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    I’m a bit late to this discussion, but I just wanted to say what a startlingly fresh creation Spenser seemed to me when the first Parker novels got published. It was the mid-70s, and everyone was having a good time turning convention on its head in various art forms, and no one had done it [...]

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    I think the Sinestars of the world are here to throw chaff in our face, stick a finger in our collective eye, baffle us with bullshit, throw up a lot of dust, and hope it throws us off the game: the game being, keeping guns out of the hands of mass murderers. The Sinestars of the world do not offer anything constructive on this score except carping, pseudo-intellectualism, and nonconstructive rants that get us nowhere. Really, read through all the blather from Sinestar, and that’s what his/her/its “contribution” adds up to: a big, fat nothing. (Oh, and “whatever you want to do? It won’t work! Next!”)

    This is really arguing in bad faith, and exhibit A why the NRA and its apologists ought to lose any place at the table if adult discussion about remedies to mass shootings is ever going to take place. These people have nothing to contribute but “NO!” We don’t need to listen to them, at ALL.

    Just parenthetically, I kind of like the term “T’Bogganing,” suggesting as it does a flattening of insubstantial argument into the snows of ignorance from whence it sprung.

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    Kathy–maybe this’ll help: (truncated from Wikipedia entry on John Lott)

    “Lott created and used “Mary Rosh” as a fake persona to defend his own works on Usenet and elsewhere. After investigative work by blogger Julian Sanchez, Lott admitted to use of the Rosh persona.[8] Sanchez also pointed out that Lott, posing as Rosh, not only praised his own academic writing, but also called himself “the best professor I ever had”.”

    So….a rhetorical cross-dresser, and a dishonest one, at that. Makes me take his blow-dried, carefully pruned “statistics” SOOOOOOO seriously!

  • I think the majority of the American people have been caught up in a kind of glorification of the military, a legacy of 9/11, that has led to a general permissiveness and tolerance about the proliferation of military-style weapons, but I think it’s become an uncomfortable permissiveness, and I think this tragedy might have snapped the uneasy tolerance into an outrage that will hopefully get something meaningful done about both gun proliferation and about our public health system.

    Equally, though, I think the anti-tax “crusaders” are culpable for these killings too. The fetishistic demonization of our tax system, which in saner times might have created a robust public-health infrastructure that could have interceded with troubled parents and children, has let these folks fly under the radar (because there IS no radar, nor tax revenue available to pay for it).

    As a gun owner myself, there are a couple of gun-related sites I check out from time to time. I’m appalled to say that their response to this tragedy has been to advocate arming teachers, secreting guns throughout the school (the analogy used referred to fire extinguishers)–in other words, MORE guns. You can’t reason with that (I can’t even fathom a brain that comes up with that), you can’t debate with that, and as Dr. Kamm is suggesting, if that’s the NRA’s only contribution to the tragedy, they should forever lose any legitimacy or standing in the debate about what to do next. Indeed, I think that’s already happening, and not a moment too soon.

    What I want to hear from the NRA at this point, and from gun owners who are all gung-ho about “gun rights”, is this: what sacrifices in convenience are YOU prepared to make, what types of firearm are YOU prepared to give up, so that this doesn’t happen again. Absent any constructive contributions on that score, there’s no discussion to be had, and the rest of us will have to make the decisions FOR gun owners who don’t have the decency to “man up” and do what needs to be done here.

  • The resolute advocacy of austerity in spite of zero evidence that it “works” makes me wonder if there isn’t some sort of underlying intention on the part of elites to finally, once and for all, eradicate the social safety net and consign the middle class to a precarious, insecure existence that requires literal fealty to the “job creators”? I don’t mean as an unwitting byproduct of their failed policies, I mean as a conscious strategy. What do you say? Ever hear any of the financial elites talking that way?

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    But wait, there’s more: evidently, last November, the Komen Foundation decided to no longer fund embryonic stem-cell research, which kind of transforms them from a charity into a seriously anti-choice advocacy group with tax-exempt status. Their decision has serious implications for cancer research:

    “That means the loss of $3.75 million to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, $4.5 million to the University of Kansas Medical Center, $1 million to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, $1 million to the Society for Women’s Health Research, and $600,000 to Yale University. That’s a loss of nearly $12 million dollars in research money to eradicate breast cancer this year alone.”

    Go here for more:

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    After reading this thread, It suddenly occurs to me how much damage a left-wing version of James O’Keefe, with maybe a set of ethics to go with his button-cam, could do to these closet racist thugs. Mingle with them at the Washington weenie parties or the Press Club bar, get them spewing their pure racist/fascist crapola unburdened by the bogus ‘civility’ and cutesy circumlocution that publication tends to require, and post their ramblings, unedited, on Youtube. Imagine Brooks, Nooners, Norquist, Douthat, even John-Fricking-ROBERTS??….marginalized and held up to justified ridicule by their own poisonous uncensored eliminationist blurts.

