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    Well, what about the Judicial “branch” or the Executive … or the many agencies the Executive controls, the DoJ, CIA, FBI, or even the military if Congress has decided to vacate its quaint “role” of “declaring war”?

    Perhaps all these will be covered under State Secrecy and Homeland Security black budgets?

    And, could we break that down along partisan lines, please?

    Or don’t “we” do shit like that?

    Is there any good news for the D’s in there … yet? Or are they still waiting for the smoke to clear?


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    If things turn out badly for the Democrats, as you predict, Jon, then what will the Democrats have learned?

    Will the Democrats conclude, as they have done, so often, that they must “move further to the right”?

    What choice have they? anything else they do will be outsmarted by the clever, devious Republicans and the Democrats will be made to look even more “incompetent” and they might not even be perceived as all that “likable”, in future, but simply, and most-kindly, as persistent nincompoops … why, folks might even take to calling them “Dimcompoops”.

    The poor Dims surely are victims, of the awful system, of the horrible Republicans, and of the unreliable, un-appreciative voters … especially them young ones.

    And after Obama tried so very hard to get us all to a “post-partisan” consensus of forever war, in the guise of “humanitarian intervention”, precision drone-work, consumer-driven health insurance, and the right of money to do whatever it damn well pleases … being all that matters.

    Voters is fickle, unappreciative leaches … and if it weren’t for the love of humanity and democracy … I can’t imagine why the Dims persist in their thankless pursuit of truth, justice, and the revolving doorway.



  • “It’s about holding allies to the same standard you hold enemies to.”

    THAT is a smashing line, DS.

    What kind of light would that “standard” bathe Israel in …?

    It’s kinda in the same region, but “different” … somehow?

    And dead IS dead.

    Keep the faith …

    Apostasy is always punished most austerely and quite heartlessly.

    POWER, corrupted, does that but “faith” permits its continuation.

    Torture is torture.

    Unless “we” do it.


  • I just don’t understand why the Saudis don’t use drones, it is the civilized thing to do … and depleted uranium, about which we have heard glowing reports, lately.

    Besides, if ISIS OR the Saudis REALLY cared about democracy, then they would have military bases all over the world, to protect democracy and encourage respect for the traditions and cultures of others, like the best, most civilized nation.

    I know, the Saudis are our friends, but you and Jane, aren’t going about this the right way, DS, it takes time. See, if Hillary is made president because she is a feminist, as NOW claims, then, in about thirty years, today’s young women, in the Middle East, will want to be like Hillary and lead their countries out of the darkness into the light of a new, golden era. We are at our sublime best when we lead by example, not when we condemn inferior beings for that inferiority … they can’t help it, it’s their nature and because the corrupt system makes them do it.

    So, the world needs more and better examples.

    Which, happily, we are able to provide … that is what makes us exceptional.

    That is why the US is on the UN Human Rights Council … as best example, and we should be very proud of our example.


  • Your last paragraph, Jon, is most interesting.

    You say this is an “era of disciplined political party”, although I assume you mean “parties” … as in, both of the “major parties”?

    Therefore it might be inferred that this “discipline” results in party members doing what they are told to do, of voting as they are told, would that be correct?

    Thus it may be imagined that the parties, the D’s and the R’s are, pretty much, doing what their leadership wants them to do, would that also be correct?

    That suggests that what the public gets is what the parties, even in their “gridlock”, want the public to get … in terms of general, ongoing policy, such as forever war, protecting money people from the rule of law, ignoring the infrastructure and so on … that both parties can claim, to their respective and respectable “bases” that the “other” party is to blame for whatever is wrong … otherwise known as a song and dance routine. Is it possible that that might be what is happening?

    Therefore, the party a politician belongs to, you suggest, is the most important “factor” in every federal election … because of this party disciple and the legislation that might be possible if large enough numbers of either party are elected by people who are beginning to realize that “factor” … and what it means.

    Does this not reflect a growing sophistication and understanding of how, in this party-disciple era, things “work” in “our” electoral/political system, on the part of voters? Do you see this “trickle down” as a good thing or a bad thing?

