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    War, the be-all to end all.

    To be or not … to be?

    That now is the question, Alexander D.

    Too many would rather let some one else “decide”.

    The will to imagine, and then create, has fled the many … yet, time, and pain may goad, even those intellectually removed from the worst of the slaughter … when war comes home … to the Homeland … as it will, as it has …

    Time will tell … if the question ultimately resonates to the core of being … for ENOUGH people …

    It is still too early(?) to tell …

    Appreciate your comments, very much, btw.


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    By THEIR “nature”, ncg, “leaders” must chide each other to ever greater OK corral shootouts …

    “That” will NOT stop.

    However, if the nature of “leadership” were examined, then perhaps we might ponder the kind or sort of personality that seeks acclaim and political power, a narcissistic “sensibility”, even a pathology perhaps, rather than seeking to truly engage in “public service”.

    Of course, the public needs to stop hiring others to do their thinking for them … history shows the results … and they are not pretty, as a look around will suffice to convince.

    Yet, ncg, who will dare to think beyond the conventional “acceptance’ of “things as they are” … that is, in the common vernacular, “more of the same”.

    I do wonder if the “progressive” blogo-sphere is becoming irrelevant by not distancing itself from the bu$$in$$ as usual political horse-race which makes such blatant mock of democracy and the informed consent of the governed.

    But, “that” is our problem, and to the degree that our problem ISIS other people’s problem, or terror, well, we can’t claim a moral high ground without falling all over our own overwhelming hypocrisy and essential inhumanity, in both foreign and domestic “policy”.

    It is a bloody shame and it won’t change until we change … because “leaders” never really lead, they just follow the inevitable … and it does NOT have to be WAR.

    Let’s insist upon giving peace a chance, shall we?

    What have we got to lose, in the trying …?


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    Are you suggesting that warfare is some “natural”, built-in part of human “nature”, ncg?

    Truth to tell, “we” … the “exceptional”, are as bloodthirsty as any.

    The question is this: Is there any future in war, any worthwhile, human, and sustainable future?

    Or is war simply too damned profitable, money and “legacy”-wise, for the astute elite?

    History is the record, more or less, of the elite running amok while everyone else is “constrained” to put up with the brutal, mindless idiocy.


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    Superb comment, marym.

    Very much appreciated.


  • What if “American” agencies are involved … as Kevin suggests, bluewombat?

    If Mobley is not a “sympathetic person” then what is the US government, in this case … and, presumably, and actually, in other “cases”?


  • Going for subtle nuance are you, then, bluedot12?

    I suggest that neither the rock, nor the hard place, HAVE to be the only choices … any more than the absurd, frightened, stoked-up “belief” that there is NO CHOICE but … WAR.

    And … more of the same …

    The madness will go on until it ends people … or people dare to end it.

    Have the courage to just say, “No.”


  • “Overthinking: ain’t the problem, bluedot12, it is long-term UNDERTHINKING, on the part of the people and a deliberate lack of accountability for those who trash the rule of law and the Constitution, which behavior, btw, is thoroughly and completely buy-partisan … the partisan “ownership” of the power to “decide”, unilaterally and capriciously, is of little real significance if extinction hangs in the “balance”, especially when partisan “difference” is so meager as to be effectively non-existent.

    Who cares which imbecile starts WWIII?

    Why, really, are we in this hellish place?

    Who benefits, from endless war … besides the political class, which includes the media, and the monied, astute few?

    Would it be better if the end of the world were precipitated by the Democrats … rather than them nasty ole Republicans?


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    Superb post.

    Superb comments.

    Recommended to the front page.


  • So then, NCG, if this is a REPUBLIC, then all the shit is acceptable, inevitable, and simply to be expected? Thus; tyranny is merely an inevitable, if prolonged, or even terminal “period” of excessive exuberance in any REPUBLIC and that everybody is a victim of the rotten system, certainly the political class, which includes the media, the bankers, the cops, and so on … but especially the most astute elite … and really, it is all, always, the people’s fault for not voting wisely and with the proper vigor?

    Unless humanity, as a species looks to participatory democracy, to honest self-determination, as regards life and death decisions, like war, or “off-shoring” or torture … unless collective insists upon this, then, frankly, we will all ride “Republics” right to extinction.



