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    Sure thing, Mr. Boner! We wait to see YOUR KIDS at the front of the line in combat boots!

  • drack37 commented on the blog post War Cry

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    Jesus Christ, pal, get some help—-”having sex with our women-folk and voting Democrat….” I suggest that you duct-tape yourself deep in a cave with all your guns and pornography, and we’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out!

  • “…Muhsin al-Fadhli, a former member of Osama Bin Laden’s inner-circle who was intimately involved in 9/11….” Gee, that’s news, since not even the FBI claimed that OBL was involved in 9/11. This must mean that like OBL, he’s an intimate friend of the Bush Crime Family?

  • drack37 commented on the diary post Once There Was a Way to Get Back Home by Isaiah 88.

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    Thanks for this. You hit my feelings on the head. I’m almost 60 and my country has been at war every single year of my life. I’m sick to death of this. I’m ashamed of it, since it’s all so needlessly fucking stupid. And the “leaders” and business creeps who play along with it should [...]

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    Thompson is fun and refreshing for awhile, and then he’s just foolish, empty and tiresome. Which is probably why he ended as he did. When the adolescent glee wore off, there just wasn’t enough in there to either write about or live on.

  • The Bush Crime Family Legacy just keeps on giving—

  • drack37 commented on the diary post Colbert Swallows the Hill-Pill by patrick devlin.

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    Hard to know what’s more puke-worthy, Colbert’s howler-monkey audiences or Shillary’s fake laugh. Times are so bad that my “comfort” is knowing that Shillary is going to lose her run for Prez. No progressive with a brain can possibly vote for her, while the right wing nuts will turn out for their man (literally) in [...]

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    News Flash for Dimocraps—Party’s over. You have sold your souls to Wall Street for money and it shows in every move you make. Obomber is the true essence of the DNC, and if you think genuine progressives are going to turn out for Shillary for more of same, you are in for a real shock. The whole 2-party duopoly is good for nothing but anti-progress. Meanwhile Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders sign on for more international Zionist crime—the hell with all of you.

  • drack37 commented on the diary post Surely Not to Live in Pain and Fear by Isaiah 88.

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    You have to be blind, deaf and stupid to imagine that America is a free country. Just look at the mainstream media—never before has any instrumentality gathered together such truth-mocking, spineless, stupid and counter-productive voices and materials. America’s entire “culture” is one big soulless “tease” to make you watch commercials, which are the one and [...]

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    Surfing TV yesterday I saw CNN report the same headline—that 2 children a week are shot to death unintentionally. Which, in classic brain-dead CNN fashion, implies that others are shot “intentionally.” OK, but how many?

  • drack37 commented on the diary post Scientists Predict Increased Rain, Floods for Northeast by brasch.

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    Christ, you could hardly do more damage if you were conducting a deliberate program to fuck up the Earth in every way. Of course, in many places, that’s just what they’re doing. Thanks again, Mistah Biznizzman, making everything better every day!

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    Henry James said it best—-Poe is a symptom, not an achievement. His work is the sadomasochistic, blood-and-death-loving writhing of the American soul, hollowed out by money into a sexual dance of futility, numbness and death; and that’s why so many Americans still dig it. Poe “the jingle man” was a god-awful poet even in his [...]

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    “If I had a box just for wishes/ and dreams that had never come true,/ the box would be empty except for the memory of how/ they were answered by you….”

  • Which doesn’t even mention how much censorship is imposed by BUSINESS, let alone government! One filthy blood-soaked planet-murdering hand trying to wash the other—

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    “David Brooks is a pretentious putz.” I thought this was a news story.

  • Hillawy—-Such an accomplished and dedicated imperial liar that she herself can’t keep track of them all, a kind of walking quintessence of the DNC/GOP duopoly. Good God, she makes the word “odious” seem like a compliment.

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    Hi, I’m Ted, a psychotic egomaniac with delusions of dictatorial grandeur. I’m helping corporations rape the planet to death at record speed, and I’ll put anybody who objects to that in jail, creating millions of jobs!

  • Yeah, well let this CREEP come to my university and I’ll piss down his neck, job or no job.

  • drack37 commented on the blog post All of the ‘evil and dirty’ things that the gays do

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    Who’s in charge? Why, Lewis Black’s “Gay Banditos,” of course! As he says in a great bit on YouTube, they roam the US in a van, looking for the homes of sweet hetero families in front of whom they all have sex, thus destroying family after family.

  • Almost as funny as Obomber invoking international law. Remember how he told us that if we’d forget the public option, “health” corporations would agree to charge us maybe a trillion $$ less over the next 10 years? What a lovely number to pull out of one’s ass! While you’re making it up, why not make it $10 trillion? Oh, Lord, how did my country become a disgrace in just about every human endeavor?

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