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  • DrVonNagle commented on the diary post Gaza Solidarity Grows as Israel Continues Massacre by Dennis Trainor Jr.

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    And your point would be…?

    The point would be that you cannot deny that Israel rational for going after the tunnels have some value at least based on that video published by Hamas.

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    That ‘terror tunnel’ trope is getting mighty old, eCAHN…! 8-( (#4)

    FAIR chimed in today… Media Hype and Gaza’s ‘Terror’ Tunnels (#5)

    Maybe this will change your mind: Hamas Military Wing Release Video of Covert Tunnel Raid

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    Well, I remember Lakoff lamenting that only republicans and libertarians were signing up to take his seminars on the language in the 80′s, learning to frame, the use of paradoxes, metaphors…so we are talking about the same people. While you refuse to see art in what they do, I do, not for admiring them, but to be on guard against their skills. I believe education is the only way to counter them and it is the duty of everyone who understands parts of the games they play to speak out.

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    IMO it is art if organized by professionals, think tanks, focus groups, consultants…the question in my mind is the difference between performance art and kabuki theater. I believe quid pro quo is more Kabuki where both parties plot together the theater, while performance art is more things like what Carville, Rove…would plot. Meant to “win” something, and admired by the media and the opposition team.

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    I checked the site…funny since I have never used any of those arguments.

  • I believe that copyright laws should be modified to account for the nature of the Internet. People want fast and often, authors want to get paid and recognition. I would like “fair use” to be extended, and readers to be more vigilant.

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    The manual insists that they should “show empathy for BOTH sides” (caps in original) as a way of gaining credibility and trust.

    So if anyone who disagrees with you and have empathy for BOTH sides (they would probably not be at the Lake if they did not) is doing so as a “verbal trick”. I do [...]

  • Antisemitism exists and should be recognized, as well as Islamophobia, racism…all are part of the ‘rationals’ around this issue. Thank you for reminding all to keep it civil.

  • Her editorial came at the same time articles were popping out negative to Marijuana (I remember among others someone who tried to learn to fly without wings…) so i doubt it was unintentional. What they are trying to slow or stop is the “rush” in which positive information is coming out and the “rush” of voters changing the laws. The situation is getting messy, with positive feedback from Colorado…and everywhere else lawyers are starting to look at those in prison for simple possessions while it is legal in other states…

  • I think they just want to slow down the movement toward legalization probably in the hopes than in the meantime something will happen, someone famous dying (see Len Bias), accidents involving weed…(see Maureen Dowd too).

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    Unusually positive and non-abusive responses to this article – THANKS

    The tone of your article was not inflammatory, that may explain why. So many other articles just want to score points. As for your questions about the rockets, I take the cynical point that it has everything to do with anything, but the suffering of Palestinians. [...]

  • First, no idea what you are talking about, I have been mostly civil and respectful in my posts and while I have been insulted a few times, it does not bother me and I have never reported, nor would I. Insults are to me just words and I treat them as such.

    At one point, I thought maybe Dr.VonNagle was more than your standard peddler of hasbara nonsense and actually wanted to engage. Now I know better.

    If that makes you feel better about not being able to “engage”. While I enjoy verbal jousting and consider myself pretty good at it, it is never my intent on sites i like such as the Lake, even in heated discussions my goal is only to draw, never to “win”. Feel free to browse my posting history to judge for yourself. Unless I knew three years ago that i was creating an account just to be able to troll three years later , you have no ground for your insults. My posts stand on their own and I stand by them. Like anyone else I can be manipulated by faulty reasoning, wrong information, and I welcome rebuttal.

  • From what I know, unless you are very lucky, to succeed in the US (materialistically that is) you need three things, money, education, and connections. Going to college may give you education, but you are still stuck at money and connections. If you went to an Ivy league school you will get connections so you have better chances, but you may still lack the third factor, money.

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    Haha…same for me :)

  • While I agree with the article, i disagree with the title:

    Yale Professor Tells Parents Not To Send Children To Ivy League Schools

    Why remove ourselves (our children) from the pool? Yes, the game is rigged, everyone should know it. For example when Gore was running, I learned that his 4 children went to Harvard. Statistically that seems impossible unless he had perfect children, and still many perfect children get rejected. So it is legacy. If schools like Harvard graduate the leaders of tomorrow as they have done throughout history, why not push for more middle and lower class children get in. And I am not talking about revolution from the inside…I am more talking “plan B”.

  • I′m not sure what inference you drew from my paradigm, both points, but if you imagined that it involved the cynical wholesale fraud also known as the two-state solution

    What I acknowledged is that I believe that 1. Palestinians should have a state and 2. Palestinians have the rights to fight Israel.

    I do not blame Hamas for “starting it” by launching rockets. I recognize them the right to do that. In this sense I also do not blame the Israeli government for reacting, it is predictable. From there many things are being argued, such as proportionality, intent…

    As for what state it will be (number 1), 2 states, one federal state, I have no idea as other factors come in such as geo political factors (Iran, Saudi, Turkey, Egypt, the USA, Russia, the EU, China…and so on). On another post I said i was interested with a federal solution, such as Canada, Switzerland, Belgium…and i think it is an option that should be talked about more.

  • LOL…there is nothing to ignore, they say they don’t know :)

  • NYT says it is not known at this time if the hit came from Israeli army or rockets from Hamas, maybe what they mean by crossfire.

  • the People of Gaza have nothing to lose? Israel can lose everything in terms of a sound and moral society.

    Yes, I mostly agree on that. I was not trying to diminish the suffering of the people of Gaza, just fighting the political propaganda. I do not think the people in Gaza have much choice. Their choices are narrowed by their location, the political situation, their religious culture. The same can be told of Israel, even as they seem powerful. But they are not the ones doing most the suffering. I do not know the solution. I cannot accept the destruction of the Jewish state (and I intentionally say Jewish state for Israel because that is really at the heart of the debate) but Palestinians, no matter what is said of their history, the reasons they were kept as “refugees”, deserve a state. Someone mentioned a Federal System like Switzerland, Canada, Belgium…and I thought it was a hopeful idea…maybe the best.

    the more Gazans die, the more world hate increases toward Israel.

    Some could say that Israel has lost the PR war, but i believe they have lost it since the early 70′s. It is as much an existential issue for Israelis as it is for Palestinians so it is just part of the war for Israel. They thought that US educated and English speaking slick Netanyahu would be able to counter the PR…has not worked.

    I admire how you try to defend Israel?

    Thank you, and I enjoy the conversation too. I make no secret that I support a Jewish state. It does not mean that I support their government or oppose everything their government do. I try to be reasonable and use logic. I chose not to be emotional about this topic, a conscious choice. I get more emotional about topics here at home.
    I appreciate logic and reason and even more new ideas. I also have the same tendency as many to support the under-dog. If the debate was more balanced here, i probably would not comment, and for sure not comment as much. Thank you for your part in the discussion.

  • Thanks for the insults. I have been a Lake member for more than 3 years. My only handle.

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