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    Dixon is completely correct, Ironcomments.

    I’m hoping(!) that Jon might contemplate our predicament, the people’s predicament, not from the good-news bad-news horse-race perspective, but in terms of actually affecting change …assuming, as we have reason, that the current system is not accountable TO nor responsive TO the concerns, the needs, or the demands of the people.

    Genuine, real, human-scale change is necessary and the people are going to have to do it, themselves … not ANY political party, not ANY savior, not ANY demagog …


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    I agree, as you must know, OFG, with virtually everything you say.

    I don’t accent that the people are “mostly to blame”, for they have been cunningly manipulated and lied to with impunity, because the peopole have been set against themselves.

    That is changing.

    What is wrong transcends those old “boundaries” you note, the partisan stupidity … the “yay team!!!” mentality, thoughtful DO see what is going on.

    Conversations are beginning.

    I’ve waited some fifty years for the time to ripen. It is.

    It would be wise to suggest were society ought and should “go”, if life and being is valued … there have been no visions that move beyond the limitations of this moment … but repression has it limits and what is happening to Ferguson and Detroit are not forgotten by everyone.

    As Mark Twain observed, it is easier to fool peop0le than to convince them that they have been fooled.

    People have to come to understand, one at a time.

    They are.


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    You suggest, Jon, that we mustn’t allow the Constitution to be “completely shredded” after you have pointed out that it is, now, largely, in tatters.

    Have you noticed that the people’s demands, about virtually anything and everything are ignored, that the people are not permitted to exercise informed consent, because so much is “secret”, or doesn’t coincide with “public policy” which favors war-making and the corporate elite? Don’t you see the ongoing dismantling of democracy, surely you’ve noticed, as coinciding rather significantly with the plummeting of Congressional approval OF Congress, and OF the “direction” (poll-speak) that “things” are going?

    I think democracy is just as important as the Constitution, for without it, “official” channels are closed to our demands … in a sense, Jon, you are like Snowden … you’ve shed light on something the PTB do not wish to be understood or encouraged … and here you are, suggesting, if you are serious, that people raise hell about this. Politely and non-violently … of course.

    Would that be correct?

    Should it be taken to the streets or will sternly worded letters to our “representatives” suffice?

    I’d be curious to hear a substantive analysis as to what the people should do … especially if the demand that Constitution matters is brushed aside with impatient disdain.


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    Jon, I quite agree with you.

    However, suppose Congress does not do its Constitutional duty … and the “action” proceeds?

    Then what?

    Just to be clear, to whom, or what, specifically, are we addressing our demand?

    To Congress?

    Congress appears deaf to anything the people say … or demand and, as you pointed out yesterday … Congress, essentially, does nothing … however, it is about to go into campaign “mode” so the militarization of the police, for example, will not,now, if ever be considered by that august body …

    Perhaps, then the demand could be taken to the Democrats … but that would probably not be good news for the Democrats as it is a Democrat in the White House who insists that he doesn’t need Congressional approval …

    The other day, you were talking about holding Democrats to account. Do the Democrats bear any responsibility for the current state of anything, perhaps even for some of this particular boo hoo?

    And what about the “base”, are you certain they would agree with you and me?

    Politically, as the “game” is now played … don’t the Democrats have to appear tough … and united … you know, for strategic reasons, so they don’t become confused, in the minds of the “voters”, with that other obstructive legacy party?

    Yes, the Constitution is in buypartisdan shambles, we tortured some folks, and its time to move on to the next great adventure, Syrialously …

    Yes it would be “good” if it were all Constitutionally kosher, but then it would have been “good” if the war in Iraq had not been begun on the basis of bald-faced lies … or “good” if the Banksters had been brought to honest justice … there has been some demand for that … ignored, btw, by Congress, by the President, and by the courts …

    But, yes, eventually, we the people, are going to have to EFFECTIVELY demand something … I suggest we start with participatory democracy and a fresh look at the Constitution, after taken a good, and serious, look at the Declaration of Independence …


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    Yes, Ruth , it is reassuring.

    However, Richard Posner is known for saying that the rich should not be subject to criminal law, but only to fines and tort law … so while it is great that Posner has taken the stand which he has, in this case, there are many areas where you would not, likely, find his rulings quite so just.

    Perspective requires that we not become too giddy when reason and just results do occur … for the rule of law is under very severe assault by wealth, and by the political class which serves wealth and seeks, always, more power, absolute power, as recent events have shown and, all too often, as we may see when police violence against the people is brought to the attention of judges and other officers of the court, especially prosecutors, that just results may be very few and quite far between.


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    The big “regulation” that was weakened, Ruth, was Glass Steagall … which weakening of, indeed the complete dismantling of … is Bill Clinton’s “work” … and one cannot help but consider that the 250+ Million$ which have come his way since he and Hillary were “broke” after her initial run for the Big Prize … [...]

