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    Nice guess, but Wichita State notwithstanding, the #Shocker tag is a reference to fun on the Appalachian Trail, aka “Two in the Blue Ridge, one in the Great Smoky.” More adventurous types can experiment with the Delaware Water Gap.

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    McMegan has many skillets

    Shouldn’t that be “McMegan haz mad skilletz, yo”? Because, reasons.

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    “Juvenile Pink” is the name of my Runaways cover band.

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    #4, definitely. I’m surprised that his speedbumpy corpse wasn’t turned into the HindenBart to begin with. Noxious effluent was his specialty, so he should have been self-inflating (not a euphemism).

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    Damn you, I choked on the mouthful of Jewbelation 15 I had! Did not spray it; no way I was going to waste that marvelous nectar.

    Well done.

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    World’s Worst Mother II: The Worsening?

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    I am shocked, shocked! that no one has mentioned Charlie Stross yet. Accelerando, Glasshouse, and Halting State are all excellent. And the “Laundry” series are a wonderful combination of espionage and Cthulhu.

    Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede and Blackburn, Bradley Denton

    The Book of the New Sun, Gene Wolfe

    Anything, anything at all by America’s Treasure, Howard Waldrop.

    And Toast: That’s not Sturgeon’s Law, that’s Sturgeon’s Revelation. Sturgeon’s Law is “Nothing is always absolutely so.”

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    I demand independent verification that any Palin is actually lefthanded! As a congenital southpaw, I doubt anyone on that family knows which is which.