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  • And the voter purge to cut them from the rolls is still stalled by the Election supervisors even as it is supported by a sick little judge. Even so, 12% against the whoevers who voted for Scott (I am still trying to meet one who will admit it) is not going to change what happens down here.

  • You may have some good suggestions…. but I live in Florida. Rick Scott has neither a conscience or a soul. Scott should be in jail for Medicare (not medicaid) fraud so he will see no upside for himself, and himself is the only self that matters. Our only hope down here is something remotely resembling a rational electorate (don’t hold your breath) or the end of the world. Maybe we will get what we deserve and Global Warming will happen faster than predicted and sink the Villages…

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    And who is surprised that the Warrens greatest adversity is the Mrs. Warren is too critical of her husband. In their next interview the problem will be that Mrs. Warren walks 8, not 9 steps behind her husband.

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    Warren is on that camel and he is on the wrong side of the needle. He has been corrupted by the wealth Jesus warned would corupt. He is just another rich man, with no moral legitimacy. He can stand on that street corner spewing bogus righteousness, and be on TV, he has his reward. Too bad he is going to do so much damage before he suffers the consequences of being on the wrong side of that needle.

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    I think, as someone who knocked on doors for Obama, that he has done everything he can, except actually say the truth, that he does not want a second term. He has done everything he can to alienate those who supported him in 2008. He is puting on a good show as to rhetoric, but with everything he does he drive those who supported him away. He is not stupid, he knows what he is doing. He wants out. He has turned his candidacy and his personal fortunes into wealth and he does not want to keep doing the job, but he is too cowardly to actually say so. He may not get what he wants as the Republicans can still nominate someone unelectable, but he is not going to care about us, he does not need us if he really does not care about being reelected. A strange and scary situation we find ourselves in.