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    I dunno, DS, I’m inclined to agree with Hugh, although I heard recently that Finland wants to join NATO … and become part of a willing coalition … or something. I suspeculate that the people of Finland didn’t actually vote on that … but rather, have been led to “believe” that “facts” can be “fitted to policy” or, at least, sexed-up sufficiently to go to war with …

    I consider genuine democracy, as opposed to empty ritual “voting”, to be an endangered species.

    However, democracy did not fail … it has been deliberately, and heavy-handedly snuffed out.


  • Now that was sublime, Sarah B.

    I never had it explained to me quite that way.

    The healthier, astutely wiser than thou … and aim to keep it that way … out damn free-loading Free Riders! … outlook or philosophy.

    And, you’re absolutely correct about the lack of gratitude.

    The recent election was a disgusting orgy of ingratitude … the result of which will be a sterner, more rightishly leaning, and leaner, Democratic Party … which serves the ingrates as they deserve.

    However, let us not forget the weird stupidity of the masses, generally, nor their proclivity to not be expert policy analysts … when blame is to be ascribed.

    Ultimately, if the ACA does not work as advertised, then hoi paloi will be blamed, since, as with everything else, they should have made better choices.


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    That democracy list be gittin’ kinda small, CTut.

    There any places, or societies, or nations, what do make the list?

    The next question …

    Do we actually Want, Desire, a democracy, the real thing?

    The next question is gonna be fairly obvious, I reckon.


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    Superb post.



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    DS, I would be very curious to learn where, precisely, you consider that democracy exists.

    Specifically, does genuine democracy exist in the USA?

    Or have we but the trappings and empty traditions of what never, honestly, was?

    I ask because that question is central to our times AND our common plight.

    To whom are we “closer” the elite 1% … or the people in Ferguson?

    Nonetheless, I appreciate the latest “news” from Israel as certain Israelis honestly reveal themselves to be very little different from another people, who felt superior … and behaved like monsters … or, if we are honest, how different are “we” from the Israelis?


  • Well, if we’re to “believe” that the purpose of the ACA was to honestly encourage voters to become better shoppers and more savvy consumers, then it makes perfect sense that the “quintessential problem with Obamacare” IS precisely that ( of all the well-points that the Democrats mentioned in great and specific detail, all that effin’ retard and “purist” and sparkle pony palaver) the Democrats did not jawbone (in the lingo) sufficiently about this most salient point. The mandate IS proof of the Dem’s “liberal” or “leftish” credentials … it is bottom-line evidence that they mean business, Sarah B.

    Speculation is dangerous … unless you are a bank … or a registered expert, and quite meaningless … unless you are officially recognized as a savvy and oft-proved correct analyst … This applies, equally, to every subject under the sun.

    That is why important announcements, of the official sort, are generally not made public … until after dark.


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    Pierce lays it all out, very well, sadlyyes.

    One hopes that your link might be clicked “on”, fairly often, in fact.


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    Time to discuss NOT voting for More-Of-The-Same with anyone who shows any signs of the capacity for conscious, considered thought … after posing the question of whether the people of this society actually want a democracy.

    Were I to hazard a guess, I’d suggest that there are still quite a few left, out … there.

    Along with myriad un-examined assumptions …”exceptionalism”, human “nature”, and all “that”.

    I figure, sadly, that we are still in the beginning stages of comprehension and disbelief at shattered long-held notions of comfort and complacency.


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    Superb, spot on comment, IanB.


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    The future of the legacy parties is assured … for now …

    This titanic struggle between the leviathan major political parties must soon eclipse all other considerations.

    Forget the bailout.

    Forget the drones.

    Forget the ongoing and planned next wars.

    Forget the economy.

    Forget the security state.

    Forget everything, especially that the prosecutor in Ferguson is a Democrat, forget the torture report, forget global cli-warming changey.

    Focus on the clever ploys and wild shenanigans of the blues and reds, upon the best and brightest.

    Forget about the oligarchs … it is all political multi-dimensional chess, and none of you is even allowed to watch what is really going on, because that is a state secret.


    But how will we know that anything is happening, beyond more-of-the-same … if the protagonists ain’t fighting?

    What will we cheer for?

    Oh yes, democracy in “action”.


  • How about huge posters, everywhere, depicting Barack H. Obama, President, dressed as Uncle Sam, pointing his finger at everyone, with the caption, “I WANT YOU … to be afraid, very afraid …”?

    Or one of those subliminal messageson the computer screen that the human eye simply cannot see … while the brain receptor is going, “MANDATE! … MANDATE! … MANDATE! …”?

    You are correct. if people really mean what they say, then they need to repeat it often enough so that everyone knows that “those people” MEAN what they say.

    It is sort of like those people who decried the fact that the Constitution was not followed during the last bunch of declarations of war … but only mentioned their concern once or twice … and apparently deemed that sufficient as “protest”.

    So then, WHAT WAS or IS the POINT of the *individual mandate*?

    Is it to prove that Obama is serious about wanting to help the voters become better, more savvy consumers … or is it proof that Obama is no whimp,
    either abroad … OR at home?

    Is the mandate macho or just “message”?

