• Attaturk,

    I read your pieces every day and enjoy them always. Don’t always comment though.

    We had the occasion to drive through your state twice last week. Amazingly beautiful place that seems to have lost its collective mind.

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    Sorry, this is just plain ridiculous.

    Asking people to respond to a question that is as nebulous as possible and then taking these results into a specificity that they do not deserve.

    If you want to ask people question about gun laws, ask them something specific like, “Do you believe that convicted felons should be able to purchase multiple guns – including assault rifles and high handguns that support high capacity magazines – as long as they have the ability to pay?”

    Then see what the answers are and report them – with the questions.

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    ‘turk, (If you are around)

    I have no idea why the BlackBerry sent a video request to you.


    (Not my thing either: just a new toy.)

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    UAW’s involvement in civil rights: Part of our proud history and our responsibility Most people know legendary UAW President Walter Reuther marched alongside the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as he sought to make America a more just nation. Indeed, the UAW gave Dr. King office space at its headquarters at Solidarity House in [...]

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    They opposed social programs that had any chance of helping blacks, even if they stood to benefit from the programs themselves. And ultimately they failed to join forces with workers of color to build a strong labor movement. As a result of that fatal decision, the jobs moved offshore to where the labor costs were [...]

  • Just a picky note: a myth is by definition untrue or false.

    Therefore spreading false myths is redundant.

    Aside from that, good piece.

    DWD from Eschaton

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    Ms Hamsher,

    Oh you know I agree – and do with most of what you are fighting for.

    I wanted to just pop in and say, “Thanks for doing this. You are really doing well, keep it up, please.”

    That’s it.

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    Add this one from the GOS’s diarist, Muskegon Critic.

    Staring out with the good news here…based on a recent court order by Muskegon County judges, foreclosures in Muskegon County have dropped from about 75 per week to about 2 per week.

    Early last month (May 2011) the Michigan Appellate Court ruled that the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) was a bunch of asshat jerks who needed to get their butts kicked soundly and sent to bed without their billion dollar bonuses.

    Also they ruled that MERS could no longer foreclose on peoples’ homes by publishing the foreclosure in the papers. Oh no…not MERS. No More. Now they need to actually show up in court and prove they have the authority to foreclose on a house.

    That’s a problem for MERS because they generally can’t. It’s a problem of their own making. Some clever scheme to buy and sell and divvy up mortgages and bank notes to make a lot of extra money by selling air. Wait. No. That’s not quite right…by selling the concept of air.

    Muskegon County Judges, however, have taken it a step further. They’re now halting ALL foreclosures from ALL entities by advertisement, requiring everybody actually show up in court and present the bank note. They actually want a foreclosing party to prove they have the right to foreclose. I know, what a drag, right?


  • Phoenix Woman,

    Though I do not often comment here, I am here every day and admire the work of the many wonderful people here.

    Just wanted Yves to know that his work is finding fertile ground.

    Tim Bousquet (Moe) mentioned this morning that Yve’s work confirms Chris Hedges’ writing as well.

    I am making my way through DEATH OF THE LIBERAL CLASS and just finding it very difficult to disagree with Mr Hedges. . . .

  • Yves,

    Just a note from the Eschaton Regulars: Huzzah!

    Your piece has been the subject of much positive feedback yesterday and today.

    Keep up the good work.

    Hi Fire Pups

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    I live in Muskegon (the place that actually HAS beautiful beaches and all that)

    Welcome to the area.

    (I am a constant reader but only really comment at Atrios’ site as DWD)

    Keep up the good work, BTW.

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    I think that is the point.

    Most of us can agree on most of these things. My feeling is that if you can advocate for most of them and live with some of them: we have a coalition.

    People tend to forget that the last time a massive change in this country occurred (Although in retrospect, not as massive as we believed at the time) it took a bunch of people with a bunch of agendas to achieve this.

    I honestly believe that anyone who is not with the precious 1-10% at the top SHOULD agree with most of these as they are not idealogical other than pursuing the American Dream.

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    I am a constant reader and some of you know me well. I seldom comment here, but always read and enjoy.

    I spent the morning putting together Twenty Principles that most Americans can agree with. I even covered the campaign financing thing.

    With the help of Markansas from Eschaton, we formatted them and put them in a convenient place.

    If you want to use them, disseminate them: please do so with or without attribution.


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    Just visiting (again)

    But let me add that being from Michigan, I doubt Obama will carry this state either. And while Ohio is looking better, it is also in doubt. And remember Wisconsin DID elect the cretins they have.

    No, if the Republicans run someone “Not crazy” Obama will have a difficult path to win no matter how much corporate money he can glom.

  • Hey, Firepups, Listen, Charles Murray manages to find his way to the editorial pages of the New York Times as well. Reason? Got me. The last time he was in the Times I actually wrote a counter. They ignored it. That is quite typical I am afraid – contrary information is unwelcome particularly if written [...]