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  • “They deserve to suffer the consequences of their bad decisions.”

    That’s kinda the point; for 300 years, we had a system which was the envy of the world which determined consequences. Now, inside of a dozen years, we don’t.

    >At the same time, banks and mortage lenders who committed fraud should be prosecuted up the ass and those affected receive restitution. This is a separate issue and should not be conflated with mortgage write-downs (i.e. handouts to dumbshits).

    Nice try, but they’re inextricably tied together. Systemic breakdown, systemic fix. And the criminal justice system is the last way to do it.

  • New York, as well …

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    Grew up with it, parents were educators and team sports, esp. football, were a way to show solidarity with the school and community. The sights, sounds, gathering on Friday night are memorable. I do understand the attraction.

    OTOH, every single person I know who excelled to the point of playing college football has successfully steered their sons away from football. Most of them had athletic kids, but none wanted them playing football, and either directly (as in ‘take up another sport’) or indirectly, not a single one ended up with a kid playing football, even at the kids level.

    Most didn’t get all philosophical about it, the judgement was practical. The odds of screwing up head or knees, and having to deal with it for a lifetime, are just too high.