  • Okay, that’s two DEMOCRATS that think Obama doesn’t need a (Congressional) vote. The President and MINORITY leader, Nancy “You don’t know the half of it”, Pelosi.

    How many Democrats, to your certain knowledge, do not favor more war and consider that Congress ought to have a say in any further “moves” (multi-dimensional, whatever) in THAT direction?

    Could we come up with two?

    Or three?

    Or, do all the Democrats have their heads down trying to figure which way the political winds are blowing?

    What about principle?

    What about the Constitution?

    Doesn’t seem that certain Democrats, the “lesser weevils”, remember, frankly … give a damn, not even a little one …

    How’s it look to you, Jon, from the perspective of political analysis?

    Is Pelosi’s “position” something that is “good news” for the Democrats, as it shows “solidarity” with Barack … or is it really, in terms of democracy AND “the people” … pretty miserable and “bad” news?

    It’s pathetic, really … it is cowardice, connivance, complicity … and, Jon, it pushes closer to undeniable treason every single day.

    The government’s purpose is to serve the people, if that other quaint piece of paper is to be credited as having any worth whatever, not to lie to the people, to frighten them into war.

    And Jon, the Founders were concerned about PRECISELY this sort of thing when they placed checks and balances ON the process and ON the “branches”.

    Where do we go from here?

    Oh yes, that’s right … “we” GO TO WAR … for what honest reasons?

    Who benefits? Now and in future?

    What is the “good news”, here, for the people? for democracy? for justice?



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    Obama “… will launch a war on his own anyway.”

    I thought that you demanded that Congress fulfill its Constitutional obligation.

    Clearly, you are none too happy with Barack, however, what is your pleasure level or expectation level for Congress?

    What if Congress curls up and plays opossum?

    Should we still keep for them anyway?

    Do you think you will be any happier with Hillary’s attitude toward war, toward Congress, and toward the Constitution, even if she is not, so far as I know, a Constitutional scholar?

    When, if ever, do you imagine that we shall have to insist upon real democracy … or is this pretend stuff okay … is it sufficient to the time and the needs of the people?

    Or, is the old horse race … the legacy political parties and their stranglehold on “control” of the “process” just something that IS, something that is, too sacred to even consider replacing it with anything different?

    How do you see things changing, Jon, for the better, for peace, for sanity?

    Or do you just see, in your crystal ball, simply “more of the same”?


  • Very well said, marym.

    It is amazing that certain facts are never examined, but then the adolescent or infantile sensibility that such “policy” as Obama’s is meant to appeal to, is not given to such thought or consideration.

    Not only does this government NOT care about the security, the welfare, or the well-being of the people, but also the legacy political parties, which CONTROL the government, one of which legacy parties Obama is held to be the leader of, limit the “discussion” … not only of policy, quite a hoot is was when Obama said he consults with Congress so that the people will be “in” the discussion … these parties also keep other parties from even participating in the debates for the presidency. That anyone, anyone, may conclude nonetheless, that what we have is “democracy”.

    “Informed consent” of the governed is insulting nonsense, just as “voting”, when no real choice is available and not real effect upon policy, in terms of “changing” such policy may result FROM voting, is empty, meaningless ritual that somehow, still convinces the “uninformed” that they are “participating” when all they are doing is agreeing to their own destruction. If THAT is considered to be “democracy”, then perpetual war is permanent peace … only by another name.

    Can’t wait to vote for Hillary, She Who Feels Entitled, and “more of the same”.


  • Have noted and very much appreciated your comments on these FDL threads, Alexander D.


  • DWBartoo commented on the diary post Climate & Capitalism: Hung for a Sheep as for a Lamb by cassiodorus.

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    Superb, thought-provoking post, cassiodorus, as always.

    Great to see it on the front page.

    Highly recommended!


  • Jon, are not the politicians who espouse endless war and the faithful media but victims of a corrupt system?

    You know, like the bankers are victims of the system that made ‘em do “it”, or like the cops are victims of popular mistrust?

    You suggested, the other day, well, you demanded, actually, that Congress do its job and decide if there is to be war … how is that working out, the demand and Congress?

    As a political analyst, do you think that going to war is a good thing?

    You point out that the “news” has caused fear and anxiety to flourish among hoi paloi. Has it really been honest, informative news, or has it been propaganda, from a political analysis perspective?