  • Congressional dysfunction means Congress can do less harm?

    Ah yes, that Congress which Congresses least Congresses best.

    Tell me, Jon, are you comfortably sanguine contemplating the future this suggests?

    Or do you consider that some things must change?

    What ought those changes to be?

    How are these changes to be brought about?

    By voting for “more of the same”?

    Frankly, I would very much appreciate such political analysis from you, however speculative it might be … otherwise, one wonders just what you do expect to happen, in future … regarding democracy, regarding the stranglehold the legacy parties have over the process … especially of limiting choice and controlling the things that may “legitimately” be discussed, of holding the body politic hostage to old, cruel, and deceitfully biased as well as destructive policies that benefit only the wealthy and powerful.


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    Ah yes, the Big Bankers.

    A wee bit of math.

    A billion is a thousand million.

    A trillion is a thousand billion.

    It is said that US Big Banksters “got” three TRILLION for doing gawd’s work. One suspects it is more.

    If the US banks, all, together, were “changed” a total of 100 Billion dollars, which is most unlikely, then the penalty would amount to three and one-third percent … so, the bankers get to “keep” 96.66% of their “take” … and can claim the 3.33% as a business expense and a tax advantage of some sort of deferred something or other …

    The financial elite are almost like royalty … make us subject to being subjected to subjectively (and objectively) horrible situations … but the cool part is that people will blame themselves and each other … because, the “leaders”, will say, “We are all to blame.” Just like Obama said, “WE tortured some folks …”

    Did we?

    Are we?

    Damned convenient, shared “responsibility” …

    That is why austerity is necessary. You can ask both the Republicans and the democrats about that … you’ll get the same “deal”.

    The moniker, “Savage”, will publicly offend the astute elite, but privately, the asstooters will feel quite happy to be recognized as “savage”, for it implies that they’ve no limits whatever and identify only with their own ilk.

    Has Obama got on his savage walking shoes? Or will Inevitable strap ‘em on?

    Savage capitalism advantages the political class, all of it, including the media, especially in a pretend democracy.


  • So production methods are not part of the problem? The real problem is the people, their insatiable lust for energy. There are no policy issues or social habits of cars, homes, and so forth, BIG cars, uninsulated homes, large sporting venues, which we can call upon the public’s “nature”, to put at their doorstep, since they pay for all of it anyway.

    You do realize that the single largest user of petroleum products, alan1tx, in the entire world, is the US military?

    Have we talked about THAT footprint?

    Do you factor that into the “use” thingie, on a per capita basis, or do you file it under some other heading?


  • “… as Congress switches to campaign mode for the next several months …”

    Remind me, as this technological “fix”, which you, Jon, DO put into the reality of the BROADER historic perspective … what “mode” has Congress been in … before this latest “mode” was thrust upon them, poor things.

    Whatever “mode” it has been, it has not endeared them with the people.

    The people are seriously beginning to wonder just what it is that Congress actually DOES.

    Now, as spanishinquisition points out, there are cameras … and than, there are cameras … presumably McCaskill understands this fact … or has advisers who do?

    I’m also told that prosecuting the police is “very hard”.

    I guess we’ll see what kind of quality legal education that prosecutors have got, beyond the political “inconvenience” of having to hold the police to the rule of law … but then, bankers ain’t, big energy ain’t, hell no big money is held to account … except for a little tort law … are the police any different?

    If money lets the cops take a fall, will money still be able to by the loyalty of the police to itself … and not “to” the people, as if ever the essential loyalty OF the police … WAS to the people?

    One doubts that Congress will ever ask or have asked of it, that question.

    Because, it’s just too hard … it’s just too real, and it ain’t no fun, nor is it profitable.

    Congress and the political class don’t need the excuses of a Chait, it is already built in, an amnesia, the United States of, as Gore Vidal used to say … should members of Congress have to wear cameras … along with those cute little American flags on their lapels?


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    Superb comment, Barmitt, righteous, damn spot-on, and eloquently turned.



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    The defense of the status quo, by neo-liberal dembots is no less dangerous, in my opinion, for obscuring truth, and closing down conscience is most effectively accomplished by those who appear “normal”, on the outside, but defend inhumanity, unbridled greed, and limitless power, as well as the secret use of it, or blatant use of [...]

  • In the current society of power, discipline requires unquestioning devotion to duty, Bluetoe2.

    That the society of power is absolutely corrupt only enforces the urgency of rapid compliance, to get the job done, whatever you are assigned. Just as US soldiers are told they MUST follow orders and have no authority, of ANY kind, to question the morality or humanity of any act required of them, so too must those who “serve”, in any capacity, do, always, as they are told, and if they do not then punishment is inevitable.

    I suspect the unidentified nurse is a human being of courage who underfstood the consequences which would follow. The nurse has taken a stand with humanity.

    Those who would punish the nurse are the same ones who allowed or engaged in torture … it is clear what they stand for … and with.

