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    Hollywood is deeply supportive of this profound new methodology, as well as working hand in cheek, with the US Government, the entirety of Holywood, er HoLLywood, is On Board, totally, with our “Long Game” Preznit. Beginning next week, films that have bombed at the Box Office, along with thousands of cheering extras, and a number of Box Office stars and starlets will be air-dropped all over North Korea, and Iran and Russia which have both been identified, by anonymous high government officials, as having used the same hackhacks as did NK.

    Stay tuned for the next exciting advent of “Hollywoodland for the Homeland”. Your favorite media stars will be officiating, live, for your viewing pleasure.

    Forward!! Into battle!!! ACT-UP and ACT-OUT for The First Amendment!!

    Thank you, Peterr … for bringing us this wonderful news.


  • You are correct Things, this oped should not disappear off the screen with this post. I urge you, bluebutterfly, to put your comment up as a diary. So far the US government has managed to keep the voices of the victims of torture silenced, primarily through the use of the empty processes of the law … I consider that the words of those tortured WILL come to have substantial power in bringing or encouraging human consciousness to ponder the purpose and value of principle … and even, why principle matters …

    There are already voices, here at FDL, who suggest that any “principle” deemed outmoded or meaningless by “80%” of the people has no value or purpose and ought to be discarded.

    I sincerely hope that perspective remains, very much, a minority “opinion” at FDL, while noting that other commenters, at FDL, have implied a weariness with “all the posts” about torture.

    Such a diary as Things suggests, bb, would be VERY much appreciated.


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    You know, wendy, the overarching reason your posts are so very important is simply that the truth is actually spoken. There are no contrived, pre-packaged admonitions to be of good, superficial cheer, to genuflect to patent absurdity. The air has not been sucked out of this space, in fact we can actually breathe … and [...]

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    If you don’t understand the value of principle, mulp … well then, you just don’t.

    There is not much else to say. You have made yourself exceptionally, and perfectly, clear.

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    Galluping over that range up there on that leftish side bar … wendy, gotta say that’s one weird, strange place … quite a country it purports to reveal.

    I never quite realized realized the extent of the smug complacency which attends the pushy pollsters, who are, most definitely, astute … toot toot.

    You’ve got to have iron nerves and amazing Constitutional fortitude to slog through that undisturbed place … I wouldn’t say it was as quiet as a tomb, but it did seem quite as lifeless as a corps could be.

    Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.

    Zombie land. “Refined”, empty pablum and sugary pap …


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    So very glad you came over.

    You have provided all of us, even Jon Walker I should imagine, quite an education this evening.

    Bravo! And thank you.

    You have demonstrated how polls may be used ineffectively, if deliberately to obscure truth and hide deeper, and very significant, divides.

    You’ve debunked both complacency and foolishly unconsidered poll-emical “optimism”.

    You’ve skewered the pollsters on their deceits and misrepresentations.

    Truly well done.

    As SarahB. might say, and I fully concur … “Well played!!!”


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    Beautifully, and powerfully said, Alice X, thank you.


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    Well, wendy, supreme good on you, I’d say you displayed remarkable modelling, over there, showing what competent analysis of polls ought look like. I sincerely hope that your example might be followed. Among the vagrant thoughts running through my old noggin are these: We are told that some 59% of USians “support” torture … and [...]

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    Well now, if one is going to analyze polls, wendy, that is the way to do it, in depth and with some actual precision.

    Jon Walker, I hope you have been taking notes.

    You see, Jon, I find that your “analysis” always seems to leave so very much out, seems to just skim the surface of minor or general details, and never seems to have any coherent overview … frankly, your work seems superficial and often quite trite.

    Now, I am certain that you are very, very busy and very time-pressed, and even possibly a bit annoyed with your dysfunctional automatic proofreader, but I do hope that you might try to do a little bit better job … unless, of course you feel that this is the best that you are capable of doing.

    I am, for example, somewhat perplexed that you have not made one single mention of the torture Report and whether or not that might have some political fall-out, consequences, or any kind of bearing on or in the next presidential election. Equally, I wonder if you have any thoughts about what it might signify, for the people of the United States, and of course, the lovable, but inept Democrats if Hillary Clinton is selected as the candidate for President by the Democratic party? Does it suggest disdain for progressive ideas? Should Elizabeth Warren shush her mouth when it might reflect badly on Hillary? And, have you any thoughts concerning how Hillary might ensure that her hubby Bubba does not shoot HIS mouth off in some fashion that might embarrass or frustrate her success in having HER “turn”. Are these things on your radar, or not the sort of thing that political analysts ought discuss or venture opinions on?

    Also, what think you of the suits against Colorado for going to pot?

    What will be the politics and consequences of that?

    Should the Dems take a stand or just quietly perfume in the shadows?

    If state’s rights prevails, then what legal precedents will this case or these cases set?

    What do you think, does any of this stuff matter … or shouldn’t we even think about without the guidance of informed analysts?

    Curiosity is.

    Of course, it all depends on the meaning of “is”, politically, doesn’t it?


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    Well said, ironcomments, two years ago AND today.

