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  • drluba commented on the blog post Still Alive and Well

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    I had both wrists done in ’97, at the same time. Best move ever. I got full sensation and function back in my hands. The wrists sometimes get a bit sore if I do too much, but not often and not the sort of pain and muscle weakness I used to have.

    A friend of mine put off having hers done too long, and had permanent nerve damage. Got some function back, but not all. Says her hands sometimes feel like flippers. Luckily, she’s an internist, not a surgeon.

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    For the sinuses, get some sudafed, the real stuff they hide behind the counter and you have to sign your life away for, not that PSE crap. If your cough is non-productive (i.e. if you’re not actively clearing out your lungs of infectious crud), beg your doctor for hycodan (hydrocodone) syrup. It stops the cough like a charm. Our family depends on it this time of year.

    And you can never go wrong with chicken soup and garlic; bonus anti-vampire properties.

    My personal cold remedy/comfort measure has always been Constant Comment tea with lots of lemon and a sweetener of your choice.

    Get well soon.

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    Traveling south of the Mason Dixon line. That $25 I spent for 6 months of Sirius is proving well worth it. Not just for radio in the car, but as a replacement for motel TV watching–CNN and Fox only. Arrgh.

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    would prohibit abortions after 18 weeks, a date determined by the ‘first day of the mother’s last menstrual period’ (a neat bit of timing, since effectively it could easily not only be pre-conception, but pre-twinkling in teh eye as well)

    That is the standard way pregnancies are dated in the medical literature and in current medical practice. In pre-ultrasound days that was the only real parameter that we had (last menstrual period), and changing it now would only confuse things.

    It is not an issue. The rest of the damn bill is.

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    From the comments at Big Whatever. The paranoia runs deep.

    *Watch Hannity tonight, TheTruth, for the whole tape. Sean promised it then.

    *Not so sure I trust Fox to release anything with out a left slant. They have really changed.

    *I agree, Fox has moved to the left. Obviously Soros has gotten to Murdock and scared him off. Now they are pandering to the left audience. Just look, Fox fires Glenn Beck, then hires George Soros’ mouth piece Sally Cohn. I can barely listen to Fox anymore, it sickens me that they are becoming MSNBC lite.

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    We took out the Yankees.

    We took out Tebow.

    You’re welcome.

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    Sir, you appear to be snark-impaired. I don’t think TBogg is saying what you think he is saying………

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    “But the American government did NOT intervene in Rwanda.”

    I think that was my point.

    “For that matter, why are you so righteously indignant about this, but not so much about the declining standards of living of your fellow American citizens? What about OUR poor, OUR homeless, OUR destroyed lives right here in the USA?”

    How do you know that I’m not? Seriously, non sequitur much?

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    OT, but TBogg is stating a mini-way next door. The Firebaggers have found a new Mumia…..

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    Damn. Just damn. Do you people know ANYTHING about the LRA? And do you care?

    I suppose you all think it was a great thing that we kept out of Rwanda. I mean, imagine the slippery slope there. It’s better to just talk about how horrible these things are but stay above the fray with your small circle of friends……

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    Welcome back. Your snark has been missed.

    Other than that, I ve got nothing, except to say I love Barbara Ehrenreich. (Apostrophe not working for me. Is it me, or is it FYWP?)

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    Good on you, TBogg! You are loved and appreciated. Know that.

    And yes, Nader sucks. Big time.

    (Did you know that formatting gets shot all to hell if you edit? FYWP)

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    That sounds like my blogroll, give or take a Bartcop and Pharyngula. I miss the Horse, the Editors, Jon Swift, and other bloggers who have fallen by the wayside.

    Good on you, TBogg! You are loved and appreciated. Know that.

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    Not a practice as such (I’m not licensed in India), but I volunteer at a hospital in Vellore town that serves the poor people there. We (the Indian docs and I) have organized a labour unit, and run an antenatal clinic and provide postpartum care. My job is education (training staff, particularly the nurse-midwives and new docs) and writing protocols. It’s a great gig, and makes me feel useful.

    It is against the law, in India, for any ultrasonographer to reveal the gender of a fetus to patients (or their relatives, etc.). We follow the law, but there are many who don’t. Ultrasound machines can be bought fairly cheaply, and it’s not that hard to learn how to identify genitalia, even for non-medical folks.

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    Does it occur to Ross that maybe it’s the urban, well-educated stratum of society who can afford to have the genetic testing and pay the abortion doctor, and maybe not the poor who live on about $2.50 a day?

    The abortions are done based on an inexpensive (but illegal) ultrasound, often performed too early to actually detect gender (not genetic testing). The ultrasonographer will refer to an abortionist, often getting a kickback for this. Families will gladly pay for all of this, even poor ones. (Medical care is much, much cheaper in India. My hospital there charges about $1-2 for a legal ultrasound. Abortion can be performed with medications, which are also inexpensive, although even the procedures are not that costly.)

    And there is a often a difference in the quality of care children receive. I have seen families unwilling to pay for care for premature baby girls, but go all out to try and save a very sick (and potentially non-viable) baby boy.

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    Ewwwwww. Are you trying to ruin Robyn Hitchcock for me?

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    Love the Civil Wars; bought their new album after listening to their free download (of a live show).

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    Octavia Butler–the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant (and only one, as far as I can determine). Lilllith’s Brood trilogy is good, so is Parable of the Sower.

    Russel’s The Sparrow was interesting : Jesuits in space.

    Pretty much anything by Iain M. Banks, but Player of Games is brilliant. (For Banks, stick to the stuff he writes with a middle initial. Without it, it’s not Sci-fi, albeit still well-written.) Terry Bisson, although his forte is stories, not novels. Bears Discover Fire is a favorite. Has she read A Canticle for Leibowitz? It was basic high school reading in my day, but that was long ago, in the age of true atomic paranoia…….

    Ditto on LeGuin, Dark Materials, Good Omens, Mote……