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    If by in next few weeks you mean after the 2014 elections, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! My bet is a couple days after the election has been decided, Obama will approve the Keystone XL pipeline. He’s already made up his mind, he knows he can’t announce it until after the elections because he’ll doom the Democratic party in the 2014 election cycle. What he doesn’t fail to recognize with his conservative policies, he’s already doomed the Democratic party. I see them as nothing more than the red-headed step children of the right and approving the pipeline won’t worsen my opinion of the Democratic party establishment or of himself! It’ll only confirm it.

  • What do you expect, he passed a CONSERVATIVE

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    Democrats keep electing these corporate Democrats to office and then scream bloody murder when they do Wall Street’s bidding. Good luck NJ when Booker screws you over for his rich benefactors. You’ll deserve every knife in the back you get! Is it too much to ask to think people should vote on the issues any more. Or do we just vote party without any knowledge of where these people stand on the issues. Booker thinks the pathway to helping the middle class lies in the hands of helping Wall Street and Big Business, SOUND FAMILIAR!!!!!

  • I realize we have a piss poor excuse for a media and press corps, but the idea a Democratic president is doing his damnest to destroy any semblance of an independent press we have left is unforgiveable to me!

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    Still think there’s a damn dimes worth a difference between the Dems and Repugs!

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    This is what I’ve been saying for years now. Conservatives are the most synical bastards on earth. They use the LGBT, Hispanic, and Black communities as sounding boards to enrage their troglodyte, knuckle dragging base. Here is another so-called conservative who’s switched on a dime on an issue these bastards have demaqogued for years now. I supposed its a good thing he changed his mind, but the bigger question is why do these people constantly sell their morals and principles down the tube for electoral success. You know he couldn’t have had a problem with Gay Marriage because he switched on a dime, once it became known to him he was destroying his son everytime he utters those infantile words against the Gay community. As Mary Griffin said in the movie Prayers for Bobby; everytime you utter gay slurs in your church’s and homes, THINK, a child may be listening. Well now Mr. Portman knows it was his child who was listening and suffering all those times. Great for the kid he took the brave route and did not do what so many young people in our society do today; commit suicide, because of the words uttered daily by these cretons. I actually have more respect for those people who really believe their crap on homosexuality, because they’re standing by their principles. But people like Portman, and half the conservatives in elective office today, they do it for pure, unadulterated greed. AND THAT’S AS SICKENING AND EVIL AS IT GETS!!!!!

  • It’s not black preachers who are the problem here. It’s conservative preachers; black, white, latino, asian; whatever the race or creed. It’s the ocnservative mindset that is desperately trying to move America back to the stone ages. What’s funny to me is Owens, in working with these cretons, seems to either be ignorant of or ignores the fact conservative white preachers are the ones who supported slavery and segragation. Those same people supported laws making it illegal for blacks and whites to marry (Loving v Virginia) and also used the bible to support their bigotry. The biggest problem is the use of religious texts to support bigotry and hatred as Conservative Evangalican Christians, Conservative Mormons, Conservative Jews, Conservative Muslims, et. al, do today against gays, as the Klan did and still do against African Americans, and any other kind of bigotry you can name. The Roman Crusades was fought on the basis of the bible granting supremacy of Romans over other races. Bigotry is bigotry. No matter what the issue is, the bible, koran, tora, or any other religious text has been the weapon of choice. Why is it that a text proclaiming to represent all the benevolence of its creator is used to propagate such hate, bigotry, and violence against the minority of the day!

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    It’s like an adult talking to the mentally unstable. It only takes one liberal economist against these leviathans to make them look as vapid as they are. Here’s a question for the intellecutally challenged to answer; with all this “confidence fairy” talk and cutting spending, lowering tax talk, How does that square with the fact [...]

  • How do we know who they’re killing or if they are indeed actually terrorists? WE DON”T! That is Jeremy’s point, we don’t know and there’s no way to find out. I want Obama to be re-elected as much as the next person, but if we are to distinguish ourselves at all from the right, we have to stick by our principles. No President, Obama, Romney, or any future president, should have the right to secretly decide the fate of any person solely and unverifiably on their own. Let me ask this question, what happens if someone you’ve known your entire life, a White person, is added to the kill list, is accused of consorting with terrorists, and a president kills them site unseen, and also kills 20 or so of their family members, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? What this policy points out to me about liberals and progressives, one, the team aspect of foreign policy (my side is right, their side is wrong, damn the principle and loss of lives involved), and two, the racist attitudes that exist in the Democratic party, because it seems that as long as the persons being killed have an Arab name and live in far off countries, then the hell with them, as long as our guy wins.

    I fully understand the ramifications of a Romney presidency, especially where the Supreme Court is concerned. But if we are going to continue to support and elect a Democrat who governs and leads no differently than the conservatives on foreign policy, what’s the point. Other than the Supreme Court, can you really say any of the economic, health, foreign, or fiscal policies put forth by Obama are any different than a Romney presidency? No you can’t, and yet we fully support them anyway. We on the left have lost our way, and that’s why Obama feels he can veer as far to the right as he wants, and there’s no price to pay. As much as I disregard the right’s approach to governing and their support of their candidates, at least their candidates know there’s a price to pay for veering to the left too much. Our politicians on the left actively run away from the left and we still keep silent, and have all these meetings complaining in silent for fear of hurting Obama or other Democratic politicians.