    The more egregious their behavior, the more their profound lack of humanity is revealed to the rest of us.

    The society of power may be very much surprised, someday, by what those revelation raise up and embolden in the rest of us.

    Thank you, Kevin, for bringing us news that not all succumb to fear and bullying, that some dare find their common humanity … whatever the personal cost.


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    So then, or now, Jon, is this “good” news or “bad”? What will it do for Hillary’s chances in the “looming” presidential erection of 2016? Is this “good” for Obama’s legacy and that holding Democrats to account you spoke of, yesterday?

    Frankly, we’ve got the red cowboys and the blue cowboys trying to out gun-sling each other. Upping the ante, so as not to appear “weak”, in a political sense.

    Non-sense … I’d say.

    So, apart from human consequence, which the political class can ignore, we know that for a fact, even recent Congressional war-votes prove capacity is in full-flower … are we witness to multi-dimensional chess, or a studied paucity of imagination and humanity … serving some other “interest”?

    Apparently Obama has some choice in the matter, as Big Al points out, the rest of us, in this pretend democracy, have NONE.

    For me, Jon, THAT is the bad news this “crisis” underscores … and why voting for “more of the same” is, simply … insane. And why the people deserve more of a choice than the current cowboys and cowgirls, even if those bouys and gulls is just simply victims of a bad, old, nasty corrupted system … even if Obama claims he had no choice, Jon, you and I both fully understand that he did … and does …

    So, who is “we” and who is the “your” whose war you suggest this is? Seems like this one might get a wee bit out of hand … it might even come, eventually, to the Homeland …

    And NONE of us have ANY choice.

    Does that sound like an honest democracy to you?


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    Superb comment, fredcdobbs.



  • A deal that would name and shame … and might lead to voluntary compliance or even occasional reports on “progress” … but nothing is binding, and it is only nations which are held to account, not the astute elite corporate “persons” … who in a still secret trade bill, may well be able to litigate “impediment” away as restrictive of profit … until the mindset of power and wealth changes … this kind of agreement is about the least “they” the elites and their political class “handlers” … can get away with.

    Call it giving in … with style.

    Frankly, it ain’t much … either as inspiration that more will be done, to protect the world upon which the existence of life, human or otherwise, must depend, or that the people may be protected from unbridled greed and unrestrained military destruction.

    What is the environmental impact of war …? Particularly what the big guns in the US appear to be contemplating?

    Maybe other things will be uppermost in people’s minds come 2015, in Paris, in the middle of June …?

    But yes, this is a little bit better than doing nothing, unless, of course, it is all that is intended to be done … you know, happy words, soaring rhetoric, etc. and then … nothing …?

    One hopes, DS, that this is not cynical ploy … a calculated “pass” to kick things “down the road” … because … it is just too hard. War is easy, killing is easy … and profitable … THIS, on the other foot … well, we are accustomed to hearing, already, “the cost is too high, we simply cannot afford it …” yet, there is always money for war, for excusing the bankers and so on.

    Perhaps, this is a “pragmatic” gesture, empty, and not well-meaning, but it helps with the legacy stuff …

    Of course, Congress, the Senate, specifically, deserve considerable heat, but the media will see that they are excused, as will the partisan howlers.

    So, let’s give this a chance but expect little or nothing to honestly come of it … back door actions smack of a larger social and political dishonesty … that is the major problem, and question, which all human beings now face …

    Do we really want to live on planet earth, or does it just cost too much to live.

    To be … or not … to be.

    It comes down, for each of us, to that … whatever the expediency of the moment might otherwise suggest.


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    Ah, the “spiral of silence” … how very useful self-censoring is … to tyranny. This from the Pew survey at “surveillance state”. Consider what will happen when people are not merely unwilling to talk to each other about things which frighten or oppress them, but are unwilling to even think for themselves about the fear or oppression, the causes, the costs, the consequences …?

    Another, much-appreciated, many leveled, thought-provoking Roundup, Brandon … a most superb and marvelous antidote to silent spirals and social ennui!


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    Superb post, Isaiah 88, much appreciated.



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    Once again, masaccio, you have laid out reality. The legacy political parties are either ecstatic or don’t care … neither are hurting, neither face either consequence, as organizations or as the individuals who comprise these, privately owned entities which allow no other voices or ideas to be heard. So beyond, ecstatic, beyond don’t care is [...]

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    Well, curlydan, Warren figures that if something can be done that makes money, even if he says how awful it is, in terms of fairness and so on, that he’d be a fool not to take the money … ain’t his fault everything is all fucked up, and the more confused it all becomes the more “opportunity” there is for the cash-ready like ole Unkull Warren … he’s just a poor innocent victim, like them bankers, ‘cuz the system, you see, makes ‘em do it … its just business and it ain’t nothin’ personal … politicians understand this, that is what “pragmatic” is all about.

    Ah, well …


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