• The fact that the jury selection process is so important for determining the outcome of a trial demonstrates the inherent injustice baked into the criminal justice system. The truth has rather little to do with conviction or acquittal, while the bias of jurors and the persuasiveness of counsel matter far too much. We need to accept the fact that our courts cannot determine guilt and innocence with sufficient reliability to warrant administration of the death penalty in any case.

  • The “States Secrets Privilege” only applies in civil cases. It cannot be used to stop a criminal case…. So far at any rate.

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    No argument, there.

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    It’s not just this administration, bad as it is. And it is not just the federal government, or just government in general. Whistleblowers are rooted out and persecuted in every corporate organization everywhere. Speaking out against your bosses is guaranteed get you either fired and/or your career destroyed. Corruption, fraud and abuse are designed to be kept secret and those engaged in such activities must keep the lid on at all costs. Anyone they regard to be a snitch will be pursued and ruined – both as punishment and as a warning to others.

    Protecting whistleblowers, let alone encouraging them, runs directly against the grain of society. Whistleblower protection laws, where they exist, have an uphill battle to render even a modicum of justice. Because they are so difficult to garner support for within any legislative body, the resulting laws are fragmented, covering only narrowly defined “protected activities” and often impose high hurdles of proof that a victim of retaliation must overcome.

    Much more work must be done if we shall ever see an environment where persons who see wrong-doing in his/her workplace will feel free to reveal what they know in the confidence that simply telling the truth will protect them.

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    The science of climate change speaks for itself, but ambiguously – as all science must. It is astonishing how many non-scientists feel the need speak on its behalf and to force conclusions which it will not support.

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