    I am still not certain why that is bad news for the D’s, unless the performance of the incumbent D’s in those red states you mention, does not impress voters, whatever their “leaning”.

    Nor do I understand why or how mere incumbency should protect any party member, of whatever party, in any era. As well, if the D’s are performing well, are actually helping the people, rather than “special interests”, then would not the voters in non-red states have sufficient enthusiasm, to overwhelm R incumbents?

    Or is the problem simply the seats that are up for grabs happen to all be in “red” states.

    As an aside, will we someday have red states, blue states, green states, and indefinite states?

    Or is the only choice going to just be red and blue?

    Or even just … red OR blue?

    Or possibly purple?

    Patriotically, “white” also ought to be a “thing”.

    But then, the “people’s house”, is white, in fact, that house is noted for its color, named for it, actually.

    Still, is it wise to cut and run … doesn’t that, inevitably, show weakness and reflect cowardice?

    Or, is it possible that some candidates, regardless of their party identification, just simply don’t resonate well with local hoi paloi, perhaps some candidates even appear “out-of-touch” with the reality that voters are experiencing, “issues” beyond the party label, in terms that seems reasonable, realistic, and acceptable to the voter?

    Perhaps the innate superiority of the D’s over the R’s is simply lost on some people …?

    And that really is bad news … for the D’s … when things taken for granted no longer are … taken as being so … absent any meaningful evidence, as these weird voters apparently see it.

    If only D’ville could do something there might still be joy and happy daze again.

    Okay, 2014 doesn’t look too good for the D’s …

    But just wait until ’16 …


  • I thought the ACA was based on a Republican plan, Heritage Foundation and all that …

    The further “information” that the “GOP” Plan is worse.

    Isn’t it sufficient to point out that there is NO honest and genuine health care system in the USA?

    The added information that other nations do better IS worthwhile and useful, in an intellectual way … because, OBVIOUSLY, Jon, NEITHER the D’s nor the R’s have any plan to improve things … nor any inclination to do so, if past behavior is any measure.

    My appreciation to both stewartm and onitgoes, whose comments point in directions the people of this nation ought to insist upon … even if the major parties don’t like it.

    Of course, in a pretend democracy, the people can be easily ignored, along with their health and well-being, along with responsible governance AND honest “public service” because … well, just because it ISN’T a democracy.

    So, let’s pretend harder.

    That will chase Ebola and all doubts away.

    Grandstanding politicians?

    Not with something THIS serious, surely, Jon … but it is ONLY the bad, nasty plans Republicans, who are doing that, right?

    This ought to be above political maneuvering and gaming, right, this ought to be getting down to some honest nitty-gritty, right … this ought to bring about “change”, right? Real change, not political brand hoopla.

    Ah, well …

    Lousy dems, worser rethugs.

    Too bad there is nothing else.

    Just more of the same, right?

    But, this time it’s different …

    “Something” will be learned … right?

    We’ll see.


  • If the voters are the “cause” of gridlock, TD, then both the R’s and the D’s are “adequate” to the needs of the people.

    If, however, the perception of gridlock is orchestrated, that is that it is intended and desired BY the political class, which now includes the media, then the very idea of governance becomes simply a tale of inevitable failure, that is harm to the many, and, at least, collaterally, to a politician or two or three … yet that is not what mine eyes have seen.

    These eyes have seen both “major parties” choose inculcated ignorance and choreographed fear-mongering to achieve remarkably similar “ends” … be it war, based upon lies, be it excusing the bankers and other corporate elite while whining that corporate taxes are too high, as Bubba Clinton recently did.

    My question about this post have less to do with the damned poll than with the unvoiced assumptions we are all to unquestioningly embrace … the first being that there IS a substantive difference between the R’s and the D’s … and going on from there, that there are NO other possible solutions but those offered by the D’s and the R’s.