    Or, is there some deep political genius at play here, instigating far-reaching change that we can hopey believe in?

    How does this failure, as you see it, Jon, square with Obama being “the only adult in the room”, leventy-leven dimensional chess-playing in the most astutre manner possible?

    Maybe the “folks” are scared enough … or mebbe, that’s just not the way things work in a pretend democracy?

    Perhaps, Hillary will handle the mandate “better”, although, as a feminist she might insist that it be called a “Womandate”.

    Ah, Manifest Destiny, what holds it in store for our collective fate?


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    Excellent rant, Things.

    One small quibble the “bailout” was many TRILLIONS of dollars … and EVERY trillion is a THOUSAND billion …

    Millions, on the other hand, are what is spread around war zones on pallets …


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    Although this may seem irrelevant, it should be noted that McCulloch is a Democrat.

    When so many Black Democratic politicians are suggesting that the public seek justice at the polls, rather than in the streets, one cannot help but wonder exactly whom these politicians imagine that the oppressed should vote for?

    I suppose, in this holiday season, that we should all be thankful that McCulloch is a Democrat, a member of the “better” legacy political party, rather than a more evil Republican.

    It is a good thing that we have a democracy here, so we can choose the more compassionate and caring alternative.

    Just imagine what life would be like if we had no real and genuine choice … except “more-of-the-same”, if the only “serious” choices represented the very same group of elites … and no one else?


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    “Collateral Damage”, minor and unavoidable … pay it no mind … let Gawd sort them out … we have to kill them there, first, or they will come here and kill us … because they hate us … for … our … malls, where we buy duct tape and plastic.

    911 changed everything … remember?

    Fortunately we have the superior culture AND technology.

    Plus, Gawd is on our side … it says so, right on our coins.

    Thank you for the reminder, Attaturk.

    I imagine TBogg would consider everyone who worries about this, or thinks about this, to be timid, easily frightened pantywaists who don’t trust their duly elected Preznits … or something to that effect.

    Besides, don’t drones make a lot of money for someone?

    It ain’t money-grubbing, it’s doing Gawd’s Work under difficult circumstances, Amen.

    I mean, there is that … and doesn’t everyone feel safer?

    And righteously proud …?

    We are nothing … if not exceptional.


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    Yet, TD, let us not forget the “good news”.

    McCulloch is a DEMOCRAT … so this decision is the result of the efforts of the “better” and less evil legacy party, and far more kindly than it would have been had McCulloch been a Republican.

    Proof positive that though the National Democrats don’t care, state and local Dems do care, and deserve the full support of the people.

    In other “good news”, fewer police officers died this year in “the line of duty” …

    Doesn’t everybody feel better already?

    I guess that Barack could imagine that his son might look like Trayvon but not like Michael.

    Hopefully, reason will, somehow, prevail … eventually.


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    Apparently, Elliott, there is, as many expected, to be no indictment.

    It is reported, at HuffPo, that Brown’s parents have been so informed.


  • It does seem as though Jon is far too hopeful in the thought that Obama gave the proverbial rat’s hindquarters for Mark Udall’s fate, Glenn, … and, now, Udall might, possibly, maybe, if-it-ain’t-too-dangerous-or deadly, reveal the entirety of the torture report which Obama would NOT like in the least bit.

    Likely, Obama has nothing to worry his like hims about …

    This is not a time of courageous profiles … so much as religious concern for one’s stock portfolio … and what is on the other side of that ole revolving door that Udall will soon walk through, with Obama stepping fetchingly along … come Hillary’s turn.

    But yes, this torture “thing” may not reflect wellish on Obama’s vigorish … nonetheless, the “fix” is sufficiently “in”, that allish is essentially wellish if no one openishes their pieholes, too muchish.


  • Ah yes, mulp. Now mulp seems intent on sowing confusion, mulp does not appear to be succeeding, although mulp’s comments are, generally, very confusing, or, simply, confused.

    You patient attempts at engaging mulp are very much appreciated as they educate the rest of us and restrain, or at least temper, certain tendencies toward excessive exuberance that Jon, himself, sometimes seems to stumble into …

    I ain’t no mind-reader, but to my mind, reading your comments serves to keep things on honest track during these discussion and cussing threads.


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    Most interesting link, that, mzchief.

    Much appreciated.


  • Well said, marym.

    On the one hand, Jon lays bare the truth about the ACA, that it is the same old lousy system of profit for the few and abuse for the many made the law of the land.

    THAT is the essential truth.

    On the other, Jon makes a statement that MUST be in total denial, that suggests that it was hopes of creating a more savvy consumer-electorate.

    Pitiful stuff.

    One wonders at its purpose.

    It is well and good to be forgiving and “polite and charitable”, as washunate suggests, it is quite another to “sell” snake oil as a well-meaning attempt to educate and instruct the public.

    There was NOTHING well-meaning, in the least in this REPUBLICAN plan … and NOW Obama and the Democrats own it.

    Why shill for them, Jon?

    What is your purpose, in doing so?

    Better you leave it with your proper and well-researched criticism, otherwise you simply lower yourself into the political class, those who attempt to manipulate the thinking and understanding of others, primarily to hide the actual truth and to sustain the gravy train.


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