    Whuh…..wuzzat? Was I dreaming again? More eggnogg, dammit! And thanks, TBogg, for a wonderful year of lolz. Cheers for ’12!!

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    If I understand the new legislation correctly, a copyright holder will be able to shut down sites that provide the public with material that may or MAY NOT be copyrighted: just the allegation will be enough to do it. This simply invites abuse by corporate greed-heads who’ll fall all over themselves to yank (for example) [...]

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    I just sent Face the Nation a note, because of their lineup today and EVERY Sunday (if you look at their webpage on who they’ve featured in the past, it’s a sea of Republican crackpottery). My subject line was “Face the REPUBLICANS” and predictably (because it’s true) I invoked the spirit of Murrow and strenuously objected to the uniformly pinched, narrow and vicious (since they’re Republicans, after all) vein of “opinion” that constitutes FTN today.

    Hey, listen, if everybody here went to the FTN website and left them a comment, in addition to just bitching amongst ourselves, it might give them the idea that there’s an untapped audience they never even thought of appealing to–regular Americans!

    Just sayin.

    Since it’s become clear to me the Dems are as corrupt as the R’s, I’ve been doing 2 things: one, financially (as best I can) increasing support for causes I believe in (including ACLU, who I hope will stand in for the moribund “justice” department Obama has created) and typing my little fingers off whenever I see something I don’t like, to let relevant people know about my displeasure. It’s a little expensive in time and money, but it feels much better than sitting here “taking it.”

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    Yeh–in response to a note I’d sent NPR objecting to the firing in the first place, I got a patronizing missive that was falling all over itself to disclaim any responsibility for Ms Simeone’s firing–claiming NPR “had no role” in any of it, that she’d continue in her job, the program would continue to be [...]

  • Rafe, ya got nothin. Go away.

  • For those who don’t know the downtown area, the section around Wall Street was solid business, and bars to cater to the business crowd, until the 90s; in other words, virtually closed, silenced, and deadsville (except for the bars) after approximately 630pm. Then came the real estate boom, the glut of office space, and the wholesale conversion of office space into residential coops and condos, especially in the Wall Street area, most of them being of the luxury variety, particularly in and around the square where all this is happening.

    I don’t particularly expect people who can buy at those levels of luxury to care thruppence for OWS, particularly since choosing to live in an area like that more or less implies you’re working in finance. Frankly, I wouldn’t put an awful lot of weight on these “neighbors’” objections…not the way I would to, say, neighborhood resistance to a fracking plant trying to locate nearby. I could be wrong, but it sounds like another case of the Lords of Finance objecting to the rabble on their doorsteps, and picking any lame excuse (“drumming”? O the humanity) to do it. If the drumming is limited to 2 hours a day, it’s a non-issue. What else ya got?? Want to trot out the “dirty hippie” meme again?

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    Thanks for the Soundprint url, Shoephone. I shot an email to NPR, and sent a copy to Soundprint, pointing out in the Soundprint message that the firing smacks of Joseph McCarthy and the gulag, which it does. The right-wing successfully mau-mau’ed the press for years over far milder stuff than this until the press eventually [...]

  • I just left a reply to Spocko’s point in the window directly above his post. Haven’t quite gotten the hang of the geography in these comments yet.

  • Actually, I’ve mentioned before that I wish FDL had some sort of sidebar “weekly e-mail” window, which would allow us all, as an organized force, to send our own emails to targeted individuals and/or entities, in this case e.g. whoever is mulling the decision to prosecute this a-hole, as well as a list of media [...]

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    I have an “abounding interest” (as Joseph Welch put it) to see if a) he is indeed charged, b) with what, and c) who provides his bail and his legal representation. I assume it won’t be the Spectator directly, but they may indeed be that brazen.

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    A tip of my hat to Spocko, who indeed called it. But I’d like to suggest another “next step,” one I just took: trundle over to the WaPo website, leave a comment about how the Post missed the story and suggesting they look into links between the Spectator and this young thug-in-training diapers, and then [...]

  • Dave? Dave? Got an open question for you!

  • Hey Dave, let me know when you figure out if any of that “education and childcare” appropriation you mentioned so proudly, ever GOT to anyone. I kind of think it was intended mostly as a sop to the consciences of the thugs and goons (democrat and repubublican) that passed the bill–but if any of it ever helped anyone, I’d love to know about it.

  • What’d you guys do to Dave H? I turn my back for 45 minutes and he’s gonzo! No stamina, that guy.

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