    Not to mention the question that MUST be considered when it comes to the major parties. Ought they be allowed to control the process, from determining WHO may vote to deciding who may be in the presidential debates, what questions may be asked and who may ask the questions. I have reminded many that once an independent agency, the Women’s League of Voters, was tasked with setting up and controlling the presidential debate.
    That such is no longer the case is nothing to be dismissed out of hand nor out of mind, for it is a measure of serious import, it is also an independent check and a means by which other voices and candidates were heard.

    Therefore, I am not speaking to ideology, nor even to polling methodology but rather to essential process, to reality, to what actually is going on. (In part, as further response to a diary of yours … how should understanding be encouraged, what are the first steps, what first must be recognized.)

    If the political parties control the process, then HOW may anyone claim, with a straight face, that such a “system” electoral/political is a “democracy”?

    It must certainly be less than it was when the parties had less control.

    My real concern, TD, is that all “democracy” requires is lip-service, loose-lip service, in fact, in this country to permit the worst of atrocities to be done in the name of the people … while the spoils are divvied up and the common wealth extracted, here and abroad.

    And the horse race electoral/political system, in its current guise, both partays, by their actions, do not appear to offer any course but more of the same.

    A reasonable “measure” might term this situation a “failure”, and in dire need of change … not for the system’s sake, but for truth, reason and humanity to prevail.

    To prolong the mythology is to prolong the suffering and encourage the destruction.

    It is time to recognize the failure and to consider how we may proceed. For the recognition of the political lies, the fundamental deceit of this Republic with its pretend democracy, the suggestion that the people rule, when, clearly they do not … can be the only realistic beginning point of genuine change.

    Otherwise the myths, the deadly destructive, myths will hold sway, and the future will become ever more dark and grim.

    And still, the many will be exhorted to vote against reason as well as their own and their children’s best interests … and elect “more of the same”.

    By its “nature”, the electoral/political system offers the opportunity of “education” … although the cost of that education might be quite steep, resembling a slippery slope …

    Yes, it is early, in the process, yet “starts” happen where and when opportunity offers … or happenstance succumbs to sweet nothings …


  • No, ncg, I am not being hard on the Beav …

    I am merely asking Jon to clarify his position and explain why he, as a political analyst thinks that the Democrats deserve power any more than the other “major party” and whether he has ANY evidence that the Dems would use their power wisely and well, FOR the people, FOR the Constitution, and for the betterment of the human condition … which MUST include concern for the environment and the world upon which every one of depends for our very existence.

    Jon is a big boy, NOT a “Beav …, although he might have a brother named Wally … and he ought to be able to answer for himself, indeed, he ought welcome the opportunity of sharing his most well-honed reasons for supporting the Dems.

    Simple tradition, given the moment, does NOT cut it … does not begin to justify MORE OF THE SAME.

    I am suggesting that things are grim fore most everyone, and that the Dems have demonstrated, repeatedly, that they don’t give a damn about anything but their own precious well-being and growing fortunes.

    Bubba Clinton is the poster-boy of that reality … and it is a reality.

    Either politics as usual matters more to Jon, than, for example, the unwillingness of Congress, which still includes Dems, to declare war, leaving it to the executive.

    That is massive failure. It is not inspiring nor suggestive of moral conscience.

    Jon will forgive and forget, apparently, being vested in the system, quite literally, its his job, so he will seek to convince us that the Dems are different.

    This is a wonderful opportunity, a “teaching moment” for Jon, should he choose to embrace it …

    Of course he does run the risk of being confronted with many of us who just simply do not “understand”.

    Which might be a learning moment.

    Who knows.

    However, what has Jon to lose by showing us, point by point, the virtues and superiority of the Democrats over anyone or anything else … NOT just the Republicans, but those voices seeking real and actual change … not that “hope and change” shit to which we have become accustomed … even if we, not understanding, DON’T much like what is being shoved down our throats.

    I am tired of perpetual war and the assault ON the Rule of Law.

    And BOTH the D’s and R’s are good with BOTH those things.

    I don’t think that Jon is happy with those things, and yet he dutifully excuses the D’s for their part in those things …

    I guess I just don’t understand.