    Much appreciated.


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    Always quite an education, ironcomments, reading the comments.

    I’ve been doing that a bit recently when reading articles about officially permitted torture and the killing of human beings by police officers …


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    What do you think of how the police are dealing with these protests, Jon, are the people who are protesting treated as are others who are engaged in POLITICAL speech, say at the legacy party conventions and so on and so forth, or are they treated differently?

    Do you consider that the protests have achieved their aim?

    Should the protesters now stop protesting and wait for authority to fix the problems, or should the protests continue and continue to grow and spread.

    What would be your advice to the protesters?

    Curiosity is …


  • Well, cmia, Obama also would have needed to stop sending “suspects” to other countries to be “interrogated” however imaginatively, AND he would have had to PROSECUTE those who rewrote laws, who ordered torture to BE policy, who engaged in torture, who covered it up and so on …

    Torture is going to continue to BE an issue … for as far as the eye can see … looking forward.

    Until and unless that happens we are … the United States of Depravity.


    Torture IS what we are.


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    Protests “over” Ferguson?

    How about protests in Ferguson ABOUT police KILLING and the KILLING of Eric Garner, BY police, in New York?

    Why yes, could we also include a mention of economic disparity. of poverty, and systemic police violence, as well, in that list of what is, now, understood to be a “big” problem facing the country?

    When were police departments first directed to keep such records and which federal agency was required to compile and publish those records? In fact when, if ever, was any of that data collected at all?

    Finally, wouldn’t actual “success” require that there is some actual accountability? That there be real and substantive changes in that list of things that are wrong?

    Frankly, this seems a very shallow analysis, Jon, short on history and far too tail-waggingly pleased with very little and still quite unproven as well as questionable “progress”.

    Were we to throw politics into the mix, do you imagine that it is possible for the Democrats to gain control of this protest and turn it to their own advantage, at the voting booth? Or, do you consider that any efforts to do so will be seen as a calculating, odious, effort to defuse proper revulsion with the “law enforcement system”, which clearly, if we look at torture and Wall Street fraud, for instance, is now two-tiered, and lessen the capacity of younger generations to affect the many changes which those generations have determined they will no longer tolerate or endure?

    Or is that beyond, or beneath, “informed” political analysis?


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    Superb post, Isaiah 88, thank you.

    Recommended as deserving to be front-paged …


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    Heya, wendy.

    I’ve got a few more thoughts I’d like to share, here, however I suggest that folks mosey on over to the front page and read Jon Walker’s post on “Race Relations”.


  • Kevin, have you heard of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act?

    This may be the means by which open source material used by journalists might enable such journalists to be prosecuted under the guise of “law”.

    Do you consider that part of the “climate of fear and retaliation” might be very much about the “tension” between “authority” and those who might dare to speak the truth?


  • Ah, “the Queen of Torture”, Kevin.

    The light, caressing, feminine “touch”.

    Chilling stuff, but a movie about torture … would imply differently, perhaps?

    And to think that this story is also found at the New York Times, which seems to have an historical appetite for “sexed-up”, facts fitted to the policy …

    Let’s create a sympathetic movie “character” and call her “Lady Death”, but never mention her name.

    Thank you for your courage in doing so, Kevin.

    Alfreda Frances Bikowsky …

    Savor the ring of it … a heroine … a patriot … safely, she thinks, she believes, above and beyond the law.

    For how long … i wonder?


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    “WE” figure that you do sufficient complaining about the Republicans, to make up the indifference … which includes your blind loyalty TO the idiocies, deceit,s and evil of the Democrats, mulp.

    As I say, you and Jon make a very swell team.


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    Yes, if one has a legal profession willing to rewrite the law, using the empty forms of legal process to do so, maa8722, it becomes most convenient to dismantle consequence, which is exactly what the Office of Legal Counsel DID, it is also PRECISELY what lawyers and jurists DID for the Nazi regime, in Germany.

    Therefore, let us postulate that two ways only may bring the rule of law back into existence. They are either that the citizens of the US, finally become so thoroughly disgusted and, in revulsion, INSIST that the law be applied equally, that NONE are held to be above it … or beyond its reach … OR, assuming that “good” USians are not moved to stand up for principle, even as the empire becomes more vicious in its death throes, attacking everyone virtually everywhere, including here, in the “Homeland” …. in that probably all too likely situation, the US will require … no, will receive some “help” from outside of the most seriously attention riveting sort.

    Many may scoff, may find ludicrous the notion that the “indispensable” USA might become the object, the subject of “organized mayhem” … now, that term may suggest “terrorism” … in the mind of USians … yet that is precisely what OUR foreign policy consists of … it is a soft euphemism for war … which includes killing human beings with drones, the use of depleted uranium, the use of boots on the ground … and so on. Perhaps, we might, at long last find ourselves … on the receiving end.

    Oh, I know … perish the thought.

    Everybody knows THAT can’t happen here.

    One wonders if that was thought about torture … or whether no one has wanted to admit the truth, for a very long time?

    Either it is up to us … OR …

    It will not be permitted to go on indefinitely.


    There will be an accounting, one way or another.


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