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    I realize Carl Bernstein hasn’t won a Pulitzer Prize in 40 years….

    I realize Carl Bernstein hasn’t brought down a U.S. President in a while…

    I realize Carl Bernstein hasn’t been expelled from Iraq in two decades…

    I realize Carl Bernstein hasn’t written a cover story for Time recently…

    I realize Carl Bernstein hasn’t written a national best-seller on Hillary Clinton in five years…

    …but he should nonetheless take the time to show me a little goddamn respect.

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    Even more pathetic than the people “expecting material rewards in the absence of earning them through hard work” are the people expecting material rewards in the presence of earning them through hard work. Neither group ever seems to wise up.

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    The sheriff of the county may call every citizen to his assistance to catch a person who has committed a felony. It’s called a posse and it makes a great plot for a movie starring Kirk Douglas. (Spoiler alert) The posse ends up robbing the town of all its money. I can see the armed citizens of Watertown, duly deputized, looting a food court for victuals in pursuant of their warrant. There’s nothing to stop the terrorists from joining the posse and getting a free meal in the bargain. I hereby assert copyright on the foregoing and am open to any reasonable offer.

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    If Hillary Clinton is going to run for President in 2016, why did she resign as Secretary of State? Gotcha there.

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    Found a source for 56 of the 57 volumes. $250 but some sets go for $1,200. Not a fortune but still….

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    That set of books behind the dog. The Works of Swift, Doyle, Hugo etc. I think it’s worth a fortune on eBay.

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    Many of us remember Breitbart fondly for all the good TBogg bloggings he inspired. We take solace that he continues to do so. Today, for instance, it’s like Breitbart never left us.

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    He’s talking about YOU, TBogg. Do you deny you are silencing America? In your dreams, maybe.

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    She says, “On every key measure, marriage is weaker.” One key measure is the divorce rate, which is now about 3.5 divorces per 1,000 people vs. 4.7 per 1,000 in 1990. Her writing seem to have had a positive effect and she is quitting just when victory was within her grasp. Who doesn’t make that mistake every now and then?

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    And Obama made some of the Republicans break their sacred oath not to raise taxes as long as they live. Now they are going to Hell and I’m going to clap and watch them burn.

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    I love the idea of an armed faculty, possibly backed by armed maintenance staff, fending off a madman with an assault rifle. I can see them squeezing off a few rounds from behind desks, crouching beneath the stairways, rushing to the scene in the elevators. The more, the merrier. They’ll be wearing little flag lapel pins so the cops can distinguish them from the bad guy when they arrive. FYI, I own the movie rights to this script and don’t think I won’t sue.

  • While Kevin Drum throws his integrity into salvage mode, Glenn Greenwald defends himself by saying at least he repeated accurately the errors of those who hadn’t seen the film. Lamest defense since “I was only following orders”.

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    You laugh but this Sexiest Man Alive story is a valuable intelligence coup. First, it shows the Chinese have figured out how to defeat The Onion paywall. If The Onion’s security has been breached, it shows how vulnerable America’s secrets are. Second, it also shows China’s ability to analyze America’s secrets is still somewhat limited. They have not learned Rule #1: do not believe everything you read on the Internet. The CIA will exploit this weakness mercilessly.

  • The ACA should really be repackaged as a constitutional amendment:

    The right of the people to affordable health care shall not be denied. No person shall be denied health care for reason of ability to pay. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    That should shut them up.

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    Shapiro writes

    …President Obama, who seized on the incident as proof that the right was waging some sort of war on women, as opposed to a battle against pathetic dependency on government.

    Issa says

    As the hearing is not about reproductive rights and contraception but instead about the Administration’s actions as they relate to freedom of religion and conscience

    Well, which is it? Pathetic dependency on government or freedom of religion?

    Why can’t they get their stories straight after all this time? Raise your hand if you know the answer.

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    Go tell the Spartans, thou who passest by,
    That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.

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    A good demo on how to gloat. Remind them of every failure, belittle their meagre successes, do it with barely concealed glee. There are few enough opportunities so do it right.

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    There were riots after all. But it was white people at Ole Miss who did not have the decency to announce their intentions on Twitter. Also, they were not as good at rioting as they were in 1962.

  • It is what they called a target-rich environment back in Desert Storm. Rove, Morris, Kristol, Will, Noonan, the list goes on and on. Work enough for a dozen Tboggs.

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