  • Between perpetual war as foreign “policy” and protecting the money people, and tightening the austerity belt, just what actual policy differences do you see between the D’s and R’s, Jon. Other than dog-whistle, knee-jerk, social “issues”?

    Yet you resist any suggestion that other political partied be allowed, you seem little bothered that the R’s and D’s control the presidential debates, which certainly suggests that “democratic accountability” is NOT high on either of their lists of what matters, even as other parties present WOULD tend to press toward accountability.

    What I don’t understand is why you continue to push the R’s and D’s?

    You write post after post recounting failure, debacle, indifference to suffering, or even to torture and genocide, deceit, collision, and interest peddling, the RESULT of the behaviors of BOTH “major parties”.

    Do you read your own posts?

    Do you remember them, from day to day?

    Posts such as this one truly cause me to wonder.

    I realize you are heavily invested in the two-party system, and perhaps that investment blinds you, to the truth that that system is designed to end in gridlock, that zero-sum you write about, but don’t you imagine the possibility that neither party will REALLY rise to what is needed?

    Do you honestly think Hillary will be better about war and money than Barack?

    Do you honestly consider that “embracing the suck” is evidence of a party WORTHY of support when the party does NOT support the people, but chases money and foreign “adventure” above honest and genuine healthcare.

    You have noted that both “major parties” are “moving to the right”, have you not? Or do you dispute that perception?

    What are you doing at FDL if it is not to “SELL” the Democrats?

    You certainly cannot claim to be a neutral observer.

    So just what makes you think that the Democrats are prepared to do better than they have these past forty years?

    Please note that many “liberal Democrats”, like Hillary, are neoliberal, authoritarian control, spy-on-everybody, types, given to playing fast and loose with reports and studies, like the governor of New York.

    You have covered the ACA, extensively and well, it is the defining “achievement” of the Obama presidency … it is pathetic, contrived, and originally “Republican”.

    Where of where is substance and integrity, where is a functioning moral compass to be found among the Dems … and please, Elisabeth is “on board” with perpetual war, the war on drugs, and MOST other neoliberal “Democratic” palaver and “policy”.

    Jon, defend the Dems, if you can, but do not affect an inability to understand … especially if you refuse to take off those rose-colored blinders.


  • Jon, what does this sentence mean?

    “This poll is also a reminder that our election/political system is very poorly set up for democratic accountability in an age of disciplined political parties.”

    I hope that you will take the time and make the effort to enlighten me.

    I suggest, quite often, that real democracy yet eludes us, that we have, at very best, a contrived, fake pretension … that the INFORMED consent of the governed is a deliberate and intentional JOKE.

    You argue that the individual politicians are never to blame, or responsible, for anything, that the system forces them to do what they do.

    Given that assertion on your part, WHO do you imagine will address this is of “poor” “democratic accountability”?

    The Democrats?

    The Republicans?

    Or does “poor” “democratic accountability” actually BENEFIT the D’s and

    Let’s take a wild guess, shall we?

    WHO is most hurt by this “poor” “democratic accountability”?

    Who could it be?

    Of course it is NOT intentional, not deliberate …

    Have you noticed the kinds of comments your posts are collecting, these days?

    Do you see these comments as any kind of feedback, as any indication that there might be some fundamental concerns that the electoral/political system seems to be ignoring? Even a few Constitutional requirements, possibly?


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    I consider that you are essentially correct, C Smith, it is just that none of the many who choose NOT to vote … how shall I put this? Those people who do not vote are not “special”, they are maligned and unheard, viewed as traitors to the cause of democracy …

    That the political system is utterly broken is quite obvious to those who are not enamored of, or defined by, or ENRICHED by that system.

    The media is effectively now part OF that political system, the result, primarily of money and the influence money may “legally” buy.

    There is no effective fourth estate to challenge and question authority, there is just stenography and engineered “events”.

    Even at FDL, there is a front-pager, whose sole purpose is to behave as if there is no option but what exists, no choice but D or R.
    [Modnote: No mind-reading. Please see The Carnac Rule.]