    Let’s not simply call this state of fear, this readiness to resort to violence, as a natural state of affairs, it has to be encouraged, it has to be “sold”, packaged, diced and sliced … it has to be intentional, don’t you think? Or are we to ignore the fact that the political class seems united on the war “front” and the head front-man, Barack is selling and shilling just as hard as he can.

    Who benefits from war, Jon, from this endless war?

    Or, do we ignore that question?


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    Ah, now, onitgoes, what you say is spot-on.

    Therefore, in the current US cultural “mindset”, it doesn’t bear thinking about, and must be avoided … especially in conversation.


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    Things, we realize that NEITHER the Rs NOR the Ds “represent” us …

    To “believe” otherwise … well, that takes a faith well beyond “hope”, beyond any sense that “change” might even be necessary.

    I used to wonder: How did the “good” German people come to support fascism?

    I no longer wonder.

    However, I remain amazed that some, of whom I thought wisdom or understanding might have visited and been welcomed … who choose to do nothing, tho stand for nothing … who claim to choose “neutrality”, or worse, so far as I’m concerned, “side” with the madness of war, of torture, because, it is claimed, “There is no choice, there is nothing else we may or can do … because … we are not bloodthirsty, we do npot resort, immediately, to violence”.

    I guess that is what MLK meant with the words, “It is not what the bad people do, it is what the good people do not do.”

    Above all, the good people choose not to think … not to care.

    Because it is dangerous … to think, to question.

    THAT is the implication, Things.



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    I’d say Obama’s answer to that question, since this is HIS “watch” would be just as appropriate … if not more so, Things.

    What do you think?

    Should we ask the Democrats?

    Or, are they just victims of the system?


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    Now, DS, does that “rest of America” exclude the fear-mongering elite, the ones who “shape” the “opinion” of the many?

    That is to say, IF the political class, “represented” as it is by ONLY two LEGACY political parties, is all FOR war, as they are, then … IF we have no meaningful choice, vote-wise, if none of us, those enlightened, at FDL, and the many, many “kill ‘em all”, made-to believe, may hear any “Official” or “Mainstream” … BEYOND the “normal” sources and politicians, then how may we expect anything but MORE war?

    If “power”, the executive, essentially need only depend on a “core coalition” and “the base”, the political believers who would believe ANYTHING … the political elite of “their” party tell them … the bags and the bots, then how do we imagine that anything will change?

    If it is not ISIS then it will be WuWu, or BADGAD, or “Hitler, himself, risen to bedevil the world and the morally upright, God-chosen USA.

    “We” (the one Obama said tortured … “some folks” …) have no meanigful or consistent “foreign policy” … BUT endless war.

    So, here’s the Big Question, if nothing will change, no matter which legacy political party is in power … then, does the problem not, inevitably circle back to the fact that there is no real choice?

    And is not that lack of effective methods to challenge this undemocratic reality … the essential “root” OF our collective “problem”?

    Unless that democracy nonsense IS … IS nonsense, meant to hide truth and enable absolute power?

    What do you think?

    Do not “our problems”, ALL, stem from this essentially ignored FACT(even at FDL, officially, apparently, based upon front-page evidence)?

    Do our real problems stem from the behavior of others, in another part of the world … or do our serious and ongoing problems, including this war-business, arise FROM behavior right here … in the HOMELAND?

    How do you feel about that name, the Homeland?

    Seems fascist to me. All of it.

    If you catch my drift?

    How much more evidence is necessary, for any rational human being to grasp, that things are, DELIBERATELY, INTENTIONALLY, with careless ignorance and malice aforethought, dammit, fucked up, to the benefit of a few?


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    How many people, DS, who read Firedoglake, do you imagine “believe” that ISIS is a “threat”, sufficient enough that those readers desire the US military to “take them out”?

    How many, who read Firedoglake subscribe to “Kill them all and let Gawd sort them out”?

    How many, who read Firedoglake, believe that ISIS is bloodthirsty and yet do not appear to comprehend that the trail of carnage the US has left “behind” its “operations” far surpasses the war-making, torture, and essential brutality of any other “foreign policy”?

    How many who ready Firedoglake are itching for Armageddon?

    Perhaps it is time for a wee sample poll?

    For whatever reasons, DS, we are being “led” to an ever greater acceptance of deadly violence as a “justifiable” and “reasonable” … “solution”.

    There lies madness …


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