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  • drweevil commented on the blog post Cisco Says NSA Costing Them Major Business Abroad

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    Cisco has no grounds for complains unless they can demonstrate:

    * That they didn’t cooperate with the NSA, or
    * that they did only after fighting them in court.

    I haven’t heard of either.

  • My apologies. That was in reply to spanishinquisition @6 above.Didn’t have JavaScript turned on.

  • What I don’t understand about all this is, How can Obama make changes that conflict with a law that was passed by Congress? The law appears to require something of states and the District, and yet here is Obama essentially invalidating those laws. WTF?

    As for that promise, it was never his to make. He should have known that (maybe he did?) and anyone listening should have known that.

  • Maybe, but I doubt it would work. That’s likely why he wasn’t told exactly why, and courts aren’t exactly worker-friendly these days.

  • A program of socialism for the rich that disgustingly cloaked itself under the cover of helping the common American.

    Well, well; what’s new? But hey, helping homeowners directly would have led to “moral hazzard”! Can’t have that!

    Nothing will change until we get ppl in power who don’t believe in the neoliberal ideology of the Market God. As Einstein put it, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”

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    We should also note the pattern here, so as to not repeat it. This is the same one that was used in the attempt to discredit Snowden and distract us from what really matters: he’s a narcissist, he’s a traitor, he’s a hypocrite for seeking asylum in China and Russia, etc. etc. And yet the [...]

  • drweevil commented on the diary post Russell Brand-Bashing and the Left’s Preferred Powerlessness by Nat Parry.

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    Uh, no surprise there. Tony Blair was the ultimate Blue Dog.

  • drweevil commented on the diary post Russell Brand-Bashing and the Left’s Preferred Powerlessness by Nat Parry.

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    Thanks for this. I was dismayed when I read Lennard’s article. It was freighted with two faulty assumptions: that because we like what Brand said, that we were worshipping the person, not the idea; and that identity politics is paramount, i.e. if his feminist or LGBT ideology isn’t pure then we shouldn’t “stand with him.” [...]

  • Haven’t we seen this song-and-dance before, in Syria? Given the ambiguity of who perpetrated this, it would be wise to question who benefits the most from the Western reaction, and thus who benefits most from the attack itself. But of course our elites don’t wish this questioning. They want war. As always.

  • Obama is a true-believer in the “strong medicine” austerity approach, so, perversely, he’ll only be spurred on by all those petitions that are dropped in his lap. Never mind that austerity has never worked; never mind that guys like Bill Black have totally debunked this “strong medicine” austerity crap. His plutocrat masters tell him that this is what is needed, that this is what is good for the country (read: themselves). The screams from the masses will tell him he’s on the right track. So he will persist. People need to understand this; that this isn’t a battle between the Left and the Right, between Democrats and Republicans, that this is not forced on him by the mean nasty GOP. It’s all-out class warfare, and Obama is not on our side (please; Geithner? Lew? He chose those people, not the GOP). Until we get that, the haves will have their way.

  • drweevil commented on the blog post One Phrase Washington Reporters Need to Start Using

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    They stand for staying in power, without actually having to displease their oligarchic masters. They do this by relying on folks like you to blame the Republicans, who, while truly dastardly, are useful to the Democrats in keeping you from seeing the man behind the curtain. Stop it. From now on, call the Democrats out. They could make things happen. If they want to. They don’t.

  • drweevil commented on the blog post It’s Time for MoveOn to Move and Stop Blocking Change

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    These are what I call “punch list progressives.” They have a list; items get checked, they move on (Ha!). Doesn’t matter that the item in question is Kabuki or real or anywhere in between. I just has to sound like progress. HCR? Most important legislation since the Civil Rights Act! check. The President appoints a commission? Yayyyy! 3 cheers for Teh Prezident! Check. Next item. Then when you complain to them that this president has done nothing for the people, they pull out their punch list and say “Look! He’s accomplished a lot!” When you point out that this president favors austerity in a time of recession, or is killing Americans without due process, they redefine words and quibble about the meaning of “due-process”, “cuts” and “austerity” (Chained CPI, etc.)

    I don’t understand these people at all. What do they get out of it, other than look craven, shallow, and partisan? All they appear interested in is feeling the faint warm glow of being sorta-kinda-near power. For this president and his supporters, Matthew 7:16 comes in handy: “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

  • Nancy Lanza is in no position to receive such penalties

    This is not the point. The thinking would be that the penalties would presumably be a deterrent, which she may have heeded while still alive, preventing the tragedy (and her own death).

    you wouldn’t want to take the logical step of assuming that everyone with a certain illness is a danger

    You don’t need to do this to give people the medical care they need. This would be available to everyone, and would be a boon to parents of troubled individuals, who shouldn’t have to face this burden alone, as is now the case for most of us who can’t afford much more than rent and food.

    Ultimately I don’t think this is a gun problem. Guns greatly exacerbate the problem, to be sure. But we have a culture where violence is glorified (and is the basis of our foreign policy), and social solidarity is vilified. Mix in desperate times and you’ve got a real problem. Our friends north of the border also have easy access to guns, but have one fifth of our gun homicide rate. Why would be a good question. My guess is that a more socially cohesive society with stronger social safety nets has a lot to do with this.

  • drweevil commented on the blog post Thoughts on the Newtown Elementary School Tragedy

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    We have a culture that lives the myth of redemptive violence. We worship the military. We watch shows like “24″ and go to movies like “Zero Dark Thirty.” Our morning cartoon shows routinely depict superheroes saving the world with violence. But then we recoil at horrors like the Newton massacre, and ask “why”, even as we kill children in Pakistan with our drones. We have seriously lost our way. If we can’t see that when 5-year-olds get gunned down, we will never see it.

  • Duh. No. How could we possibly expect a decision in the public interest, and not in Rice’s interest? This is more than a whiff of conflict of interest. It stinks on ice.

  • “We adhere to federal and state laws and regulations that protect the privacy of our employees…” Always those weasel words. Translation: “We protect the privacy of our employees while we’re screwing them, so we can’t talk about how we’re screwing them.”

  • drweevil commented on the blog post IMF Rejects Own Research, Backs Austerity in Portugal

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    I’m also just a little surprised that the governments of Spain, Portugal, etc. don’t go the Iceland route. Why is the Spanish government on the hook to rescue their banks? These are for the most part private banks, and if they go down it would hurt German creditors. Seems like a leverage point to me.

  • drweevil commented on the blog post IMF Rejects Own Research, Backs Austerity in Portugal

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    Here, let me fix that headline for you: “IMF Rejects Own Research, Backs Fiscally Waterboarding Portugal.” (h/t Yanis Varoufakis)

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    Also very disappointed. Refs should withdraw that concession as part of tightening the screws on owners. It’s clear the owners don’t have an answer in the scabs.

  • drweevil commented on the blog post NFL Referees Strike: Fans Must Tune Out for Labor to Succeed

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    How is this inconsistent? Does the fact that LeBron is well paid mean he can’t call for referees to be well paid? I don’t get it.

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