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    Started reading Tbogg because he was the only other Happy Mondays fan I knew. Now where do I go?

  • Oh yeah, America’s Worst Mother… what happened to her, anyway?

    Last I heard, she got knocked up again. Scribbled something about going to Paris for a multiple-murder-suicide, or whatever.

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    Best I could do, alphabetical by artist:

    Sukie in the Graveyard — Belle & Sebastian
    American Life in the Summertime — Francis Dunnery
    Saturday Morning — Eels
    Lay Down the Law — G. Love and Special Sauce
    Victoria — The Kinks
    Soul Gravity — The Lab Rats
    Feels So Good — Chuck Mangione
    Too Drunk to Fuck — Nouvelle Vague (cover)
    No Kid — Urban Dance Squad
    Transdermal Celebration — Ween

    I like my upbeat, nostalgic, and boner-inducing music. There, I said it.

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    My player’s shuffle hasn’t been shuffling correctly, so I’ve been listening in alphabetical order by song title. I’m in the “T” songs right now, specifically songs that start with “The”:

    The Mollusk – Ween
    The Old Days – Dr. Dog
    The Only One I Know – The Charlatans
    The Rabbit, The Bat, and the Reindeer – Dr. Dog
    The Saga. – The Libertines
    The Things That I Used To Do – G. Love and Special Sauce
    The World People Together – The Dandy Warhols
    There’s No Other Way – Blur
    These Days – Luxury
    Things Are What You Make of Them – Bishop Allen
    Three Days – Jane’s Addiction

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    I’ve long thought Mickelson to be an extremely nonathletic looking athlete. He’s a sack of potatoes on stilts.

    And I wonder if his tax bitching is a side effect of the resentment over-40 golfers have toward how the PGA has changed. Until fairly recently, it was the only remaining sport that could be dominated by doughy whitebreads. In the 1990′s, there were still “professionals” chomping cigars as they played.

    Phil should be thankful for the more athletic, better looking players that dominate the sport today, because they’re why his also-ran paychecks have grown so much.

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    My only complaint about the film adaptation of Jack Reacher is that they completely cut Tom Bombadil from the story.

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    I saw Jack Reacher last weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it. That closeted religious nut sure makes some damn entertaining films.

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    Don’t ask us, ask the Internet:
    (Obama’s are broken up into several pages, so you’ll need to click more than once — hope you can handle it)

    And Tbogg, that photo. That expression. It’s like Joe’s saying, “I’m a douchebag and I know it.”

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    My wife and I have different tastes in books, and we both enjoyed Life of Pi. It’s not one of my all-time favorites, but it was a fun read. And I thought its final “why we have religion” message was actually pretty cool.

    After seeing the trailers, neither of us want to see the movie. I think it’s going to have the same problems that film adaptations like Hitchhiker’s Guide or Lord of the Rings had. These books don’t have solid story arcs — they’re essentially just series of fantastic events. So the films pile on spectacle to make up for a lack of story.

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    When Obama said “please proceed,” it produced that sudden holy-crap-something-awesome-or-horrible-is-about-to-happen feeling that occurs whenever an NFL offense runs the flea flicker. Everyone leans forward and waits for the carnage.

    It did not disappoint.

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    If Gore was treated this well, he would have won.

  • No matter how the Jets lose, we’ll still get to point at Rex Ryan and laugh.

    But I do love the idea of replacing Sanchez with Tebow, sometime in the third quarter. It reminds me of when as a teenager, my friends and I played Backyard Boxing (using real boxing gloves and a makeshift ring). I was losing and thought, “I’ll switch to southpaw, just like Rocky!”

    It was the last thing I remember from that fight.

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    I thought Obama’s fighting name was “The Islamic Shock”?

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    I don’t have the data to back this up…

    Then don’t make the assertion. Any Nader voters who thought Obama was a True Progressive were damn fools for at least two elections. During the 2008 campaign, Obama clearly laid out a rather centrist agenda, and has been working with a Congress that moved from center-right to crazy-right.

    However, he does have a surprisingly accessible political team, who take advantage of all the high-tech gadgetry and social media and stuff, and many team members have more progressive views than Obama. Why don’t you make your argument to them, rather than wanking in some blogger’s comment section?

    He just might hear you! Nobody here will be passing along your complaints, though.

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    “Reformed lawyer”? “Cambridge Coffee shop crowd”? What the fuck are these people talking about?

    At least when teenagers use their insider catchphrases, I can look them up on Urban Dictionary.

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    If she were starting her own business (using her parents’ money, of course) then yeah, go for it! Or, like more mature aspiring politicians her age, she could start with local politics, and really make a difference.

    But as unglamorous as a state senator sounds, it’s really not something she should jump into fresh out of law school. Especially since her website and bio screams “My entire life experience consists of being told how awesome and wonderful I am and how I can do anything I want and I’m perfect and I’ve been sheltered from everything bad in the world and I own 4 iPads!”

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    That fake tan… that eyeliner… that head tilted forward with a crooked smile. Every damn photo.

    So, she decided to go with the “Keith Richards, Pirate” look?

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    And this is the #1 reason why I hate our crappy media. It’s too easy for right wing hacks to portray every act of incompetence into a vast liberal conspiracy.

    Just say “ABC sucks at their job” and move on.

  • “an understanding that nerds — Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs et al. — get things done”

    Is the Sweaty Marshmallow trying to claim Romney is a nerd? To be listed anywhere near the three nerds above, you have to develop some kind of popular technology (and it doesn’t hurt to give billions of dollars to charity).

    Not only has Romney not created any product ever in his career, but he’s the very definition of an anti-nerd. Romney is the guy who, at the end of a nerd movie, gets his comeuppance by having manure dumped on his head before being pushed in the swimming pool by his now ex-girlfriend.

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    According to Wikipedia, it took place from May 14 to September 17, 1787 — Spring AND Summer.

    So, they’re both wrong. Hah!

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