    Have you people who support Obama unquestioningly considered that if for once we stood up and demanded he be the man of principle he claimed to be when he won, that he just might do so, and in turn, that might make his road to re-election just that much easier. There’s a reason the lefts’ base is so depressed, and it ain’t because we think Obama’s hasn’t been tough enough on terrorists, it’s because there are too many progressives and liberals who are accept his dissing of his base, constantly adopting conservative policies time and time again, and are willing to throw away the party’s long held principles for this president to win office, and for him to do what, continue instituting Republican policies. HERE’S THE BIG QUESTION FOR THE LEFT, WHICH CHRIS HAYES AND JEREMY SCAHILL SO ELOQUENTLY POINT OUT, WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? DO WE STAND FOR ANYTHING OR NOT?

  • Huh Huh! I believe him, don’t you.

  • The media loves to paint these things as left vs. right and they all do it. But why is it whenever these things come to light, it’s 99% of the time the right who does these illegal things. Why is it the right are the ones pushing these draconian bills to take away voting rights, equal pay rights, and women’s rights. But you know when the mainstream media discusses this and similar stories, they’ll be quick to point both the right and left pull these type shenanigans, never having to provide any proof of the left actually doing these things!

  • Are there any progressives left in the government of the US. Apparently not! It’s all about making money, period!

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    There are many signs this bill is a sham, but for the most important sign is what I consider the kiss of death for any legislation emerging from Congress, it’s a “bipartisan”!

  • I understand this is a supposed “news” story, but aren’t you tired of the Charlie Brown syndrome by now. How many times does Obama or any of his people have to announce some big investigation into the banks, or anything else for that matter, and pull the football out from under us each and every time. We all know where this is going, NOWHERE! This is just great campaign headlines to make Obama look good in a campaign year.

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    I’m sorry, some may see this as a good thing, I don’t. Anytime the Feds get involved with these financial investigations, it usually means the crooks get off with no jail time, and having only to pay a meaningless fine. So, no this isn’t good news to me. If it were a State AG I’d be much more optimistic. Nothing the Feds will do a damned thing to help the homeowners they defrauded. The fine will go to the SEC for government use, and the homeowners are still sleeping on the street.

  • Seriously, Holder “threatens” action against voter suppression. He’s been warned about these efforts by civil rights groups since 2009, and has not done a damned thing about it. All of a sudden, the 2012 election is on the line and he’s “threatening” to do something about it. Everyone in Obama’s administration is as pathetic and weak as he is!

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    It takes a self-hating Black man, who constantly denounces affirmative action, black leaders, and economic and social justice to get the votes of the still racially tinged South. Uncle Tom is alive and well, and he’s running in the GOP primary for President.

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    This and many other things this president has done is dispicable to me. Obama did these things, not because he fundamentally believes in them, but because he mistakenly thought it would buy him some political capital or favor with the right. This idiotic man thought that if only showed the right he could be as right wing as they could be, maybe then he would convince them to “come to the table of brotherhood”. How stupid and naive was this. When the first thing that comes of the Senate Minority Leader’s mouth, Mitch McConnell, is his only goal is to defeat you, you might want to take notice of that.

    Yet this man thought that if he showed the right he could be tough on enforcement by increasing deportations and sending national guard troops to the border, they just might be willing to do a comprehensive immigration bill. Damn, I’d love to be in a poker game with Obama, I’d clean his clock. Any fool with half a brain could see the right hates immigrants, and only wants to tear this man down, no matter the cost, yet he, even until this day, still thinks they’ll do the right thing on immigration. HE’S WRONG YET AGAIN!!!!!


  • And this is surprise why? When you essentially have two parties doing the bidding of the rich, wall street, and powerful corporations, amidst the misery and devastation wrought on the people by those very same interests, what the hell does anyone expect the poll results to show. If you polled the interests being served by our government at all levels, local, state, and federal,you will have directly opposite results. I just read an article on Firedoglake where Harry Reid is once again doing the bidding of the rich and powerful. He’s focusing on the trade that has only one viable benefit, to further enrich the barons of wall street and multi-national corporations, while pushing more and more blue collar workers into the unemployment line.

    I happen to be one of those people who doesn’t believe a word of populism that comes out of Obama’s mouth. He’s simply doing as he did in the 2008 campaign, and saying whatever he needs to say to get re-elected. You can bet your last dollar, if and when he gets back in office, he’ll revert right back to the wall street puppet he is, and his supporters will once again be staring down the barrel of more betrayals and lies. I’ve lost complete faith in all levels of government, and as far as I can see, the only person having a real conversation on how to really fix this crappy country of ours is Dylan Rattigan. I may not always agree with his solutions, but at least he’s willing to use his platform to force an honest conversation into the public sphere about the real structural problems that are hampering this nation.

    The more I hear people talke about what’s good for Obama politically and for Republicans politically, I turn the TV because I understand from that point on the conversation is meaningless. Until this nation has a real conversation about the complicity of both Republicans and Democrats in the destruction of America by their feilty to their rich financiers, nothing at all is going to change in this country. The horse race means nothing to me, because at this point, it doesn’t matter who wins and loses, because the differences only exist around the margins, and the people who fund both parties will continue to win, and the American people will continue to lose.

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