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    Many are forgetting what Occupy did accomplish: it changed the national framework from one of austerity to one of disparity of wealth. Not an easy thing to do. That Occupy was misrepresented in the media, and ultimately violently dispersed by the U.S. security apparatus is testament to its brief power. Occupy isn’t dead. It’s scattered, went home, perhaps even somewhat demoralized, but living inside of those who participated or supported it. Time to regroup in smaller communities and take on the issues while recruiting at the same time.

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    All of this points to the fact quite clearly that Obama policies have driven the democratic loyalists further right in supporting a president that eviscerates democratic principles. They are yes…despairing, but it is of their own doing. They put all their eggs in one basket and the basket it turns out has rotten eggs in it. Those least despairing remain focused on the issues. Therein lies our salvation in a sense: with Occupy dispersed, better to regroup in smaller communities, hunker down on the issues, and recruit. Get stronger, educate, enlighten and build for another showdown, which hopefully, might be the tipping point to real democracy. Those who continue to prioritize around a politician who doesn’t have the same values is going to suffer, internally, in a profound way.

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    I’ve always loved Philip Glass. Thank you Glass for acknowledging the occupiers in such a dignified way. Anderson is incredible also. Hope everyone has seen her “Home of the Brave” film. Lou Reed? Does anything really need to be said?

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    It wasn’t just “cleared”; it was violently cleared with arrests of around 16 folks. We need our language to reflect the reality of the event, ’cause the mainstream media won’t do it.

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    BTW, is Bloomberg softening the public with this kind of “news” for additonal bailouts? I hope this tactic fails miserably.

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    This is old news. The big question…is it ongoing? IS TALF still operational?

    We know another big bailout headed for Euro banks, but they already got our money through these secret loans…


    Resistance is the only answer.

  • Yo. Agreed.

  • Sounds right to me. It is the obsession with austerity in response to criminal actions by the international finance industry that is bringing us further down. THis can only lead to revolution…or starvation.

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    Thanks everyone, very much.

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    Folks, I just need some basic help with posting. I’m unfamiliar with this format. For example, how do I embed a video or picture? How do I highlight a quote in blockquote formation? I looked on the FAQ page, and it was either indecipherable or not helpful.


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    THis is depressing. I’m ready for part 2.

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    We can’t afford to wait until elections. The occupy movement should at least have this one demand to start: dismantle the Super Congress, and start a Congressional Committee to begin meeting with occupations to determine the best way to move forward. Dismantle the Super Congress or we will shut D.C. down. In fact, nevermind the [...]

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    Good post and analysis. Why we even bother in analyzing the electoral races, as though the people running cared about us, is beyond me. Better to spend our time organizing and meeting each other, and planning for a change in our economic/social system.

  • Occupy Pelosi’s office….ya know?

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    The inequities in our economic system have worsened during the Obama administration, as a result of a failure to defend principle, as a result of failure to prosecute, as a result of craven policy designed to please the 1%, or designed to please both republicans and the 1%. That there is massive protest the likes of which even Bush didn’t see, with the exception of just before the Iraq war, speaks to the deterioration of justice as its relates to our economic system, our civil rights, our foreign policies, our values as expressed through the White House. If you can’t see that yet, ya must be blind.

  • Kevin, you’re not adequately covering the extent of the violence by police in Oakland. Here is an article with photos and links to video:


    ublished on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 by In These Times
    Police Turn Oakland Into War Zone
    by Allison Kilkenny
    Incredible footage emerged from downtown Oakland last night – not of basic law enforcement efforts to maintain public “health and safety” as the police have been claiming – but of a war zone in which police shot tear gas, bean bags, wooden dowels, flash grenades, and rubber bullets at protesters.

    POLICE VIOLENCE: Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement carry away a protester, who was shot point-blank with a police gas canister near the Oakland City Hall. (AFP)
    Rather than using the weaponry once in a final effort to subdue the crowd, officers reportedly used them over and over again in what @OccupyOakland describes as a “relentless” assault on the thousands of activists gathered near City Hall.

    “The city remains committed to respecting free speech as well as maintaining the city’s responsibility to protect public health and safety,” Oakland police said in a statement Tuesday.

    The “safety” concerns are the usual complaints levelled at the Occupy movements: sanitation issues, improper food storage, graffiti, litter, and vandalism, although OPD added accusations of fighting, assaults, and “threatening/intimidating behavior.” Yes, you read that correctly. OPD is accusing the protesters of using “threatening/intimidating behavior.”

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    Great points. Occupy buildings that are abandoned, foreclosed, slated for demolition…for the winter. SEt up people’s assemblies indoors, local, regional, national. Can utilize donated space as well. We need to be thinking about next steps…and ulitimately demands/manifestos/declarations, whatever you want to call them, and how are we going to get there.

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    Obama is pulling the troops because he could not get them immunity from Iraq law:


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    My friend in the RCP shared this commentary. There are lists of demands circulating and rumors of lists. Folks are gonna discuss demands. Occupy Chicago already has a short list of demands. However, this commentary makes some compelling points regarding the lack of demands: it’s not such a bad thing!

    I thought the following from Revolution’s [...]
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