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  • “They don’t attack us for what we do. They attack us for who we are,” Cotton declared. Right, senator! Just keep on floating that piece of shit lie–it’s not our own policies and actions (this in total defiance of every public poll etc. on record), it’s because we’re God’s favorites, heroes of freedom, guardians of truth! What a sewer Congress is. A vicious, ignorant, narcissistic, imperial sewer. Hang your heads, Americans, these are your “leaders.”

  • I’m glad that so many people see right through this—-”All of a sudden” Obomber wants these progressive changes, now that he’s sure that none of it has a prayer of getting past the GOP dinosaurs. Yeah, vote DNC because that’s where “hope” is? What a fucking insult from the Democrooks! To which I say right back, FUCK YOU TOO.

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    Israel has promised a full and fair investigation that will prove Dershowitz innocent.

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    If people really think government is their biggest problem, I wonder why? BECAUSE BUSINESS AND PROFIT HAVE BOUGHT THEIR GOV’T OUT FROM UNDER THEM and turned it against citizens in favor of corporations. Get corporate money out of politics and then see where people locate their biggest problem. For when business and gov’t turn against democracy the word is Fascism. And there is no crime they will not commit.

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    Have lived in Greece for years at a time. Studies show that while Germans work about 1000 hrs/year, Greeks work 1500, and that fits with years of observing their daily labors. Now they’re starting to wake up to what really happened and what they can do under their own power. Years ago, French and German banks and weapons-makers used corrupt Greek pols to arrange “loans” so Greece could buy their own weapons (in needless fear of Turkey). Banks well-knew Greece could never pay it back—it was a colonizer’s trap, that’s all. And it failed, so “austerity” is just another way to steal others’ wealth. Meanwhile a 2012 study by the EU Business Association showed that Greece has dozens of products ranked #1 in the EU, plus tourism. So this will be Greece’s real chance to lead the way out of the banksters’ dreams of eternal slavery. They’ve got to stand on the value of what they have and produce. As Thucydides said, “The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom, courage.”

  • Honing the skills of murder for political ends.

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    Since being Jewish is a set of practices and not a gene or matter of race, what about people whose forebears were practicing Jews but they do not practice it? What will measure sufficient practice to get your civil rights? If you’re an Eskimo and convert to Judaism, you can go to Israel and have full rights while an Arab whose family lived and worked on the land for centuries cannot? And America will just go on supporting this? Maybe no surprise, since America and Israel look more alike every day, and they will reap the same whirlwind for it.

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    So now good ol’ capitalism—the heaven of “free resources” gotten by war and the “ideal” of slave labor—has come full circle back to the mainstream population to do what it has always been doing to peoples outside the colony wall. Our “prosperity helmets” kept America from hearing the screams and seeing the planetary destruction for [...]

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    While indeed Renault broke important ground in her fiction for the reasons detailed here, she also—in “The King Must Die” and “The Bull from the Sea”—perpetuated and popularized a great deal of false history and stereotypical ideas about women, men and early Western civilization. For example, her portrait of Minoan Crete—the longest, most advanced, most [...]

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    So here we go—The Empire is about to try on its Stupid Hat again and see if Stupid doesn’t fix everything (the GOP way) this time! Any bets?

  • Bibi doesn’t want to give Palestinians “false hopes”—yeah, he’s worried about them feeling disappointed because he has no intention whatsoever of doing anything but clearing them off the land for God’s people (himself).

  • It’s OK, they’re just criticizing the country that claims to have given the world ethics while spitting on international law and ethnically cleansing a landscape of everything that isn’t themselves.

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    Very well said.

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    Over the years I’ve worked proudly on documenting what my father and uncles and their fellows did for the sake of human freedom in WWII (“Family Veterans” at Ancientlights.org). And exactly because of that respect I’ve waited years for an article like this to ask its question. For the “volunteers” of the armed forces of [...]

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    Jakes’ only achievement was in sending millions of trees to the shredder.

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    Sure thing, Mr. Boner! We wait to see YOUR KIDS at the front of the line in combat boots!

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    Jesus Christ, pal, get some help—-”having sex with our women-folk and voting Democrat….” I suggest that you duct-tape yourself deep in a cave with all your guns and pornography, and we’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out!

  • “…Muhsin al-Fadhli, a former member of Osama Bin Laden’s inner-circle who was intimately involved in 9/11….” Gee, that’s news, since not even the FBI claimed that OBL was involved in 9/11. This must mean that like OBL, he’s an intimate friend of the Bush Crime Family?

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    Thanks for this. You hit my feelings on the head. I’m almost 60 and my country has been at war every single year of my life. I’m sick to death of this. I’m ashamed of it, since it’s all so needlessly fucking stupid. And the “leaders” and business creeps who play along with it should [...]

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    Thompson is fun and refreshing for awhile, and then he’s just foolish, empty and tiresome. Which is probably why he ended as he did. When the adolescent glee wore off, there just wasn’t enough in there to either write about or live on.

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