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  • I guess there is some information at the EPA site.


    There are a couple of fact-sheets on dealing with mold, PDFs in both English and Spanish. Actually, there is a fair amount of good information there. What specific products are we trying to source US/Union made? Goggles, gloves, bleach? Bleach concentration has gone down in the past couple of decades… a bottle of ‘bleach’ is now 7%? bleach i think. There are a couple of websites that promote Union Made that i could consult… Googling ‘Union Made products’ yields many results. Seems like drywall might be a problem though…


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    Michelle, how many of the other major computing companies self-audit and make public the results? How many other computing companies tout their environmental and social practices? (I know HP and Sony do…) It’s fair to criticize Apple, but it demands criticizing the industry as a whole. Profit margins aside, Apple and other companies that produce [...]

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    I actually don’t think that’s true. We don’t have the production capacity, we also don’t produce any of the raw materials or make any of the parts anymore. Why do you believe we could make iPhones here?

  • I don’t know, are you? I have an interest, which is why i read the Dissenter at FDL regularly. Why are you here?

  • Was it Fox news claiming Lieberman as a Democrat? Because he aint one, that’s fer sure…


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    Thanks for being here David…

    How politically active are you? Do you find soldiers to be in general interested or not interested in questioning why they are there?

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    Celery likes wet feet and lots of mulch! If you leave it to grow without mulch, it’ll become very green. Store celery tastes very different from stuff grown at home. If you want ‘straight stalks’ tie them together when they are strong enough to handle it… i usually use a torn in strips t-shirt. Off [...]

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    Thanks so much for including us Veggies! During holidays, i often make a nutloaf and thick veggie gravy. It has cheese and egg in it… so a no go for vegans, but it is delish. Sometimes i’ll go for the Quorn loaf if i’ve not got a lot of time (still with the gravy of course)… if you haven’t tried Quorn, it’s the best faux meat i’ve ever tasted. Even my dad will eat it.

    Garedening today… getting a truckload of horse hockey today to spread under my fruit trees!

    Good Saturday to all!

  • So if the soldiers don’t get paid, that means the contractors won’t get paid either, right?

    I hope the general public realizes what’s at stake here and doesn’t fall for the corporate line. Good news that Beck will get the axe! But i wonder what other slimeball will take his place…

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    I remembered this bit from reading the transcript with Juan Cole on Democracy Now:

    “We just had this breaking news from the Al Jazeera reporter on Twitter. He’s saying that the prominent Egyptian opposition politician Ayman Nour was struck in the head by a rock. He’s been hospitalized, and he’s semi-conscious.”

    “Well, Nour, at that time that the memo was written, had just been released from prison by Mubarak, and he leads a relatively small middle-class reform movement. And he did dare to challenge Mubarak in the 2005 presidential elections. And as you say, the Bush administration put pressure on Hosni Mubarak to open up those elections. The elections for president in Egypt prior to that had been largely symbolic. They had been a kind of referendum. And of course, in a referendum, you can’t really lose. So, Mubarak responded to this pressure by having the constitution changed so that a number of people could run for president, not just him. And Ayman Nour was one of the ones who ran, but he had been in prison. And Mubarak let him out of prison, let him run. He got seven percent of the vote. And then Mubarak promptly jailed him again after he lost the election.”

    It’s a good interview.

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    That was the amount he sued for. Since they settled, i would imagine he got less. I would hope he got something for the “pain and suffering” caused. Tooth pain is one of the hardest to deal with…

  • Cheers, thank you. I’ll check the link until i go to bed. Listening to The Tallest Man on Earth, a song called “Little River”. Not sure why, thought i’d share. A really excellent song though…

  • Okay.

    You all have convinced me. I will sign and want to, but the link at the top of the page keeps returning “Failure To Connect To Web Server”. I’ve refreshed, to no avail. Otherwise, my intertubes seem to be working fine. Excepting the crapulence of satellites, that is…


  • I hate to be the one that thinks this… but is anyone else afraid that if they sign the petition, the government will take notice of them and sift their data more thoroughly? I’m not hiding anyhting, but i’d hate to have G-man on my ass because i’m sympathetic. Has it really come down to this?


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    Maybe they meant 60 Kpg? The wiki listing has the Diesel version getting around 50 mpg, but the other EU versions are still listed at around 30 mpg.


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    I’m really enjoying Gogol Bordello lately (Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike). You might try Between the Buried and Me (The Great Misdirect). Neither are Punk per se, but super talented bands the both of them… cheers.

  • As a follower of MassCann (and an IBS sufferer… hence MJ user), i can attest that they will be working towards getting at least a Medical MJ bill in the Mass legislature come 2012. I’m also hoping to see a ballot question on IRV, which i think would greatly improve the chances of getting true liberals into office…