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  • dww44 commented on the blog post Grief Ghoul Nancy Brinker’s Race For The Bullshit

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    We came pretty close to electing her, and WASPY male red state that we indubiably are, I think we ended up with the better of the two Republican candidates. I honestly don’t believe that Deal is the idealogue that Handel is. I could be proven wrong, but thus far he doesn’t seem to govern as a total far right idealogue. Perhaps the realities of governance got in the way.

  • dww44 commented on the blog post Radical Veep And Mau-Maued By The God Botherers

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    I just emailed a post from the Atlantic to a conservative and Republican friend of mine, who’s older and not virulently anti-abortion like Karen Handel, whom this friend did support in her gubernatorial campaign in 2010. I told her that this is one more reason why I could never vote for a Republican ever. There are no moderates left and if in power they will dismantle women’s reproductive rights and return us to the days of barefoot and pregnant. It’s not just about being anti-abortion; it’s about being so anti- women’s control of their own bodies that they will always do stupid stuff like this.

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    Ha, he was an elected official, but he is resigning to take a gig as a radio show talk host on WSB radio in Atlanta, a 3 hour nightly gig for several nights a week. He’s moving his family up I-75 to some midpoint between Atlanta and Macon. Why he doesn’t just move and be closer to his gig on CNN and his radio gig, while still writing those weekly op-eds in our local paper I don’t know.