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  • Someone needs to donate that woman a toothbrush. Gross.

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    Yeah, well … sorry to be blunt about it like this but maybe brokering a deal between Israel and Palestine would be possible if Palestine stopped firing Iranian rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It’s just as childish and silly as sticking up your middle finger to a cop when he pulls you over. And [...]

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    I tried that in the 90s. The truth is that there will never be a third party in government, and establishing a third party does not begin with the presidency. You need to get in Congress first, or get a high-profile mayor position–anything that gets you the attention you require to be seen as an [...]

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    I wonder sometimes if these critics of social progress realize that the people they love to hate so much are actually people. When you stop focusing on the spanish so much and go up to them to start a conversation, you might be surprised at how empathetic and nice they are, and how much they contribute an alternative understanding where meanwhile everyone else is so focused on something else and too often pay lip service where it is not desired or even required. When your life turns to darkness I suppose it is easy to accept this light from some unexpected source. Personally I would rather my light not be an embraced illusion of authority. I chose to not judge people and I found that there was a certain light to me had and embraced that brought a lot of comfort in a world full of pain, and I am glad for that. I am not sure if I would still be alive today without that. That is the source of the criticism of my judgment but unfortunately even if I say it like this I truly do not believe they will listen. Hopefully I am wrong but I don’t think I am.