gained a lot will suffer a little. Those who have lost everything will suffer a lot. The Big Boy can’t keep his mouth shut: the blind, the disabled, the old and the poor? – you get to suffer some more.

    Oh, and the Ginormous One thinks Romney maybe shouldn’t have drifted over into birther land.

    Ann could offer a lifetime supply of Xanax to every citizen and she couldn’t undo what the Governor of Bacon unleashed this morning.

    That undoing, of course, will be up to the Democrats. Fumble this one, guys, and you’re going back to reserves.

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    A bunch of baby strollers. Empty baby strollers. Damn it, this means something…

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    I concur, definitely bullshit. My dad struggled through the Depression, improved his lot over that of his parents, and became as conservative as any Republican of the 50′s and 60′s. He would drive us around town, pointing out the big houses with the fancy cars. But unlike the fantasy dads Preibus and Rubio, what he said was, “See that house? They don’t own that. The bank owns it. They’re one paycheck away from being out on the street. That Cadillac, they don’t own that, the bank does. Miss a payment and they’ll be walking.” Along came the recession in the early 70′s and bingo, those houses were on the market. The deli went out of business because those folks didn’t pay off the big tabs they’d run up.

    Real conservatives don’t love people with big houses and fancy cars. They love savers, who shun credit and pay cash, who own the stuff they use. And they know how hard it is to make enough to afford the trappings of today’s wealthy without cheating.

    Tea Party Republicans aren’t conservatives. They’re uninformed, scared, and angry. And easily led around by their prejudices.

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    Judith Crist died? Now I’ll never know what to think of “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

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    And I love the idea of Presidential Candidate Boudou. Drifting away from the party that hated him, then loved him, then left him adrift.

    If I were Mitt Romney, I would right now buy a ranch in Montana and retire there with Rafalca. Spend my time sending hate notes clipped out of supermarket shoppers to Harry Reid

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    Gov. 38% might want to ask her fellow South Carolinians (Stephen Colbert, represent!) what more they were expecting other than dust and deflated balloons. And yes, balloons of straw. C’mon kids, get in line for the 2012 Republican Party favors!

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    “Health Shuler,” is that like an Orthodox Jewish medical professor?

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    Figures he hopes Willard proves no white man can beat that Kenya Musselman, that is.

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    So, Johnny’s rooting for Michelle Bachman VP 2012. Figures.

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    Read both articles. The comments at The Wall Street Journal are cesspool worthy, for sure. Take sanitizer along if you go there. It’s like all the Little Green Footballers of 5 years ago, and today, Freepers, decided to sign on.

    But the Daily Mail on-line, there’s a real class act. Hard-hitting political bedwetting alongside cheesecake photos. Better take brainwash along with sanitizer when you go.

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    I can only conclude that these guys got the date of April Fools Day wrong.

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    I’m a doctor and if Fat Tony and the Mob kill ACA, I would personally and professionally be better off moving to Canada.

    Killing ACA will never lead to single payer. Keeping ACA alive could eventually lead to single payer when we got tired of wasting money on insurance middle-men. But kill ACA and here’s what Fat Tony will bequeath us:

    More of the same. Can’t afford your health care bills? Don’t incur them, or if you do, don’t pay them, and if you don’t pay them, declared bankruptcy. And on the upside, if you’re rich and famous and 71, some dead person will give you the heart you never had.

    The ACA was a seriously compromised bill, but if the corporate shoe-licking Roberts court can’t uphold it for the sake of all those insurance company personnel who suck up health care dollars without providing any actual health care, then surely the Supreme Court is a wholly subsidiary of the Koch Brothers.

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