    Which hardly seems a “progressive” sensibility to me, but then language and meaning are under assault and there is NO clear definition of what “progressive” actually means, so, as with many words, it means whatever those using it want it to mean …

    It is not unlike the political class “inventing” their own reality … sort of like GWB saying that the US “makes” history while its critics can only study history.

    Lots of smug superiority at play.

    Comeuppances come HARD … but NEVER for the policy “deciders” … at least, so far.

    In the US, if you are “special” you can commit criminal fraud on a massive scale and be called, “astute” by the President … or you can torture “a few people” … but we’ve all learned our lesson so … let’s “look forward”.

    Acceptable conversation among the polite does not admit of ANY serious problems … ever.

    As long as the many are happy with an “exceptional” … “homeland” … then ALL there is … is MORE … of the same.

    Until such a time as the political system is understood as being what it is … a fake democracy … BY the many … things will get worse and worse.

    However, the political class will do very well … even if they use the revolving door.

    One hell of a system.

    And people who are fooled do everything they can to convince themselves that they have not been, in fact, fooled … even if they have to lie to themselves and to each other … until even that doesn’t work … and then they will be told that it is all their fault anyway, for not having made better choices.

    Ah, well …


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    Right you are, diogenes, and BOTH R’s and D’s buy donuts for the cops who “preserve and protect” … money and the PTB.

    Like I say, it’s a $well $y$tem …

    Run by the self-admitted best and brightest.

    Heaven on Earth.



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    I am certain the democrats will quickly see the logic of that putatively “Republican” plan and move smartly to the “right side” of that issue, ysd.

    One can almost guarantee it, as D’s have jumped on the “privatize” and austerity bandwagon in most bipartisan fashion with the R’s.

    They just dress up in costumes, black hats or white hats, so the audience can tell who is “winning” the hearts and minds of the voters …

    Backstage, it’s all collegial butt-slappin’, and bear-huggin, and even the gals join in …

    The all work for the same folks, but the people, ah yes, the people BELIEVE that they, the people, are really in charge … that their nation can do no wrong, and that only lazy no-goods fail to make to the mythical “top” of the heap …

    I tell ya, it is one effin’ clever plan … that horse-race political system … and those wonderful myths … amazing what a lot of money and limitless power can do.

    “Power” to be understood as an “arrangement” between government (the power) and the corporate elite (the money).

    It works like this, beyond all the kabuki, the “government” holds the people down (“legally”) … while the corporate elite beat the shit of them.

    And what’s really special?

    Hardly anyone notices.

    (Or dares to …)


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    Not confidence inspiring?

    Look, DS, we just have to forget about that.

    Our job, as good little citizens, is to ignore this kind of pointless negativity … and to vote for more of the same …

    We make our own reality and don’t you forget it!


    And, just to clear a common misunderstanding, “we” have all those military bases around the world, not to force people to do our bidding, but to PROTECT democracy.

    And that is why we, you and I, have to stand up for our precious democracy by exercising our franchise to ensure that our guys stay in control.

    I note that your next post, “Obama Administration Wants New Fantasy Rebels In Syria”, occupies the same “landscape” of fabulistic perspectives that my wee tirade, above, wandered through.

    Frankly, I think there is a connection between voting for more of the same and the mindless greediness and insane war-mongering that is going on.

    And, of course, neither the CDC, NOR Obama bear ANY responsibility for anything … it is the rotten, corrupted system that makes them do it, just like the poor maligned, yet still magnificently astute bankers, they are all VICTIMS .

    The only available protocol?

    Why … more of the same.

    Ah, DS, it is a good thing that nobody IS responsible, as that lets every other somebody off the hook … or out of their belfry … it’s all good.

    And there is money to be made.

    So, it is actually perfect … just the way it is.

    Don’t change a thing.

    Don’t even hope that anything will change.

    Remember, so long as there is a hierarchy, so long as there is authority, civil society cannot collapse.

    Don’t plague us with worries, not punish us with recrimination, rather, remind us of our virtue and why we are the very best, far far above any of the rest …

    The American Dream …

    Don’t forget to feed your nightmares.

    Seriously, DS, how much longer do you imagine that profitable incompetence and “pragmatic” deceit will continue rule?

    Assuming that people, generally, begin to notice, at some point … and wonder … or even become disgusted?

    Keep on rousing the rabble, DS.

    It is appreciated.


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    “Weakly engaged voters tend to lean Democratic …”

    So then, does that mean that it wouldn’t take much to make them fall over?

    Not once, Jon, do you, as a political analyst, discuss WHY the voting public seems less than enthralled with enthusiastically (another famous “gap”) voting for Democrats.

    Obviously, the Democrats haven’t a clue.

    Might you help them out?

    WHY does “brand” DEMOCRAT seem to fail to attract excess exuberance (another “gap”?) and unquestioned loyalty even from “weakly engaged voters”? Which voters, btw, would seem to be ideal voters for either “major political party”, there being, of course … only TWO of “those” parties who get to run in the horse race, generally, due to bipartisan restriction, yes?, and, certainly, to “participate” in the presidential erection debates.

    Do you think the WHY might have to do with disappoint “performance” by “brand” Democrat? Or is it just that weakly engaged voters are easily intimidated … and willing to be easily led about by fear?

    WHY do you think the Democrats, poor things, are suffering this neglect, this almost indifference?

    Perhaps we need to scare the people?

    Convince them the world will end … END!!! If the Dems do not retain control of perpetual war, the bailing out of wall Street and keeping the world safe for democracy by killing anyone who could possibly, ever, be seem, by someone, secret, as a “threat” to the security of the US … oh yes, and to all of its little people, too.

    Who do YOU want to save us from EBOLA and ISIS?

    The black hats or the white hats?

    There is NO OTHER choice.

    Just be engaged with the Dems, ya don’t have to marry ‘em. So what if they are embracing the suck and proud of being “less” evil?

    You don’t have ANY REAL CHOICE.

    Only YOU can save democracy as we know it.

    Vote “D” … it is your sacred obligation and personal responsibility.

    The D’s may not be perfect, but then, are you … perfect?

    The D’s are our ONLY hope, they are our friends, they care about us, they uphold the Constitution and stand for the Rule of Law, the oppose endless war and resource hegemony, oh yes, they believe in “humanitarian intervention” and will help the people in Africa.

    Why, I think that even erik would be proud of that mush.


    Let’s beat that gap!!!

    After all, we might all have to … go to hell … for Hillary!!!


  • Might you be engaged in deflection, ncg?

    Those are NOT throw-away dumb questions, they matter.

    The fact that Jon rarely engages in discussion of the consequence of the horse race political system, that he prefers, so it seems, to remain “above” the fray, unaffected by the hew and cry, not unlike a certain president, suggests that “proper discussion” on his posts, requires essential deference to Things-As-They-Are, to a fundammnetasl unwillingness to even try to imagine that what we have is, very intentionally and very deliberately, NOT democracy. The fact that the “major political parties” and not some neutral group, such as the Women’s League of Voters, CONTROL the process OF the presidential debates underscores that what we have is a pretense of democracy, that the so-called “sacred right” to vote most benefits NOT the people but those who manipulate the thinking, the fears, and the hopes of the people to the most obscene and destructive of ends … to perpetual war, to the destruction of the Rule of Law, to ignoring the needs of the people and their society, the quality of life, the condition of the infrastructure and so on.

    We must not resign ourselves to the madness and emptiness of having no meaningful choice, just a pretend choice and call it “freedom” or “democracy”.

    It could well be that most citizens do not care, however if imaginative options and different possibilities, or even the promulgation of known facts, rather than mythological “belief” in the “system” were addressed, it is just barely possible that people might be inclined to think rather that run around frightened while talking heads dither about decorum and our responsibility, as a nation, to have military bases all other the world to “prot3ect democracy”.

    It is the unexamined assumptions, of superiority and moral suasion, about “our” example, in the world, and the essential “perfection” of our institutions, that NEED to be addressed that MUST be challenged.

    I appreciate your humor, pretty generally, as you know, yet sometimes there is no flip, nor clever, response, there is no “neutral ground” … either things, specific or otherwise, matter, or discussion becomes merely empty sparing matches between shadow beings whose virtual “existence” becomes tedious and predictable … like that of my grumpy, fat old cat … who is better off chasing chipmonks than trying to appear inscrutable.


  • Superb comment, sapphirebulletsofpurelove.

    Much appreciated, as are all your comments.


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    Why might “Americans” BE “Way too Worried About Ebola”?

    Might it be that they are “led” to be “way too worried” about many things … BY the political class, which includes the media … that are not worth worrying or going to war about? … that serve NOT the real and genuine NEEDS of the people but the political and financial convenience of the “astute” elite? … but that serve the interests of money and power?

    Do you think that US citizens ought to be worried about whether there is a functioning democracy here, in the US, whether there is in place an economic system that serves the whole of society rather than an “astute” group of bankers who may break the law with impunity, which ought to cause some concern about the Rule of Law … and so on?

    Or, is the real concern, the official most-important over-riding CONCERN, merely, or entirely, the 2014 mid-term erections … and whether there is any “good news” in store for the Dems?

    Do you think people ought to be concerned about the state of the infrastructure … about the deplorable condition of education, about the fact that too many children go to bed hungry in the US … that “income disparity” is romping along, getting bigger and more in everyone’s face every day?

    Give me a hint, Jon, what do you think, as a political analyst, among other things, that people in the US ought, or should, REALLY be worried about?

    What are you worried about?


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    Superb, thought-provoking post, Big Al.



  • Hmmm,

    Yes, just “more” … pandering rhetoric.

    And yet, are we to imagine that the throngs who will vote for more of the same, encouraged to do so because anything else is a “waste” of the of the “precious right to vote”.

    What does that “right” amount to when the only permitted choices, that is the “two major parties” pursue, relentlessly the very same patterns of “policy” which protects the wealthy domestically, allowing them total control, and engages in foreign “policy” consisting, solely, of war or the threat of war to protect the “interests” of this same “astute” financial elite with the military-industrial-congressional complexogatory.

    How many voters will actually understand that Hillary is a friend to money, a neoliberal in point of fact, who firmly believes that money is all that matters and that we ” … should thank God for the rich …”, a direct quote by the way … but she was “under fire” at the time so her thinking might have been desperate.

    As to Warren, she is “on board” with forever war, with continuing the ‘war on drugs” and all the other things near and dear to the hearts of the ruling class … while one doubts she is avaricious as the Clintons clearly are, one is hard-pressed to imagine that Elisabeth Warren would dare lead any struggle for real and genuine, fundamental change, indeed, it is difficult to imagine that Warren finds anything essentially wrong with a two-party “democracy” … or special rules for the rich … within “reason”, of course, something that wouldn’t offend the legitimacy of the Supreme Court or the august majesty of a bought Congress and the money-genuflecting of a President. Obama may well have given the banksters free reign, but he does deserve his billion, for his sincere efforts, doesn’t he?

    Frankly, the people need far more than the legacy parties seem able to produce … or care about producing.

    In about another ten years, maybe twenty, there will be widespread understanding that the d’s and r’s lied and misled … but all will be forgiven … because … well, there is no real choice … no real democracy.

    However, there is one hell of an expensive horse race.

    If you have to ask the price …?

    Well, we can’t afford it …

    But, like that missing money in Irak, in perilous times … like these, one has no real choice, ya just go where you is shipped.

    And no one is responsible for anything … because the corrupt system made them do it.

    BTW, when did the meme change? For the longest time, we were told, the r’s are all that is keeping O from his grande bargain … and now we are told that it is “ONLY THE DEMS!!!” who protect us from O’s exuberant excess.

    Seems like the stories can’t be kept straight.

    One notes, as well, that in Mississippi, considered to be the worst of the worst states in which to live, that it has one of the highest voter registrations, 77% or so.

    Is there a disconnect, a profound cognitive dissonance, going on, or … are things going swimmingly?


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